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CRS CRS-C and TKB-0145K chambered 6h49

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lately quite often there is information that a particular manufacturer began developing a new munition, or have even finished, which will replace one of the most common cartridges, moving weapons, it uses a new level. Against this background, our "breakthroughs" in the arms do look slightly palely, but we have something to brag about. However, in most cases, can boast of the fact that it was developed in the Soviet times and for different reasons have been abandoned in the far corner.

However, if clean up anything that is stuck in attics and basements of a great country, you can find a lot not only interesting, but also useful things themselves ask for revision and immediate start mass production. One such example can be our domestic sniper rifles caliber 6 mm , and about which I would like to tell you in this article.

Cartridge 6h49


probably worth a description of ammunition that is used in this weapon, because it is the basis of any cartridge weapons, asking him basic characteristics, and the weapon itself -is a means to realize the potential of the munition. So what if the cartridge is initially not the best, it does not jump over your head with all diligence, but the "ditch" good ammo, using his arms in not the best quality, you can always what has been repeatedly proven by many would-be gunsmiths.

So, cartridge caliber 6 mm , for use in semi-automatic sniper rifles. This ammunition has a caliber of 6 mm, has a sleeve, the length of which is equal to 49 mm, is an obvious competitor 7,62 h54, while, despite the compact size, has a clear advantage in all respects, except for the harmful effect, but copes with individual means of personal body armor, but more on that below.

idea of creating such ammunition was born a long time ago, a basic prerequisite for this was the Japanese production samples that retain their characteristics are quite high since the beginning of the twentieth century, even by modern standards. For one reason or another have seen all this advantage, but could not do anything, only in the 80s of the last century was created ordnance that has been even more successful than its counterparts. Weighing bullet 5 grams, this cartridge to its clocked speed of 1150 m/s , which made it much better ballistic performance than 7,62.

trajectory of the bullet has become more-trajectory and high speed allow more accurately hit moving targets. In addition, it was possible to reduce the effect of errors that allowed the shooter in determining the distance to the target and wind speed and direction, for a total of significantly increased accuracy. Perhaps this is one of those few occasions when he munition allows more accurate shooting arrows insufficiently prepared. Well, provided that in the event of any major hostilities receive weapons and those who kept it 10-20 years ago, the last time, it can be celebrated only as a positive quality ammunition.

It is also important that the cartridge 6h49 showed significantly higher performance for body armor penetration compared to 7.62 h54 , but the damaging effect of the bullet cartridge was lower than that, of course, minus , but against everything else is quite the question arises, why is there still this ammunition and weapons to him not in service in the army. However, parsing and other cases where promising developments rested on the fact that they need to rebuild a production or even any reason to interfere with them to get at least the minimum spread, there was nothing surprising. But back to the ammunition, which has a distinct advantage over 7.62 h54.

Cartridge 6h49

developed this cartridge in the walls TsNIITochmash Central Scientific Institute investigator`s precision engineering, it is noteworthy that the designer of a new cartridge became V.N.Dvoryanov who previously engaged in the creation of a sniper cartridge options for SVD sniper rifle. As described above, the result of his work was indeed impressive, and many predicted that most munition brighter future, when used as a sniper weapon, and when used in light machine guns, in other words, this cartridge was to completely replace the 7.62 h54 in the army . But not everything is turned smoothly as we would like.

Despite the fact that under this munition samples were created sniper rifles and even machine gun pattern, all samples showed the most remarkable characteristics, though in need of minor processing file, nobody was interested in such a weapon, but it could help make enough a big step forward, well, or at least show the prospect of weapons using such ammunition. Difficulties faced by the country at that time, closed the door and before ammunition and weapons samples before using it, as a result of these samples do not even remember now.

I think that there is no mystery is that local gunsmiths are always ahead of their time, and it happened in this case, because of our new cartridges "potential adversary" said much later, and working models and does have emerged recently. It turns out that now the time 6h49 cartridge and weapons for him for a long time has come, and the samples are still samples. At least we could take at least a basis for ammo and weapons and on their basis is create a new pattern that would meet all the requirements, but forget about the existence of weapons and cartridges and probably easier than to develop it, because in the development of reason no one is interested.


for what`s such samples do not get forgotten and development need not even put in my mind, and put to the wall, so as to bury the promising development, even trying to give her at least a minimal extension can be easily equated with treason homeland. However, it is clear that their "colleagues" will not punish anyone, at least as long as the road is not perebegut. In the end, if the results of a complete analysis of weapons and with a maximum of efforts made to improve it any obvious advantages there would be that in this case it is unlikely, or replacement would be inappropriate in view of the small arms superiority, there`s always the civilian market and export.

