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Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms: personal opinion

2017-09-14 00:00:00

This material

Gregory Malyshev given in the way of discussion from the perspective of the layman and does not claim any deep military-scientific knowledge. Since some points in this publication appear controversial or surface we asked a specialist in armored vehicles briefly comment on the statements the author.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms

In the recent past

Nizhny Tagil Tank Plant was issued a new main battle tank model called T-90ms "Tagil" . Tank immediately attracted the attention interesting technical solutions that were previously on serial domestic machines have not been applied. It looks very impressive and modern -design, though not from atelier "Pininfarina", but definitely a success. The tank can claim the right to be considered one of the most powerful tanks in the world today.

It would be very interesting to analyze the structure of the tank as possible. Find out what the designers have done well and what does not, and what further improvements are possible in the design of this interesting machine.

Brief characteristics of the T-90ms as follows:

-Weight 48 tons
-Length 9530 mm
-Width 3780 mm
-Height 2228 mm

-The gun-launcher 125mm 2A46M-5 or 125-mm 2A82 -main combat vehicle tank, designed to hit all kinds of ground, surface and within the reach of low-speed air targets. 40 ammunition artillery shells of various types: BOPS, OFS, COP or guided missiles SD 9K119M "Reflex-M".

-Semi-gun 7.62-mm machine gun 6P7K PKTM. It is intended to deal with manpower of the enemy, which is within the firing angles of the main armament. Gun paired with a gun and has the same field of fire with it. 2,000 rounds of 7.62 ammunition x54R various types. This is set to adopt a completely new tower with a circular rotation developed zabashennoy niche.

-Remote-controlled machine gun mount T05BV-1 with 7.62-mm machine gun 6P7K PKTM. Designed to combat manpower of the enemy, which is higher than hiding or sector of fire the main armament, eg on the upper floors of buildings, steep slopes. Or below the firing of the main armament sector, in shelters, dugouts, or directly from the tank in the so-called "Dead zone" for a tank gun and coaxial machine gun. Thus, according to the designers should be provided in the tank combat stability and cramped urban conditions of warfare. 800 rounds of 7.62 ammunition x54R different types.

fire control system, surveillance and target acquisition:
-Fully digital highly automated MSA "Kalina" with integrated CICS it. Thermal imaging devices designed and television, including surveillance and circular.

-Multi-layer composite armor latest scheme in the frontal part.
-Diversity in the side of the reservation.
-The latest built-in dynamic protection "Relic".
-Local protection ammunition.
-Events, lowering noise and thermal signature of the tank.

-Multi-fuel diesel engine V12 B-92S2F2 capacity 1130 hp + Automatic.
-Power-to ~ 23 hp/ton
-Maximum speed of 60-65 km/h on the highway.
-Range 500 km.

Tank is based on previous versions: T-90A and T-90C. Now let us understand in more detail what the differences we see on this machine. What immediately strikes the eye can itemize :

1. New tower developed aft niche.
2. A new 125-mm gun 2A82.
3. New dynamic defense "Relic".
4. Complex of active tank protection KAZT "Arena-E" on the tank no.
5. Set optronic suppression KOEP "Blind" on the tank no.
6. Finally, the tank received normal hard bulwark armored corps, generously "flavored" explosive reactive armor DZ "Relic" and latticed screens aft.
7. Anti-aircraft system with large-caliber 12.7mm NSVT sunk into oblivion. She was replaced by a new machine gun mount with a 7.62-mm machine gun 6P7K.
8. Several more powerful engine B-92S2F2 + Automatic.
9. Tank received additional power unit in an armored container fixed in the rear of the unit to the left.

What else can I say about this car?
-Housing, as in previous versions, mostly left over from the T-72;
-In the chassis also can not see significant differences from the T-72;
-New MSA "Kalina" is clearly superior 1A45T "Irtysh" T-90A.

Comment specialist
Shown at an arms fair REA-2011 sample upgraded main battle tank T-90S has been focused primarily on foreign customers, so some systems mounted on it was in the export performance. In this regard, the author would like to point out that the 125-mm gun 2A82 not compromise on export tank gun installed on it 2A46M-5.

