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Pistol "Swift" - view from the side

2017-12-20 00:00:00

this year of the new products of domestic weapons attracts special attention gun "Swift", aka "Strike One". Weapons really quite interesting, both from the point of view of what is just a new gun, and in terms of locking the barrel method. Of course, one can argue long and hard whether the sample is considered domestic weapons, but why do we need all this demagoguery, it is important that the weapon is, and then you need to figure out what kind of bird is "Swift" and under that it is better to use .


Pistol "Swift" or foreign markets Strike One is the brainchild of Arsenal Firearms, and that calls into question the fact that this is a domestic weapons. Still, the concept of "domestic" implies not only that the idea was born in the mind of our compatriot, but what weapons should be made a domestic manufacturer instead of "zabugornye." However, many question the fact that the domestic arms industry would be able to master the production of this high quality pistol. I think I could have.

Once gun appeared in the form of the first sample, all immediately rushed to discuss its uniqueness, emphasizing the fact that the weapon is fundamentally different to the barrel locking system from all other guns that were previously. Perhaps with this issue and we should start, as many of the automation system weapons dark forest, to which even do not want to understand, and in fact the general principle of virtually all automation systems is very simple, you only need to sort through everything. So, what can I say about the uniqueness of the principle of operation of these weapons ...


Nothing in it no supernova. In fact, the system locking the barrel is a modified system Browning , but also talk about the fact that the barrel locking system "Strizh" stripped with some models can not. Unique -no, modernized -yes. And modernization went clearly benefit.

If you look from the technical side, the closest to such a system, I would call berettopodobnye pistols, as here and there the locking member moves vertically and locking occurs due to the fact that the so-called liner includes vertical grooves in housing-bolt . But more on that shortly, but for now understand what advantages over competitors got a gun, and they, despite claims by the manufacturer, and there they will become only more over time.

The first thing to note is that the manufacturer has lower barrel of the gun that made him shooting more comfortable . But this is not new weapons, and to "Strizh" models were reduced gun barrel, it is to some extent even the norm for all new models. Usually barrel decline in this model is associated with weapons of the same system of locking the barrel, but we have something you know that in other models it was quite successfully implemented.

Quite often in descriptions of current gun slips information that trigger equipped with a safety device that protects it against accidental pressing . However, when considering the images of these weapons is nothing like can not be found, the trigger looks quite ordinary and nothing remarkable is not allocated. But the information that there is protection against accidental operation, not taken from the ceiling, just all gathered inside the trigger, and provides a facility for only a small pin, which can be seen on both sides of the trigger element. Actually other external devices protection from accidental firing weapons are.


Well last feature that noted in the review of this gun -it`s a way to design the store and retrieve it . The fact that the store holds the leaf spring, which has two folding-shaped teeth forming slits in the store. Dual magazine eject button is nothing more than a cylinder in the middle of which is a smooth narrowing. Spring, holding store, rests in the center of the cylinder, respectively shear cylinder left or right spring is biased and shop freely escapes from the mine. Well, the store itself has a restriction that facilitate its insertion into the shaft, which can hardly be called an innovation, such as has already been used in the past.

Appearance gun quite interesting and not quite familiar to the consumer, it is closest in appearance to the "Swifts" gun "Caracal" although many people say about the similarity with GSH, with which I disagree. And front and rear side surfaces of the housing-bolt has a wide straight cuts, which allows for take-cover bolt back at every opportunity to hand-grip is equally reliable.


addition trigger, the magazine eject button and press the slide stop gun has another element, which is required for dismantling weapons. We are talking about a pin that passes through the frame and pistol shaped notch in the locking insert. When you remove it quickly enough, you can disassemble the weapon for service and after collect and record all the same one single pin that just is not something out of the ordinary in a firearm.


cartridge in the chamber can be controlled by the position of the ejector window to eject spent cartridges. Sights open and consist of the rear sight and front sight marked svetonakoplyayuschimi points for ease of aiming in poor visibility conditions. Under the barrel weapons taken a seat for attaching additional devices, such as compact flashlight or laser designator.

handle pistol, though performed by all standards of ergonomics, but has no ability to adjust the size of the palm of hand. Boot-steel bolt pistol course, but frame weapons can be made from either aluminum alloy or of impact-resistant polymer.