Overall, personally I do not understand how you can forget about the old operating in weapons that are still relevant today, and at the same time say that no talented designers, there is no base and so on. If there really is not, then why not take advantage of the fact that there can still be used? Or need to wait until all of this will be realized by others, and after bite fingers, wondering how come we all have, and we have done nothing? Sadly something from all this.

But we will not deviate from the topic of the article and still get acquainted with samples of semi-automatic sniper rifle chambered for 6h49, and really get to know there is something, well, compared to what it is worth now in service everyone can own and decide if you want Do we have such a weapon, and whether it is to us at the moment.

Sniper rifles CRS and CRS-C

While TsNIITochmash working on a new ammunition 6h49 in Izhevsk was in full swing over weapons under this cartridge. New weapons were taken not from the ceiling, it was created precisely to the requirements that were sent to designers, ie the sample is actually planning to do basic and replace them were armed with rifle SVD, but as we know, did not grow together. The basic requirements that apply to new weapons, mostly referred to, its dimensions, and these requirements are sufficiently stringent and designers had to work hard to meet them. So, just arms length 1225 mm, limited, and this despite the fact that the length of the barrel was to be 720 mm, for optimal use of the potential of the new ammunition.

Originally it was planned to adapt the SVD sniper rifle under the new cartridge, but it turned out that with the barrel of a length that is not possible, as to reduce the length of the receiver circuit is not allowed weapons. When the barrel length of 620 mm has a total length SVD 1220 mm, but the desired barrel was 10 centimeters long, respectively, and the total length of the arms was increased. For this reason, decided to give up on adaptation and create from scratch your sample weapon that turned out quite interesting and, of course, in some moments SVD superior even without the use of ammunition 6h49.

It appeared and weapons such as sniper rifles CRS and CRS-C , model rifle with a folding stock. Work to create a new model of arms immediately instructed 4 designers: A.I.Nesterovu, V.Yu.Simonenko, A.S.Lomaevu and O.N.Kivamovu, each of these designers made something of themselves in the arms, and despite that mass production of the rifle did not wait, some of its elements can be found in the other samples.

Since the main objective was to meet the requirements for arms length, then the subject was given a lot of attention.

Sniper rifles CRS and CRS-C

In other words, the barrel rifles can not be called "free posted", and that it does not apply to weapons forearm, this whim of designers. All this is true in the surface theory, but in practice such a move significantly increased the accuracy of weapons, which is especially noticeable when shooting at a distance greater than the mean. So, you can now bring these figures, which are taken from field tests of weapons.

At a distance of 630 m sniper rifle CRS proved 1.33 times more accurate than the SVD. At a distance of 770 m, this parameter increased to 1.73. At distances of 970 and 1030 meters in the weapon showed 3.89 times more accurate shooting in comparison with SVD. The general advantage over SVD was 2,32.

course, merit is not only a rifle, but the ammunition that it uses. Furthermore, at distances up to 400 m in front of the advantages in terms of accuracy at CRS SVD is not noticeable that in the context of smaller bullets striking effect smoothes indicators weapons, nevertheless, nothing wrong in increasing the effective range of fire is not and can not be, yes flak jackets and bullet cartridge 6h49 works more efficiently than 7.62 h54 that lately more and more important.


spoke about the accuracy of weapons at a close range, it should be noted and the following parameters of the weapon. At a distance of 100 m was carried out three series of 10 shots each. All the bullets missed the circle with a diameter of 5.5 cm, with 50% of hits stacked in a circle of 2.3 cm, which is quite good results. It also noted that in the case of improving the quality of the cartridge 6h49 these indicators improve significantly.

But, in my opinion, for the semi-automatic rifles of this class and the results are quite good, especially because the weapon itself still does not finish completely, and was presented as a prototype, the characteristics of which could still change. However, they could change for the worse, as is usually the case in mass production, but we think positively.

Sniper rifles CRS and CRS-C

However, not all was this weapon as smoothly as we would like, there were negative things that were seen in comparison with the same sniper rifle SVD. One of the main negative qualities of the weapon became his weight, which stood at 4.2 kg and 4.3 kg of CRS in CRS-C , from SVD same weight is only 3.8 pounds. Needless to say, if it was a rifle several other class, the pathetic 0.5 kg could just skip, but in this case, the difference in weight is important.

