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Silent Insert HM76 U. S

2017-08-13 00:00:00

Silent weapons can be divided into two categories: weapons, which were used in the construction of the device silencers and weapons, which itself is silent ammo. Of course, the most interesting one is the one that uses the cartridges in which design has been laid "quiet." It is implemented in almost all such munitions same -locking powder gases in the liner, which puts its mark on the characteristics and the possibility of using these cartridges, but that they do not become less interesting.

On domestic ammunition propellant gases with locking already discussed quite a lot, but on foreign munitions materials can be counted on one hand, I therefore propose to meet with one of these "bourgeois" ammunition in this article, although it has long lost its relevance, but and at the time of occurrence had few prospects. It comes with a cartridge HM76 metric designation 7.62 x63.

Silent Insert HM76

This ammo is based on the .30-06 cartridge in the program Whisper in the 50s of the last century in the United States. It is based on piston-pusher bullet cartridge case within driving under the influence of the powder charge. By itself, the piston in its normal position before the shot backs the back of the bullet in the pocket, while he shot a bullet starts to push forward along the bore, asking her initial velocity and advancing of the liner itself, simultaneously locking the powder gases in it.

Silent Insert HM76

In other words, the design is completely analogous to domestic patrons SP-2, but to claim that someone has something to someone uper can not, it most likely two similar development not based on each other, but similar and started about the same time. The bullet, which equips chuck HM76 has a leading band in order to facilitate passage through the rifling in the barrel, which has a positive effect on its velocity, which, however, does not exceed the speed of sound is 243 m/s. Standard lead bullet was a bullet weighing 5.31 grams, but in addition it can also be used with steel bullet weighing 4.01 grams with greater speed. In general, nothing supernatural in the characteristics of the weapon no.

this munition was intended for use in the M1 rifle, but not widely used due to complexity extraction cartridge cases with far advanced beyond the piston-pusher. However, the cartridge existed and was used, in addition, he was the basis for the cartridge caliber .38 millimeters, which was the basis silent revolver. Also based on those mistakes and successful decisions that were made and found the design of this ammunition were created several options silent cartridges and weapons to them, but it was already after.

Silent Insert HM76
Silent Insert HM76

As previously mentioned, to accuse someone of that idea was stolen can be neither the Soviet Union nor the United States. Development were literally neck and neck, with the individual distinctive features are the clear evidence that development were independent of each other, and when compared with the Soviet patron SP-2, the American ammo looks even more successful and simple to manufacture. The actual diameter of a bullet cartridge HM76 is 7.82 mm cartridge length -83.5 mm, sleeve length -63.3 mm.

Here is such a munition was developed in the middle of the last century in the United States, of course, is a little information on it, but be content with what is, in the end, even for individual domestic patrons find all the attributes is sometimes difficult, let alone Speaking of foreign special cartridges.

/ Cyril Karasik, topwar.ru /

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