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Serdyukov sight: ruins around staffing

2017-09-12 00:00:00

Ministry of Defense is trying to correct their mistakes, increasing the service life of the remaining officers in the ranks . After years of devastating cuts officers in the Ministry of Defence, it seems, have decided to hang up his own trumpet personnel policy. Process has gone too far -neither fight nor teach troops today in the Russian Army just a nobody. To prepare the new commanders, takes years. Remains only: try to keep in service at least those who survived from Serdyukovskaya military reform. As?

Serdyukov sight: personnel around the ruins o Exit at the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have found such. There prepared a draft federal law, which proposes to increase the maximum age for military service officers and generals for five years . According to the Office of the Press and Information of the Russian Defense Ministry, " draft law defines the new age limit of finding soldiers in military service, depending on your officer rank:

-to lieutenant colonel, captain II rank inclusive -50 years;
-Colonel, Captain I rank -55 years;
-Major General, Rear Admiral, Lieutenant General, Vice Admiral -60 years;
-Marshal of the Russian Federation, General of the Army, Admiral of the Fleet, Colonel-General, Admiral -65 years ".

o According to the Ministry of Defense, in footing the bill " is the idea of fixing the military servicemen who have martial, military and administrative experience, high managerial skills and knowledge ". At the same time a separate article of the bill indicates that the entry into force of the new law, the military, previously concluded contracts will be eligible to retire from the Armed Forces when they reach the age limit Spent military service, certain former regulations.

In the State Duma

new venture Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov also find support. For example, Duma deputy, former Chief of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces, Army General Mikhail Moiseyev commented:

" From this bill, in my opinion, can only expect a positive effect. For example, Colonel General Staff with enormous experience of 50 years in law had to resign in stock. Why not give him the opportunity to serve another five years? This applies to the generals. I will, as they say, two hands to vote for the bill ".

o General Moses also said that the defense ministry is now trying to save the officer corps, and not squander them, as it was until recently. Excellent, but that prevents the same Moses loudly about the inadmissibility of this squandering of the at least a year or two ago, when it has not gone so far?

o Moses could hear even in the Kremlin. No wonder that the last Chief of General Staff of the Soviet Armed Forces still reputed to be very close to the Kremlin man. He -the chairman of the All-Russian public organization of veterans of the Armed Forces, was a confidant of Vladimir Putin in the recent elections. But something about victoriously completed the rout of military personnel from him was not heard a word ...
Well, okay -well, that even the sight Gen. Moses.

o We are asked to comment on the initiative of the military department former deputy chief of the Air Force Academy named after Zhukovsky and Gagarin on Education and Science 1997-2005,. lieutenant-general reserve Ivan Naydenov :
" I think it`s a necessary step. This is an attempt to save our armed forces, especially their military-scientific world, which today is in dire straits. If the adoption of the bill goes through, it will be the first reasonable step the Ministry of Defence over the years ".

-How long overdue this step?

o Approximately five years ago. The most devastating attacks on army personnel potential were applied during this period. Today armed forces virtually destroyed, literally thrown out thousands of experienced officers who could serve more and serve. But this is hardly the biggest damage suffered military science.

o To help you understand the absurdity of the arguments ideologists of this process, I will give just one example. Several years ago, the head of department of the Ministry of Defense Military Education Priezzheva Catherine G. stated that " faculty Academy Professor NE Zhukovsky and Yuri Gagarin is in pre-retirement and retirement age, which adversely affects the educational and scientific process ... ".

o We will then always said that it is the greatest folly. To transfer to the reserve crowd were doctors and candidates on a single criterion: in 45 years fired colonel, 50 -Colonel, and 55 -General. No matter how much you know and you can, what is your health. Anniversary -and goodbye. But everything in life is the opposite. The older the teacher, the best teacher he becomes. Well, that is the Ministry of Defence, apparently, realized at least after what you`ve done.

tougher stance on this issue at first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Doctor of Military Sciences, Captain 1st Rank stock Constantine Sivkova :

o Cause MoD initiative is simple: as a result of landslide transfer to the reserve officers originated 200,000 shortfall commanders. Even last year, re-examined the question of appeal, that is the return to the service of the order of 70,000 officers.

o All this testifies to the fact that people who are engaged in the development of our army, no idea what they are doing . These people do not have sufficient administrative and strategic training. They do not have even basic self-esteem: its obvious nonsense they did not even try to give at least a semblance of an external sequence of actions. This testifies to the complete degradation of professional leadership of the Defence Ministry.

-Apart from professional-level military leadership of our country and the state of affairs in the army, as this measure is justified? Heard saying that it should be administered in the Soviet years.

o Specifically, in a situation in which is now Russia and its armed forces, extending the life of the officer corps is absolutely correct and true progress. This should have been done a long time ago.

/ Victor Savenkov, svpressa.ru /

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