On the other hand, it can be said, the only parameter of weapons, which you can point a finger and say "bad", everything else causes only positive emotions here and length sighting open sights, increased by 80 millimeters, which allows more efficient use of weapons in the event that an optical sight in battle was damaged and more effective range of the use of weapons and so on and so forth. So we can not even doubt that, if not quite the difficult economic situation in the country in the late 80s, the weapon would see the light now as a production model, it is not clear just why when the situation is more or less improved, this weapon do not remember and do not take as a basis for something new.

fire control sniper rifle CRS and its variant with a folding butt CRS-C are largely similar SVD . Despite the fact that the designers have significantly reduced the length of the receiver, they left the location of the major controls in areas where they have become familiar to many shooters. On the right side is slightly reduced weapon switch fuse weapons, which in its lower position removes weapon fuse in the top of a rifle shot impossible. Just a few strange looks small window to eject spent cartridges, but grip shutter is in its usual place, and those who "talked" with the IRS may find it intuitively.

lock rifle store located just outside the shop, which is also quite familiar and can not cause any complaints. The store itself of weapons made by stamping, has a capacity equal to 10 patrons, while in its size is smaller store SVD, which also only has a positive effect on the usability of the weapon. Looks strange to handle a rifle version with a folding stock, the fact that the handle is not very neat appearance and seems quite uncomfortable, but that weapon -not a Christmas tree to be beautiful, so that complaints about it also can not be .

Enough interesting point is that many people report as a negative quality weapons that rear sight is mounted on the fore-end rifle. In fact this is not true. Rear sight is mounted on the rifle receiver weapons and plastic forearm just passes under it, which creates the illusion that the goals set in the plastic handguards.

Naturally, this rifle now looks dated, it still created almost 30 years ago, and then strips of any type "Picatinny" that hung on all sides by modern weapons, no one thought. Then create the most simple weapon, which was suitable only to shoot, but not striking in its beauty inhabitants, by the way, for some reason such weapons and to me personally it seems more beautiful. Despite this basic parameters weapons are decent enough and today.

Well, make it possible to install a wide variety of sights and things, in my opinion, is not a particularly big problem, especially for weapons previously not commercially produced. For Kalashnikovs developed as separate sets, which can significantly expand the number of additional devices installed.

Sniper rifles CRS and CRS-C

According to the results of ground tests conducted after the presentation of CRS and CRS-C weapon was seen as quite promising and was sent back for revision, the same applies to the cartridge 6h49, which though could argue with 7.62 h54, but had some shortcomings, which most quickly were associated with accuracy at ranges up to 400 meters. Still, a weapon that was supposed to replace the SVD, was to "beat" it in all respects.

Despite the fact that prospects and weapons and cartridges were all further work was stopped due to a decrease in funding. And not one project covered by sniper rifle CRS and CRS-C, but also for ammunition 6h49 in general, there are other models of weapons, many of which have only just begun to design. Covered temporarily, but as seen now, forever, at least, about the future of any rifles or cartridge 6h49 can not hear anything.

Later developments

designers used to create a flame arrester for submachine gun Bizon-2, the stock received SVD-C, and it is still in the civilian "Tiger-9" also uses the same flash suppressor, but consider it for use developments designers Of course, it is impossible. In fact, we can say that all the funds that have been spent on the development of the weapons and ammunition were just wasted, as tangible benefits of these costs are not brought. And it must again be noted that the use was not no fault of weapons, but simply because, first of all put off until better times, and then just forgot or did not want to remember that the most likely.

Honestly, I never would be surprised if these weapons and this cartridge, but in a different wrapper emerge ten years later, as a suggestion from some "friendly" private arms company to replace the army sniper rifles SVD although anyone can recover and instead of searching for and take an interest in people`s talents that there is in the bins Research Institute, and there are so many interesting and most importantly useful, but wasted.

However, saying that the ammunition and completely forgot about the weapons, I`m somewhat disingenuous. In fact, a continuation of the story, it is true continuation quite short and rather sad ending. The fact that ammo 6h49 tried to "revive" in the late nineties in the Tula TsKIB, but this attempt was fairly modest and ended back only as an experimental model, which, however, managed to war, though not for long. It is about sniper rifle TKB-0145K , all under the same cartridge 6h49.

Sniper Rifle TKB-0145K

"Father," this weapon is A.B.Adov designer, he decided on his own to make a new weapon more compact, and most importantly easier, however, easier SVD weapons are gone. main "trick" of this weapon is that it is made in bullpup layout , which gives greater freedom mechanisms while maintaining the minimum length of the weapon. Thus, the length of the entire rifle equals 1060 mm, which allows relatively easily transport it in armored vehicles, and directly by the shooter. Weapon weight is exactly 4 kg without sights and ammunition. Barrel length remains the same as that of the CRS -720 mm in order to ensure the most efficient use of the cartridge 6h49.

This decision to reduce the length of the arms has both its positive and negative sides. On the one hand, reducing the length of significant enough, with another arrangement has a number of drawbacks Bullpup who just decide in this weapon failed. On the other hand, the sniper rifle is one of those weapons, which bullpup layout is most appropriate, since the low rate of fire allows you to avoid such unpleasant disadvantage as irritation of the mucous membrane powder gases arrow.

