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MoD KAZ resumes testing for defense

2017-12-28 00:00:00

MOD has continued resuscitation Projects closed in the late 1990s -early 2000s due to lack of funding. Now came the turn of the complex active protection KAZ missiles. A senior source in the Defense Ministry told "Izvestia" that the principal decision to resume testing of the complex in 2013.

" particular seemed is that the defeat of air objects are metal arrows and balls with a diameter of 30 mm at a height of up to 6 km. Arrows and balls are fired with an initial velocity of 1.8 km/s, which is comparable with the most long-range projectile gun, and create a cloud of iron present. In one salvo to 40,000 elements. KAZ can be considered anti-artillery ", -said the officer.

Defense Ministry resumes testing for KAZ PRO

complex will be the last frontier of missile defense. He must destroy objects that have managed to break through the veil of existing missiles "Gazelle" and promising P-500 "Prometheus". The structure consists of KAZa radar detection and tracking, as well as special gun mount.

According to "Izvestia", KAZ intended to cover the point objects, such as missile silos and command posts, communications centers, and this is different from the missiles that cover the sky by sector . The military hopes that the complex will not only destroy ballistic missiles, but also all kinds of modern precision weapons, including cruise missiles and GPS-corrected bombs. " Precision bombs and missiles difficult to detect, as they maneuver or hiding in the folds of the terrain. Intercontinental missile flies faster, but it is easier to calculate ", -said the source.

familiar with the situation representative of the military-industrial complex told "Izvestia", the first complexes tested in the early 1990s, could not destroy both types of air targets with equal efficiency. But at the present level of computer technology and radar it is quite achievable. " First product called" Mozyr ". Kura range on the Kamchatka them immediately struck not by the layout, but in the real warhead missiles "Satan", and the goal was impressed. The project turned only because of funding problems, not for technical reasons ", -he explained.

According to him, in case of successful tests of the new-old complex of first positioning areas can be deployed in 2-3 years -technology allows. A design office and manufacturing plant "iron cloud" yet classified as "Top Secret". We only know that in the project used the experience of armored protection against anti-tank missiles. For example, the complex tank protection "Arena" destroy incoming missiles volleys of balls at a distance of 25 m


form submunitions KAZa different? Interlocutor in the CMO explained that at high altitudes effective arrows on the smaller -balls. " Arrows fly higher and have denser balls volley. Because of the tremendous speed counter is likely just riddle goal but requires destroy or detonate. So what types of elements combined increase affecting the ability ", -he said.

One of the founders

KAZa told "Izvestia" on condition of anonymity that the hardest part active protection -a mathematical calculation algorithm convergence submunitions with an object, given the closing speeds of Mach 3-4 . Independent military expert, editor of Millitary Russia Dmitry Kornev conversation confirmed that the project can be considered unique in the world. " Neither the U.S. nor Israel nor anyone else still unable to create a workable missile complex pattern of active protection. Research work was carried out in many countries, but further sketches and full-scale mock-ups did not go ", -he said.


Kornev Soviet "Mozyr" was a successful project and the creation of the last echelon defense as active protection fully justified.

/ Alexei Mikhailov, Dmitry Balburov, izvestia.ru /

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