As for the kit

dynamic protection, this tank installed elements 4C22, 4C23 as to export prohibited.


vain laments the lack of active protection of the tank "Arena-E", as it can be installed on request. Similarly, on demand system can be installed TSHU-1-2M. Besides modernized T-90S is equipped with an electromagnetic protection SEMP RRMU-2E from mines with magnetic fuzes.

Regarding the power block. While putting on a tank engine B-93 1100 hp Automatic transmission, automatic transmission on it, but there is automatic gearshift.

Now try to analyze all of these items. What has been done and that theoretically, in my opinion, could have been done. So let`s start.

new tower developed niche stern


done . At first glance, the tower looks vulnerable compared with towers T-90A and T-72B. Most likely, this is the case. Tower T-72B and T-90A has a relatively small size and the special form. Aft vulnerable part of the tower was closed and narrowed powerful armored front of course angles within ± 30 ?.

problem was mainly in the placement of the rest of BC. These 23-26 rounds of ammunition or SD located literally everywhere: on the floor, on the walls of the housing, and almost the entire rear hemisphere tower. Limited internal space of the T-72 simply does not allow this place, do not fit into the carousel AZ firepower somewhere else. As a result, this "non-motorized" ammunition and lights often or detonate -there can be as lucky that the worst is not yet known.

One could argue

, say, in the old tanks T-34-85, KV-85, T-54, T-55, IS-3 and T-10 ammunition was located about the same. In this case, the comparison is inappropriate. Ammunition these tanks consisted of unitary shots. Charge of powder was placed in a metal sleeve and fire these old machines was much lower. And charges in partially burned sleeve T-72 ready to flash from any touch cumulative jet.

Out of this situation may be such -not to take the part in the battle of ammunition, which is located in unpowered boeukladke . But then you have to rely on those 22 shots that carousel AZ. So often did. But this, of course, is not satisfied with any tank, no self-respecting designers. Problem finally decided in the T-90ms: roundabout on 22 shots left, further protecting it on armor, while the remaining 18 shots were placed in the rear recess of the tower, providing her with knock-out panels for example, "Abrams" and "Leopard-2." If desired, these 18 shots, too, can not take with them. In urban fighting, perhaps it would be better to do just that.

As a result: despite the fact that the tower T-90ms become more vulnerable to enemy fire compared with towers predecessors -the T-72B and T-90A, the level of survivability of the tank, and what is more important -survival of the crew became much higher. Levels of survivability T-90ms, and survival of the crew in the event of destruction of the tank, in principle, become with western tanks. Another advantage of such a tower -greater comfort and greater interior space of the tank crew compartment.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms aft recess tower T-90ms

How could do . Apparently, no way. If we do not take into account any extravagant new items, other technical solutions to this tank is not suitable. The old Soviet arrangement with placing all of BC along with the crew has become obsolete. And put all of BC in the rear recess for example, "Abrams" from a certain point of view, unreasonable and within a given weight of 50 tons is not practicable. So Offset .

Comment specialist
Copyright much mistaken, making conclusions about reducing security tower of the new tank. Tower projected onto the plane still provides protection within course angles of 30 degrees, and the stern is securely closed armored compartment.

Overall fighting compartment modernized T-90S tank, including the tower, which is less vulnerable than its predecessors. In other words, the whole point of the new turret contains a lot of arguments about which is not.

Clarification by location ammunition. In the autoloader 22 shots in non-mechanized laying at the septum MTO are 8 shots and 10 shots -in the crew compartment isolated from the armored box aft turret.

new 125-mm gun 2A82


done. The most powerful 125-mm smoothbore gun 2A82 newest design is a completely new development. It is believed that this gun is much greater than the previous 125-mm gun 2A46 Series, 122-mm rifled 2A17 and 120-mm NATO-vskie gun "Rheinmetall" with a barrel length of 44 and 55 calibers. 2A82 surpasses them both in accuracy and in the power of fire. The same applies to the Chinese 125-mm tank gun ZTZ-99A2-99A2 type, which is only enhanced "pirated" version 2A46.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms

However, T-90ms apparently can be installed and the first 125-mm gun 2A46M5 which is mounted on the T-90A. It can be concluded that the new tanks will be delivered 2A82 cannon for the army of Russia, and will be completed 2A46M5 tanks supplied for export. At the same time, knowing the realities of today, it is possible that all will do exactly the opposite.

