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Meteoric rise "Strizh"

2017-12-20 00:00:00

Recently Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told reporters: "Now we certify new gun, which will replace the Makarov pistol -gun" Swift ", which is probably already in a few months will be taken on board. This gun is superior to such samples as the Austrian "Glock" .

seems now new models for service is accepted after the approval of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation State Committee on the results of the competition, and Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of the military-industrial complex, based on personal experiences. As practice shows, for example, the purchase of the French "Mistral" without any requests from the fleet, even more serious question of arming can be addressed in the margins of government without consulting the military.


superiority over the popular "Glock M-17" yet to be proved. And to replace the Makarov PM is taken into service pistol Yarigina IL-18 and GS-Gryazev Shipunova. Moreover, taken in 2003. In 2011 began series procurement Yarygin pistol, and in winter 2012 the troops began to master it.


Pistol "Swift" software developed by a private company with the name of the non-Russian Arsenal Firearms . The firm is registered in the last year, this year launched its website, however, in English. Included in the group of enterprises Arsenal, based mainly in Italy, but the headquarters in Austria. Founders -"the famous Russian businessman and collector of oriental cold weapons" Dmitry Streshinskiy and Italian Nicola Bandini -a journalist who became a gunsmith. There is a third co-founder. But about him only that he is Italian.

Self-loading pistol

"Swift" was created by Chuck 9x19 mm Luger. But his version on the One Strike, Russian media called simply Strike, intended for foreign markets, will be available in four calibers: 9x19, 9x21 IMI, .357 SIG and .40 S & W. Here 9x19 mm -this is the usual pistol cartridge Parabellum, considered civil. He is not as powerful as the Luger. It is alleged that in the future, "Swift" be able to use Russian 7N21 and 7N31 cartridges, almost twice more powerful than the European ammo for civilian use.

Features pistol described as: " Automation operates as a use efficiency in the short course of the trunk. Locking barrel by using a swinging larvae. Pistol grip with shutter-provided housing vertically moving the U-shaped locking grub with the lower lip, driven follower groove at the base ".


gun used three patents claimed by the sponsors -Dmitry Streshinskaya and Nicola Bandini. Including them belongs to the idea of using the locking system. The "Swift" no external safety devices, but there are three internal circuit fuse to ensure against accidental firing. The trigger can only work when you click on it with your finger in a certain position.

Gun has the lowest profile -from the trunk line to the hands of 12 mm . Plastic frame with a steel liner. Latch shop sided, penetrating, allowing the same to operate the left and right hands. After pressing shop falls. He does not need to pull out, as in "Makarov". The new store is easier to insert as the window in the handle is inclined inner surfaces. Under conditions of stress this should help. Top-row by 17 rounds. There are increased -30 rounds.

From prototype to adopting a long way. All sorts of tests, including comparatives, examinations, competitions, prototypes, pre-series ... The process takes several years. The creators of "Strizh", according to them, overcame it in just three months.

As Dmitry

Streshinskiy in one of the TV was used a unique computer software virtual testing. If you lay in her data on metal, gunpowder and other elements and materials in small complex, it will return a score change characteristics. That is not to do prototypes and in-dash methods of instrumentation to determine what happened.


Another know-how -in the development of existing officers attended special units. At least one, but almost from the very "Alpha". They gave the go with 124 observations, and after their elimination added yet. According to Dmitry Streshinskaya in Channel One, was just over 140 comments.

Constructor work went so quickly that in autumn 2011 the head of Arsenal Firearms announced his intention to enter the market, and in January 2012 under the name Strike gun was demonstrated in Izhevsk. And it was the fourth modification, but as it turned out, is not final. After all, no limit to perfection.


Another 70 years ago, every second Russian designer wrote a letter beginning with the words: " Dear Comrade Stalin !" Dmitry Streshinskiy wrote then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, asking "assistance and support to accelerate registration permits . " He explained his desire to quickly overcome the paperwork phase: " Putting on our arms, which has no analogues in the world, products will more effectively fight terrorism and crime ".

