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If I were Assad

2017-12-27 00:00:00

peacekeeping mission in Syria, Kofi Annan, as generally expected, ended in failure. This was confirmed by the voluntary resignation of its chief executive. What should be done in this situation, Bashar Assad, as yet the current president of Syria? This was the opinion expressed known political scientist, Doctor of Political Sciences Andrew Manoilo .

situation in Syria continues to heat up. West increases pressure on Bashar al-Assad continues to batter it with the troops so-called "opposition" that NATO countries are arming contain and regularly supplying manpower -mercenaries recruited throughout the Near and Middle East, as well as the African continent.

weight attracted so mercenaries find its end in the Syrian soil -Government troops successfully resisted the attacks of the rebels. However, the flow of "adventurers" keeps on giving: participation in armed rebellion in Syria Western coalition countries pay a lot of money.

Recall that the intervention in Libya began with the same two statements "madmen" as they are called in European politics -Sarkozy and Cameron, whose soaring ambitions were cleverly used by Washington to intervene in a civil war could legitimately -in the role of power, which came to the aid of its NATO allies, have appeared as a result of a few months they started by the war with Gaddafi on the brink of military disaster.

Today we see that the Libyan scenario is repeated, with his Syrian staged all played the same roles, and even the same figures as in Libya. Original, do not say anything.

Also, do not rule out the possibility that the beginning of the NATO operation in Syria Americans follow a special order to use this event in the presidential race to Obama, who for advantage over his rival desperately need a "small victorious war".

If war started now, it results to the time of the election already manage to partially forgotten, or, conversely, will acquire a negative connotation, if the initial euphoria wears off quickly and come sobering accompanied syndrome "political hangover".

In any case, all these factors give Bashar Assad for some time, which it should properly dispose of in their own interests. What can take Bashar Assad in this situation? Or how would you do in his place? This begs the question quite a few obvious answers.

First , in the interests of Assad now kill all armed opposition groups, yet they did not receive support in the form of expeditionary forces NATO and the Gulf states.

Rebels now relatively few, they are not armed with heavy weapons, artillery, tanks, air defense systems, etc., except for trophies; in its occurrence, they rely less on their own strike force, but on the limitless possibilities for bribery Syrian commanders, barring their way as it was first in Iraq and then in Libya.

If I were Assad Failure attack on Damascus and Aleppo, led to a split in the opposition camp in Syria.

West and NATO rebels needed not as an organized fighting force, but as a kind of political movement that can be issued for representing the interests of the majority of the Syrian people, the Assad regime oppressed who will be there to believe how many of them actually, these representatives of the "Syrian people" supporting the rebels, elect from among them "government of national liberation," officially recognize it as the sole legitimate government of Syria and then get on behalf of the surrogate government official invitation to intervene.

similar scheme has been played by the Americans in Cuba, the Bay of Pigs. There are, however, Fidel Castro fighters so quickly killed all landed immigrants that they do not even have time to form their own government, not to mention the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States.

Assad today repeats the same situation: while in the hands of the rebels remains though span Syrian land for Assad, the threat of direct foreign intervention .

If I were Assad squad Adylbeka belongs to the elite of the Syrian opposition. All members of the squad have been firing and mine-explosive training in camps human rights organization "Al-Qaeda" .

Second , Assad would be nice to clarify the question as to who is still fighting on the side of the rebels, and what percentage in their proper ranks of the Syrian citizens.

There are suspicions that this percentage is small: it is known that about half of all the warlords so-called opposition -section leaders of Al-Qaeda, in the units full of Islamists from Egypt, Libya and other countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Moreover, mercenaries recruited in full by American instructors in other hot spots, for example, in the area of the Sudanese conflict. A situation similar to the first and second wars in Chechnya, when on the side of Chechen separatists fought the mujahideen from all over the Arab East, including the Gulf countries; met even negros.

Clarifying the question of who is fighting on the side of the Syrian opposition, can show the real picture of events and point to the real players are now at the forefront of American foreign expansion are new Islamic world order.

Third , Assad clearly limping propaganda. In the ranks of the rebels it comes Al-Qaeda, until recently regarded as heralds of the world`s evil, and he did not "scratched".

In its place, it`s time to announce the fight against the rebels "counterterrorist operation", show the dead bodies of militants of Al-Qaeda, to express solidarity with the United States in the fight against international terrorism, and thus ultimately to confuse NATO strategy.

This scenario was once so well played Russian policy in Chechnya, where the West also tried to present the Chechen bandits "fighters for national liberation from the bloody Kremlin regime." But failed. Maybe that will not work in Syria.

/ Andrew Manoilo, ru.journal-neo.com /

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