How could do. Many experienced electrochemical and electromagnetic guns has not yet reached the stage of installing them in the real tank, so they immediately discard. Alternatively you could set on a T-90ms new 140-mm or 152-mm cannon for example, "object 292." But, in addition to technical difficulties, it could provoke a similar Western countries modernize their tanks, which means a new round of racing gauges. So at this stage yet decided to develop the caliber of 125 mm, which is not yet fully opened to its full potential. A 140-152 mm cannon left in reserve. Offset .

Comment specialist
Completely unclear why suddenly the author describes the ability to install gun 2A82 export tanks. I repeat that this gun is not compatible with modifications Munitions 2A46 and banned for export.

Regarding powerful 152-mm gun 2A83, which the author proposes to establish the T-90, it is impossible.

new dynamic defense "Relic"


done. Dynamic protection of new generation "Relic" refers to the built-in type DZ. It increases resistance to cumulative armor munitions 2-fold and 1.5-piercing resistance to piercing projectiles. Front and top covers DZ tank tightly and without gaps. Weakened zones around guns too closed elements DZ. The roof over the driver`s hatch is also closed. This Ladder. But there is a "fly in the ointment": lower frontal sheet does not. This miscalculation -the lower frontal sheet tank can penetrate. At T-72B there was at least one series NDZ "Contact-1." At T-90ms nothing, although theoretically there can install screens mounted on hinges.

Next -housing board. It is closed until the ITO as well as with the T-72B, and then goes to the screen grid. At T-72B were only rubber-screens, so this could be the T-90ms is much better. I will explain. Rubber-screens T-72B and T-72A just initiated undermining shaped-charge warhead warhead rocket propelled grenade at a distance from the main armor bead 70 mm. Slatted same screen breaks a body or rocket propelled grenade anti-tank, they collapse on these sharp lattice. Warhead and thus can not work.

board tower -then things are not so good. At T-72B tower was closed to half the length of the DMZ. Role protivokumulyativnyh screens rear hemisphere played boxes and spare parts elements snorkel. At T-90ms tower big and long, DZ niches on the sides of the stern no, and in fact there is boeukladka. Another vulnerable area -aft hull plates and the back of the tower. There were cases when caught in the aft hull plates rocket-propelled grenade punched through the MTO directly through the engine and hit the crew compartment of the tank, and there -men and ammunition. Not obvious that the designers have paid at least some attention to this important aspect of the protection of the new tank T-90ms. On resistance from hitting the stern hull he is no better base T-72 "Ural".

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms

How could do. Protect elements DZ "Relict" turret and hull around the perimeter, including the frontal and lower body part. It will increase the weight of the tank is not much, but the defense will be much stronger, and most importantly -from all sides, which plays an important role in urban combat. In general, despite the obvious progress, unambiguous POINTS can not put . Although explicit fail too.

Comment specialist
About the alleged "miscalculation" designers, not protect the lower frontal part of the housing. Website put on notice that the NLD have less than one percent of hits -even the experience of fighting in the flat desert terrain. At the same time elements of dynamic protection installed on NLD uniquely damaged when making any long march off the roads.

author`s allegations about the vulnerability of the tank from being hit in the side and stern towers do not correspond to reality. DZ blocks on the sides of the tower are all close projection and armored box closes securely feed.

active protection KAZT tank [1] "Arena-E" on the tank is missing


done. In the newest tank T-90ms no KAZT and because such systems were installed on the old tanks T-55AD and T-62D. It is sad that such a complex is missing the required tank.

How could do. Fit T-90ms latest KAZT. Expensive? The cost of getting blown up by an RPG anti-tank or T-90ms more, not to mention the lives of the soldiers. Fail .

Comment specialist
Again, I repeat: this is a matter to the customer. If there is an order for equipment -on the tank will be installed without problems KAZT full: for the Russian army is the "Afghani", and for export -"Arena-E." Both complexes are interfaced with the OMS "Kalina".

