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Breakthrough Technologies for EW Russian army

2017-10-13 00:00:00


held from 23 to 26 October XVI International Exhibition of State Security "INTERPOLITEX-2012" for the first time participated CRIRE them. Academician A.I.Berga. And immediately one of the developments of the Institute won the contest "National Security", awarded a gold medal. So experts praised the portable device for protection and emergency destruction of data on magnetic media of any type.

The exhibition

CRIRE them. Academician A.I.Berga was introduced a number of high-tech and innovation. In particular, hanging container with jamming equipment MSP-418K, off track enemy missiles aimed at the plane . This jammer has small dimensions and weight, so does not impair the aerodynamics of the aircraft.

Station ICP-418K at the MAKS-2011

Perspective plane 5th generation -is not only a new airframe and a powerful engine, but also the appropriate weapons, all avionics, electronic warfare EW. Leading research institutions in Russia in the field of basic technologies EW -Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Scientific Research Institute of Radio Engineering Academician A.I.Berga" permanent participant defense exhibitions, is ready to turn facing armed fighters "MiG" and "Su" in invisible.

In the midst of the Great Patriotic War in 1943 was established by leading institute Institute-108 radar. Its first director was Axel Berg, and the list of employees -academics and Fock Alexander Boris Vvedenskii future academicians Raspletin Alexander and Mikhail Leontovich, the creators of the first Soviet radar Pogorelko Paul and Nicholas Chernetcov. Institute-108 -current FSUE "CRIRE them. Academician A.I.Berga "-became the cradle of electronics, of the units of which came today JSC" Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", OJSC RTI, JSC "SPC" NIIDAR ", JSC" KRRTI ", JSC" NPO "Pole" and others .


FSUE "CRIRE them. Academician A.I.Berga "is part of the Russian Space Agency and is a leader in the development of space and aviation systems of remote sensing the Earth`s surface. Including those engaged in the traditional direction -creating systems and electronic warfare, protection of facilities on land, and sea-based aircraft of various classes, produces high-technology civilian goods. The main areas include modeling and radio monitoring of the surrounding space, microelectronic instrumentation.

introduction of digital electronic signal processing methods in electronic warfare equipment to protect almost any object space satellite, air plane, ground air defense missile system and sea-based ship from the effects of radio-electronic means.

Based on digital technology the opportunity to combine into a single network EW equipment of all objects simultaneously in space, air, ground and sea. This allows you to quickly identify, for example, an enemy missile and instantly create interference for it directly from many sources, not just from the object is under attack.

To implement this concept as a key element used compact digital radio frequency memory device technology DigitalRadioFrequencyMemory/DRFM in conjunction with solid-state transmitter interference, including those based on active phased array AESA and superfast digital and ultra-wideband electronic signal processing devices. The system adapts to the signal environment and generates a false signal that the enemy`s radar takes as his own. But it laid distorted information about the target. The result -a guaranteed miss.

CRIRE them. Academician A.I.Berga is finalizing compact Jammer ICP-418K for family of aircraft "MiG" and jamming system "Omul" for the family "Su" for protection against missiles "air-air" and any air defenses. equipment in a hanging container generates false electronic image plane -phantoms elsewhere spaces that are indistinguishable from the real radar image of this aircraft .

The company

including developed a unique technology for creating three-distributed entities -the clouds of carbon nanotubes of different lengths. This kind of veil of unique material can completely absorb radio waves. As a result, an object hidden nanofoam cloud becomes completely invisible to radar and opto-electronic devices.

/ Viktor Myasnikov, nvo.ng.ru /

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