However, despite the low rate of firing, use such weapons when firing from the left shoulder rather difficult enough that before the eyes are flashed cartridge cases and controls are located just to the right weapons, so more and handle the shutter will be in the vicinity of the arrow, and it is at least annoying, and makes one think about their safety.

Besides being sniper rifle TKB-0145K is made in bullpup layout, it has a number of features that are not found in other models of weapons. So, an interesting feature was that weapons like the powder gases are discharged to operate the automatic weapons. In most types of weapons that use scheme with automatic removal of powder gases from the barrel removal of powder gases comes from the bore through the hole in the trunk, in the moment of impact and the beginning of the movement of the piston effect on the accuracy of weapons. In the case of TCB-0145K removal of powder gases from the bore occurs at muzzle of the gun that actually eliminates the impact of automation on the accuracy .

Because such a system

removal of powder gases, the use of the gas regulator was impossible, which, however, in this case, and it is not necessary, since ensuring the normal operation of automation in various operating conditions to reach the masses of individual elements of the mechanism of weapons that is the reason that the sniper rifle TKB-0145K 200 grams heavier than the SVD. But, in my opinion, it is quite justifiable price for higher precision weapons and that it will work reliably in a wide range of temperatures and other conditions.

important role in the reliability of weapons plays and that it be protected from dust and the more sand into the receiver. Powered rifle from detachable box magazine capacity of 10 rounds 6h49. In addition to the open sights, weapon equipped with an optical sight POSP 8x42 PSO-1 or, of course, does not prevent the installation of other devices.

Sniper Rifle TKB-0145K

All controls are located on the right weapon hand rifles, which creates an additional obstacle to the use of this weapon left-handed. In addition, the switch fuse box located on the right side of the weapon, but much farther store, which makes it very convenient for switching, so that without the disadvantages and this weapon has not done. The rest of the elements is not satisfactory: the trigger, trigger guard and lock the store made quite familiar, of course, adjusted for linking arms. In general, the ease of use that weapon is not satisfactory, except for the switch fuse, which is almost under the armpit hand, the benefit that it is not necessary to switch after each shot.

If you compare

sniper rifle TKB-0145K with a sniper rifle CRS, then give preference to any unconditional one sample is quite difficult, if only because very little information on this weapon, and compare the experimental model is a thankless task, but try Of course, you can. By weight weapons leads naturally TKB-0145K, but at the same time, CRS is more convenient to use, despite its large size . In TKB-0145K original scheme applied fence powder gases at the muzzle, which increases the accuracy of weapons at the same time gets the same result, and thanks to the CRS attempt designers free to post a rifle barrel.

In their combat characteristics and weapons are very very close to each other, so that in principle it can be said that both models are equal to each other, if not a "but." CRS and its variant with a folding butt CRS-C is more convenient when shooting from the left shoulder, and this need may arise not only because of the fact that the shooter used to eat with your left hand, but because it turned out exactly the right cover from him and fire can only be on the left side. That is, when shooting from the right shoulder in such a situation will be like arrows in the palm of the enemy in sight, to get the same for him if he`s going to fire from the left shoulder, will be much harder.

In addition, CRS-C with folded butt is shorter than the TKB-0145K, which can be in some situations quite critical. In general, in my humble opinion, CRS is more suitable weapon for widespread distribution in the army compared to TKB-0145K . However, here at TKB-0145K has one distinct advantage in the form of combat experience and positive feedback than can boast semi-automatic sniper rifle CRS.

In 2001, semi-automatic sniper rifle TKB-0145K has been involved in the fighting in the North Caucasus, where she received a lot of positive comments . One of the most important factors than a rifle like this was, as you can guess, ammo 6h49, which outperforms sniper cartridge 7.62 h54. It is also important was the fact that the weapon was a high accuracy in comparison with the IRS, which was confirmed by the fact that the enemy snipers armed with SVD were struck repeatedly from TKB-0145K, while not able to answer their accurate fire larger caliber rifles.


also noted that this weapon is more convenient for use on moving targets, but he does not merit weapons, and just did a high speed bullet, that is ammunition that was used in it. Separately was noted unusual weapons and its compact size. Such positive feedback rifle TKB-0145K earned during the period from February to September 2001. Based on these reviews about the weapons was a proposal as soon as possible to start series production of a given sample and to arrange for delivery in the first place, in the place of warfare that would reduce the loss of personnel and gain a distinct advantage over the enemy.

However, neither reviewed nor recommendation of people who had to entrust their lives to these weapons have had no effect, and the Weapons and chuck again forgotten. At the time of this writing, no one remembers that there is such ammunition and weapons, which was a step away from mass production and mass supplies to the army.

Sniper rifles CRS and CRS-C

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