Kit optronic suppression KOEP [2] "Blind" on the tank is missing


done. At the T-90ms no KOEP "Blind", although it is on the previous models of T-90, T-90A, T-90C and even Iraqi T-72M1. But not here. Meanwhile, something useful thing as significantly reduces the probability of falling into a tank guided missiles.
How could do. Install a tank KOEP "Blind-1." Not only elements instead of DZ, unsuccessfully made the T-90A, and on them. Fail .

Comment specialist
Same as above: at customer`s request, the system is installed on the tank without problems.

armored bulwark Hard Case with elements DZ "Relic" and latticed screens


done. Finally got our tank normal hard armored bulwarks, besides generously "flavored" explosive reactive armor. No similar to previous versions or the T-72B.

order to create something ultra-modern, you need to catch the right trend, "where the wind blows", so to speak, and then attach it to the correct vector line and extend the line 10 lengths of the vector. Example -heavy tank IS-2. As it turned out? Our designers have caught a tendency to increase the caliber tank guns from 45 mm to 76 mm and, in consequence, to 85 mm, and the Germans -from 50 mm to 75 mm, and in the end, up to 88 mm. Not following the adage "an hour on a teaspoon," but simply taking and attaching a given vector line and "lengthening" it immediately put a powerful 122-mm gun, than provided by EC-2 is simply overwhelming superiority in firepower over any tank of the world period.

But, unfortunately, this the right approach to the design, for some reason does not spread to the side screens. I will explain to the reader the meaning and purpose of the screen board. Its essence is that the screen triggers the HEAT warhead at a distance from the main armor when its penetrating power plummets. If the screen and the rigid structure of the metal, it also reduces the piercing ammunition and kinetic as it may change the contact angle of the projectile with basic armor, tear off a "Makarov tip" or simply damage the core.

Hard steel screens from 10-20 mm thick armor appeared during the Second World War on the German tanks and Pz.IV Pz.V "Panther" British "Churchill" and "Centurion." They were on the domestic T-28 and T-35. Since then, our western neighbors are in no hurry to give them up.

ironic but true -despite the fact that domestic tanks T-28 and T-35 appeared in these screens are up to date, and their further use in the design elements of their domestic fighting machines went on the dubious path of development. While, like most Western tanks were developed and quite "adult" side screens, which were already an integral part of their finger-board booking, we fared well.

In postwar

T-54, T-55 and T-62 have side skirts did not exist. Their side is the actual booking aboard armored hull thickness of 80 mm, which was shielded several relatively large road wheels. Thus, these types of tanks were easy targets, even for first-generation RPG. EC-3M and a series of powerful tanks T-10 family were the "germs" of side skirts that barely covered the top of the board.

Next -a new generation tank T-64A. He stood six "skinny" rotary "vent" with questionable efficacy. It was the same at the first T-72. The next stage of the development of the long-suffering side skirts domestic tanks appeared on the T-64B, T-72A and T-80. They finally have a solid 10-mm side screen, BUT -rubber-and-canvas! It is clear that such screens at small gain in weight compared to metal, almost no protection against kinetic projectiles, very easily damaged and torn, exposing slabobronirovanny board housing. About how this screen looks after a few touches on the obstacles or the results and the tank as a whole, I do not even speak.

next stage of evolution -T-72B. He had the same rubber-and-canvas screen as the T-72A, but it throughout the area naveshali "boxes" 4S20 dynamic protection elements "Call 1" zone to the MTO. It greatly strengthened the protection board projection of the T-72B. But not everything is as good as it seems: the weight in the resulting design was a large, rubber-and-canvas screen watery bend under the weight of the blocks NDZ. After two or three hits from an RPG or ATGM all this "economy" may simply fall off with all the consequences.

On T-64BV entered under power screens onboard elements NDZ. Appearance is improved strength -almost no.

finally come to "fly" to the T-80U. He received almost normal side screen -10mm armor with built in her explosive reactive armor "Kontakt-5". Why "almost"? Because all this "wealth" comes only to half the length of the body and even vulnerable boeukladka T-80U fully powerful screen does not overlap. Further, the feed is a rubber-and-canvas screen, as in a T-T-72A or 80.

