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Foreign models of weapons to "Eurosatory 2012"

2017-08-12 00:00:00

At the international exhibition of arms and military equipment Army and ground-based air defense "Eurosatory 2012" Russian companies have demonstrated several new developments. Top premiere -upgraded T-90S tank, tank support combat vehicle BMPT "Terminator" LAW "Kornet-EM" on the basis of an armored car "Tiger" and a new secure car "Ural" 6x6.

Eurosatory 2012

Foreign manufacturers of weapons and military equipment are also presented their new developments that actively write the Russian media. For example, the defense procurement agency DGA France presented at an international arms exhibition Eurosatory-2012 in Paris terrestrial robot MINIROGEN, designed to find landmines.


Robot MINIROGEN Cobra Mk2 designed by ECA Robotics on a four-base, weighs about six pounds and is controlled remotely. Thanks to its compact size robot can even search for explosives underneath the car.

robot is equipped with several cameras, lights and can operate in daylight and in the dark. MINIROGEN able to perform tasks within a radius of 250 meters from the operator for up to two and a half hours. In December 2011, the Ministry of Defence of France ordered 29 at ECA Robotics robots MINIROGEN. Besides France robotic engineers are armed with a number of countries, including the U.S. and Israel.

Assault rifle F90

French Thales company showed at the international exhibition Eurosatory-2012 in Paris a new assault rifle F90 . F90 rifle was developed based on the popular F88 machine production Thales and is available in five versions, designed for a standard "NATO" chuck 5.56 millimeter.

In the standard version

F90 will weigh 3.25 kilograms with barrel length 407 millimeters. F90M Marksman version equipped with 508 mm long barrel and weighs 3.39 pounds. In addition, Thales has developed three versions of F90 with grenade launchers.

F90G version will weigh 4.1 kilograms and equipped with a grenade launcher caliber 40h46 mm. The same launcher equipped F90MG version with long barrel and short barrel F90CQB 360 mm. Currently F88 assault rifles are in service 30 countries, including Australia.

defense procurement agency DGA France until the end of 2012 put the troops new armored infantry fighting vehicle VBCI , developed for the military in the outfit "future soldier" FELIN Fantassin a Equipements et Liaisons Integres.

Presentation of the new modifications

VBCI held at the international arms exhibition Eurosatory-2012. According to the DGA, new armored vehicles adapted for charging, integrated equipment FELIN, equipped with modern communication systems and other equipment.

BMP VBCI developed on the basis of eight-wheel drive and can accommodate eleven fighters in the "gear of the future." BMP stands armed with 25mm cannon.


Outfit "future soldier" FELIN is developed by 25 companies led by French company Sagem. The composition of equipment includes weapons, ammunition, body armor, protective helmet with two displays and a microphone, as well as a laptop computer, navigation and communication tools, batteries and daily intake of food and water.

Total weight of equipment up to 25 pounds. In addition to the development of the French outfit "future soldier" involved a number of countries, including Germany, Spain, Great Britain and Russia. In March it became aware of the plans to get own perspective Azerbaijan for military gear.

/ Stachys Zaremba, arms-expo.ru /

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