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Urged soldiers already less than fugitives

2017-12-20 00:00:00

From 1 October in Russia began another appeal youth Armed Forces and other troops. Conscription campaign will last until December 31. " This fall we plan to call for military service 140 000 140 citizens ", -announced before the start of the campaign, Deputy Chief of Staff -Head of Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff, Colonel-General Vasily Smirnov. The current target figure of 15 thousand less spring set. That, according to experts "NVO" inevitably bring the shortage of personnel in the armed forces in a 30 percent threshold.

urged the soldiers were already less than fugitives

Let`s be honest

count ... If you add 155,570 people called in the spring and autumn planned 140,140 recruits, we get 295,710 troops, as said earlier, conscripts. The number of contract, according to official data of the General Staff, in the current year will not change and will continue to be about 186 thousand soldiers. Well with 220 thousand officers in the armed forces of all will be recorded just over 701 thousand people . So how does this relate to the statutory standard of the army and navy to 1 million troops? This figure is considered to be generally supercritical when assessing the level of combat readiness of the Armed Forces.

It is no secret that such a terrible shortage due not only to the demographic challenge, often remembered for several years. According to the War Department, for two consecutive years, the number of conscripts young people plan to less than the number of young people who evade their constitutional responsibilities . Colonel-General Smirnov said, for example, that in the spring of 2012 evaded conscription 166.1 thousand people. Including receipt of agenda -over 135 thousand, the rest Relocate without notifying recruitment. We are dealing with a stable negative attitude to his army of society in which the service it continues to be highly undesirable.

attempt to change this ratio different ways. Including increased repressive measures applied to izlovlennym deviators. Head of the Main Military Prosecutor GWP Major General Alexander Nikitin, in turn, announced that last year 1,200 people were prosecuted for evading conscription . And he added: " During the spring draft this year 600 people prosecuted ". Another 10 thousand conscripts who tried to evade military service, were brought to administrative penalties.

But only some five years ago, excited no more than a couple of hundred criminal cases a year. Of them were brought to court are only a few. That is, the dynamics of repressive measures is very impressive ... But with the tightening of demand draft dodgers and "long arm" of military prosecutors, as we see, did not give any significant improvement.

it because in the Main Military Prosecutor`s Office seriously think over a period other than criminal prosecution methods impact on evaders. Well, believe it would be good to increase the administrative fine for evading military service. " Now administrative penalty -a fine of 500 rubles , -said Alexander Nikitin. - This, of course, is not enough. But criminal liability for evasion of military service may be up to two years` imprisonment. This term is not just comparable, but twice Runtime constitutional duty. Raise it hardly makes sense. Here the main emphasis should be not on tougher penalties, and its inevitability ".

truth, preferring now fashionable in Russia economic punishments, a representative of the supervisory authority could not give an acceptable size of the new fine. " Recruits have different income because some guys do not have it at all. And who would pay for them? There is something to think about ", -summed Nikitin. And to him it is worth adding that the impact will be, too, because the ruble repressive measure. So, too ineffective ...

Probably for this reason, "defense circles" creative thought more specifically looking for any incentives to attract young people into the military. As an alternative punishment for draft evasion. There are already a lot of all kinds of pans for enhancing patriotic consciousness. Appeared and the first legislative initiative.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich offered to the contrary: the civil service able to accept only those men who went with the military, and those who have been convicted of evading such, simply ban work in government agencies. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, enthusiastically supported the initiative. And even hastened to declare that the government supports it. But the bill, presented by MP KLINTSEVICH was quickly "neutralized" in the official withdrawal of the government, who signed another deputy prime minister -Vladislav Surkov.

official remarked: " In accordance with Part 4 of Art. 31 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation Russian citizens have equal access to public service ... The rights and freedoms of man and citizen may be limited by federal law only to the extent that it is necessary for the protection of the constitutional order, morality, health, rights and lawful interests of other persons, national defense and state security ".

short, for a huge number of officials reduction evading military service, elimination of overwhelming shortage of the Armed Forces are not necessary for national defense and state security.


worth probably recall that directly linked the evasion of military service with the ability to hold important government posts is not just anybody, and President Vladimir Putin. In one of his first decrees of May 7 of this year, said that in 2012, the need to prepare amendments to the legislation, which provided " granting of preferences citizens, past military service, admission to the civil service, as well as when included in the administrative reserve ".

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