Series T-90 -is generally regress and return back almost to the T-72A. Instead of a relatively normal side skirts T-80U and T-72B and T-64BV the T-90 is the same screen as the T-72A, and a sort of six "squares" with ERA armor "Kontakt-5" -three on each side. And they do not cover the middle of the housing opposite the combat pack, it would be logical, and the front part. Strange design. When the enemy is everywhere, turn to him the forehead will not work.

And then, finally appeared T-90ms. He normal armored side screen with bars in front of the MTO. All right.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms

How could do. and all you had to, but it should have been done forty years ago -on the T-72 "Ural"! But still - Offset .

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms Old British tank" Centurion ". Steel side screens 16mm thick and do not bend the appearance of the tank "powerful" and quite decent. A good example

place with large-caliber anti-aircraft 12.7mm NSVT took new remote installation with 7.62-mm machine gun 6P7K


done. The design of domestic medium and main battle tanks is interesting because at a constant improvement of the quality of the main armament, there had been no progress in the auxiliary. Auxiliary armament remained virtually unchanged for decades. Period of research and experimentation in this area for medium tanks remained in the distant past, the military and the prewar years. Starting with T-55 and T-90A ending, auxiliary armament consists of coaxial gun 7.62-mm machine guns and anti-aircraft units with 12.7-mm machine gun on the turret roof. Of course, such a scheme is outdated and needs to change.

On the T-90ms taken such an attempt, but it was unsuccessful. Now

any devices capable of as x-rays to see through concrete walls have not come up, but because the tank outlet for one -shot in an empty window high-explosive/fragmentation where it is suspected enemy. Sometimes it helps when guess, but prostrelyanny all windows, doors and hatches no ammunition is not enough. Yet there is a way to shoot a machine gun in the wall next to the window or under the sill. If there is an enemy hiding -he will be struck. But for this bullet must penetrate the wall of the house. Can do a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun bullet or install an anti-T-90ms? Hardly. And this means that almost sense from it will not be. But the 12.7-mm bullet from NSVT on this is quite capable. Conclusion: The new remote installation looks nice, but - Fail .

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms

How could do. Main Battle Tank T-64A "grown" from the middle of the T-64, which, in turn, was a revolutionary machine incorporates the latest achievements of engineering thought and industry, as well as the best technical solutions Soviet medium and heavy tanks.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms T-10M -cold and precise killing machine. The most powerful tank in the world period 50`s -early 60-ies of XX century. In size it was about as "Abrams" and possessed an optimal combination of high mobility, armor protection and powerful tremendous firepower and weighs 51.5 tons

Why I suddenly mentioned the heavy tanks? Because the Soviet Army for a long time was extremely powerful and perfect tank, a meeting which in any other battle tank of the time, most likely, would have been the last. His name -T-10M. Powerful, 52-ton handsome, released in a quantity of 8000 units, and stood in the Soviet Army about 40 years. This tank had a lot of technical solutions, distinguishes it from medium tanks and the main battle tanks, too, not excluding the T-90ms.

Accessories T-10M weapons consisted of a coaxial gun 14.5 mm machine gun KPVT and another in the same anti-aircraft guns on the roof of the tower. 14.5 mm armor-piercing bullet B-32 from a distance of 500 m calmly hit normal armor thickness of 32 mm. The total rate of fire of both guns -1200 rounds per minute. This allowed the tank T-10M, without any problems, "sawed" in half an APC or any BMP, even without resorting to the use of the base 122 mm guns M-62-T2S. Concrete walls of houses and shelters such as machine guns punch "to cheer".

Thus, T-10 against firepower was totally geared to combat operations in the city. If necessary, he could "saw through" the wall around the floor, where he could hide the enemy. These are the same guns had to be put on T-90ms. At least one -in the anti-aircraft guns on the roof. For coaxial machine gun has a good alternative -12.7-mm machine gun Jac-12, from 7 attack helicopter Mi-24V.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms Installation USPU-24 with 4-barreled 12.7mm Jac-12, 7

This gun produces 5,000 rounds per minute and is air-cooled -that is necessary for T-90ms. In the presence of one such tank 12.7mm "lawnmower" and powerful 14.5-mm machine guns in KPVT antiaircraft installation -issue with defense and actions in dense urban developments for T-90ms when the instrument would have been resolved.