Finally we got to the fun at any time of the weapon -the principle of its operation. Basis for automatic weapons, as mentioned above, was the scheme proposed by more than one hundred years ago, one of the greatest gunsmiths -Browning, but she has been deep enough modification. So main positive aspect of the updated system was that the barrel moves only on its axis being directed several "rails" to prevent this from turning or displacement . This has greatly improve the accuracy of weapons, and most importantly to increase its rate of fire, although it is quite a controversial gun option.

I`ll try to briefly describe

automatic weapons system, dropping the common parts. When you press the trigger occurs shot, powder gases tend to push a bullet from a barrel, while in the trunk creates a large enough pressure that besides the fact that pressure on the bullet presses with the same force and Donets sleeve, trying to throw it out chamber in the direction of the arrow. But props sleeve valve, which prevents it just fly out of the chamber.

In the case of a gun "Swift" gate just is not in free motion, and is rigidly connected to the barrel by means of a U-shaped insert. This insert their branching covers the barrel between the chamber and the tide on the surface of the trunk, and at its base is shaped notch through which the fixed pin, fixed in the frame of the gun. Thus, the shot sleeve casing transmits a pulse-gate, which in turn through the insert pulls a gun barrel back.

And it would not have worked if it had not been moving in the vertical plane of the liner. Due to the fact that its bottom part has a shaped cut-out, while moving the barrel back this liner is lowered, while the protrusions on its side surfaces out of engagement with the housing, the shutter that allows to "let go" of the stem through a further distance, continue to swing yourself in splendid isolation. At the same time on the two tabs on each side of the liner to become something similar guides for housing-bolt, but of course they are not. Such interaction between the parts even after the disengagement is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the clutch when housing-bolt and barrel of the gun.

So, some time after the joint motion of the trunk and the housing-bolt they are separated, the barrel stops and shutter housing continues to move backward, extracting and ejecting the spent case it. With its return stroke, the casing shutter pulls out of the store a new cartridge, insert it into the chamber and abuts the breech starting to push it forward. When driving all this happiness in the opposite direction, again the interaction cutouts and insert the locking pin that passes through the frame arms, it makes up the locking liner and again securely lock bore pistol. After that, the gun is ready for a new shot.


I think that those who have delved into the work of other schemes with automatic pistols, built under the scheme with a short recoil, caught a visible presence in the "Swift" spirit Browning. Of course, I`m not accusing anyone of plagiarism or else something bad, the system is really new and not previously used in this form. But whether called "revolutionary" design, which actually changed only one item? Even given the fact that this has led to an increase in the reliability of weapons increased its vitality and positive impact on the fighting qualities of the gun, personally for myself, I believe that this is nothing more than a continuation of the idea of the Browning and "revolutionary" there is nothing to claim. But this is my opinion, so it may differ from the opinions of others.

Revolutionary original system was locking the barrel Browning revolutionary principle was locking Barnittske, though not widely used and famous, many people did offer original scheme is fundamentally different from the well-known, but the "Swift" is not the case. Still, I see a difference between "revolutionary" and the new, and in fact it really is, and it is significant.

On the other hand it is clear that the development of a really promising and despite the loud advertising words to attract the attention of the masses, gun did its characteristics above all praise , however , has not yet begun mass production of weapons really. As is known, the difference between the bench model and the end result can be very noticeable.

Currently planned to offer a gun 9x19 ammunition, including armor-piercing under domestic versions of this cartridge, 9x21 IMI, my favorite .357 SIG and .40 S & W. They say that this gun is to replace PM armed Interior Ministry, though silent, how much will cost such a replacement, but it is clear that it will not at all cheap.

In general, the findings so far do really early to give a full characterization of the weapon. In the meantime, the impression of the gun only positive, but will make a final judgment are not experts, and those who have to deal with this weapon daily and trust him with my life.

/ Cyril Karasik, topwar.ru /

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