President, on the table that not every letter is flagged with concerns about the speedy elimination of terrorism, instructed Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin ETR investigate the question. Rogozin new Russian pistol met in January at the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant. He arrived there to restore order after a sensational story "Kalashnikov firewood" when removed from the territory of the enterprise and sold for firewood boxes cottagers were several dozen machines and a decent amount of weapons parts.

punish negligent, Dmitry O. visited an exhibition of models of small arms and shoot at a shooting range, where he was deeply impressed by "the latest development of Russian gunsmiths" Gun Strike. Media rastirazhirovali his words: " interesting technology in the world which no one else exists. If run until the end of 2012 in a series, then it will give overtaking effect ". We can say that the presentation of the new brand was carried out correctly and successfully.

Most importantly, Dmitry Rogozin actually announced that the decision on the production of the gun made. Consequently, the question of its adoption of a too can be considered solved . And it is well within the established practice.

Since buying "Mistral" military farther back down from arms purchases. Their share is only fitting samples acquired under specified performance characteristics.
For example, a test of the Italian armored vehicles on the ground in Bronnitsi in good summer weather, but not in the snow and cold autumn or slush.

However, authoritative presentation rules apply to the military. Another "unique development Russian arms" -AK-12 -was recently shown generals. They have done some shooting, they liked it. And once the conversation went on procurement. Apparently, the era of closed tenders with competently made tactical and technical requirements, comparative field testing and trial operation ended . Now decisions are made without the red tape and personal impressions. Incidentally, the AK-12 is also designed in record time.

Guide Izhmash, recently survived bankruptcy, ready to launch production of a new gun. Enterprise director Maxim Kuzyuk said: " I hope that we are here to" Izhmash "can master its production. We can and do develop, but it would take years, we have our own program, we have our own specialty. This sample, I very much hope that we will master it with us until the end of the year and agree with the owner of this development ".

But three weeks later, after meeting with Dmitry Rogozin Strike visited Tula and there on February 14 said that based on the ruined Tula arms factory can be deployed versatile plant firearms. Capacities allow to deploy the new line for the production of both existing weapons and innovative designs, including gun Strike. Competing for the upcoming defense procurement exacerbated.

purpose -to kill "Glock"

In Europe, where guns are more accessible to citizens than in Russia, community amateur pistols immediately became aware of the "Russian novelty." And excitedly again Russian invented something crude, but robust, exceeding all similar samples in the world. A sort of "Kalashnikov" of pistols.


But the excitement

repaid writing on topics weapons Peranzhelo Tangas Italian journalist, who calls the CEO of the company "Arsenal" Nicola Bandini his friend and actively writing about gun Strike. He explained that the gun is designed in Italy, made in the same detail. And in Russia, it will only be collected. That is not a Russian gun, and 100% Italian .

And it will be made in the two countries under various trademarks. In Italy Gardone Val factory in Brescia Trompia it will be released under the name AF-1 Strike One for sale on the markets of Western Europe and America. And in Russia, called "Swift" -Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle and Far East.

Moreover, according to the journalist, representatives of several countries in conditions of strict secrecy familiarized with the new gun. And even some National Security Agency has already ordered 60 thousand pieces.

However, it does not fit with another statement of Mr. Tangasa. At arms exhibition IWA-2012 in Hamburg in early March, where Europeans loudly otprezentovali Strike One, he said, showed no pistol with a polymer frame and a prototype in aluminum. Although advertising ways are inscrutable. There are

issue price . Dmitry Streshinskiy stated that production technology "Strizh" easier than Stechkin. Due to this, the final price will be the gun to $ 500 Note that the MTA out of production in 1958, and technology has since gone far ahead. Price was brought from Europe "Glock" in the U.S. in the box with spare parts and accessories -from $ 500 Consequently, in large batches it is not more expensive $ 400

While the co-founders

Arsenal Firearms state that in September 2012, "Strike"/"Swift" has to be produced and delivered consignments customer. It is possible that this customer would be the Defense Ministry.

/ Viktor Myasnikov, nvo.ng.ru /

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