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Sergei Shoigu started reforming the military police

2016-09-18 00:00:00

From the composition of the military police special forces and armored vehicles withdrawn, leaving her only Commandant function . Sergei Shoigu ordered to reorganize the military police, which was established with Anatoly Serdyukov. As reported by "Izvestia" a senior official of the Ministry of Defense, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered the Main Organization and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff to develop new GOMU States Military Police Brigade.


Serdyukov planned that the military police are themselves engaged in the operational-search activity, conduct investigations and to conduct investigations of crimes directed against military service, AWOL, desertion, failure to order, evading service, etc., then C . Shoigu decided to leave for the military police commandant only with military units and automobile inspection VAI.

Sergei Shoigu started reforming the military police

Furthermore, of state special Military Police Brigade, which was planned to create in each military district excluded motorized infantry battalions, detachments of special forces and psychological operations, sniper company, divers, and other flamethrower spetsboytsy . " Formally initiated the reorganization was made Commander of the Land Forces Vladimir Chirkin, which is in charge includes military police. Shoigu endorsed his proposal and instructed personnel officers present new states until the summer ", -said the source" Izvestia ".

As military police units in the not yet fully established, the reform will affect only part of the Ministry of Defence Police -130th Motorized Rifle Brigade sep mot bde stationed in Moscow`s Sokolniki.


"Serdyukovskaya" state Police Brigade of 3.5 thousand people had to include four motorized infantry battalion in armored personnel carriers and a variety of special units. It was assumed that military police will deal with the terrorist underground, reconnaissance and sabotage enemy units, protect the public and military facilities in the event of war.

Now "extra" units will be disbanded and soldiers are transferred to other positions -130th sep mot bde completed only contract servicemen, the requirements for which are as stringent as those in the special forces and airborne troops.

reason police reform in the army that a new special unit with multiple functions to be unnecessary. " Spetszadach solutions exist for the corresponding special forces. Fight terrorists, to prevent riots should FSB, MVD, and other special structures, and the Ministry of Defense is necessary in order to counteract the only military threats. Create duplicate structures that close personally to the Minister of Defence, no practical sense. In addition, an extended form of the military police did not fit into the functionality of the Land Forces, the main command which gave its structural ", -said the officer of the General Staff.

military police officer who was responsible for the development of the state "Serdyukovskaya" brigades and combat documents, explained that Military Police Brigade copied from the U.S. . " Experience of war in Iraq and Afghanistan showed the Americans that the military police often perform complex tasks to stabilize the situation. There is even a special term stabilisation operations, which refers to the entire complex peacekeeping, population control, to protect it from the militants, food supplies, etc. We have no such thing ", -he said.

The officer added that the U.S. Army has a Department of Criminal Investigation, which has a wide range of activities. And Russia has the relevant bodies -Military Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee, the Chief Military Prosecutor`s Office of the General Prosecutor`s Office, so that unnecessarily duplicate their functions, he said.

/ Alexei Mikhailov, Dmitry Balburov, izvestia.ru /

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