If there

independent vertical guidance system paired with a 125-mm gun 2A82 4-barrel 12.7-mm machine gun Jac-12, 7 tank will have all the qualities of the widely advertised BMPT and do not lose the main advantage of the tank -a powerful gun. Incidentally, BMPT not the world`s first car in its class. If we analyze -T-28 and T-35 direct ideological ancestors BMPT.

Comment specialist
A lot of words on an empty subject. Let it be known to the author: the platform remotely install the upgraded T-90S tank can be put apart PKT and 12.7-mm machine gun and a 30mm grenade launcher AGS, depending on the wishes of the customer. Moreover, digital ballistic path MSA "Kalina" allows you to replace weapons remote installation in the field, depending on the task.

more powerful engine B-92S2F2 with automatic transmission


done. The engine delivers power 1130 hp, 130 hp more than the previous T-90A 1,000 hp. Originally it was rumored that the engine is a 1200 hp, but to achieve it, appear to have failed. The engine has a very pleasant, smooth sound and ensures T-90ms specific power 23 hp/ton Maximum speed of the tank on the highway -60-65km/h That`s not bad, but not the best indicator.

To meet

saying "armor is strong and our tanks are fast ..." T-90ms should be dispersed at least 70-75km/h More light tank should be faster heavy, Western. And to bring the performance of mobility T-90ms to the level of T-80, he did not even need the engine, and is likely to be enough to alter it. For example, T-80BV with a mass of 43.7 tons and engine power 1100 hp accelerates to 80 km/h What prevents the same ride T-90ms? Engine -normal. So we need to improve transmission.

How could do. A limited amount of MTO T-72 does increase engine power challenging. The same applies to the hull of the T-90ms, which is a direct successor of the T-72. Need to improve the transmission of the tank, which was done, and the correct selection of gear ratios. So anyway - Offset .

Comment specialist
Installing the engine V-93, despite the increase in mass of the modernized tank raised its specific power up to 23.5 hp/t versus 21.5 hp/t in the T-90A and T-90C. Scheduled installation engine V-99 will further boost the power density to 24.5 hp/ton As for the supposedly "automatic", as I wrote above.

Auxiliary power unit in an armored container.
housing is almost identical to the T-72.
Chassis is almost identical to the T-72.


done. These three points are summarized in a single paragraph, because they are the result of one -too small enclosure volume T-72. Firepower, protection and mobility of modern MBT has long been "grown" from the size of the T-72. Photo on T-90ms side you can see how big bulky tower literally hangs over the small body of the tank, as bulging rear body hung on his equipment that will not fit inside. What it entails? But that:

1. The driver is essentially trapped. His tiny hatch, top gun hangs and wedge the turret. What happen -not to get out.
2. Instruments observation of the driver had to be placed on the roof is not the case, and in the recesses VLD creating thus a zone of weakness -"neck" near the hatch.
3. Powerful engine does not deliver -no space.
4. Fuel tanks and auxiliary power unit part are outside the armored hull. It is quite obvious that all of this is extremely vulnerable to enemy fire.
5. Shestiopornaya Short Chassis has a limit on capacity, and is now coming to a reasonable limit on such an important parameter as the ground pressure. One word bold Fail .

How could do . Let us return to the T-10M. His body had the perfect shape with a wedge-shaped nose, curved side walls and large sizes. Soft, semiopornaya Chassis also available.

housing design and chassis of the T-10M allow:
1. Set complete tower T-90ms.
2. Locate the front plate under a very large inclination angles and at the same time equipped with a large and comfortable driver`s hatch, through which he can always get in any position of the gun.
3. Shape sides with curved walls greatly increases its resistance to a variety of munitions, and at the same time, reserves volume niche reserved for the placement of the fuel tanks, electronics or auxiliary power.
4. MTO large size allows you to install a powerful engine + auxiliary unit.
5. Semiopornaya chassis to withstand the weight of 60 tons or more. So reserves modernization of the T-10M is very broad. It only remains to add rubber tires on the road wheels.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms Lower body T-10M. Clearly seen both sides of the hull are made

Drawings T-10M certainly remained. To revive it in a new modern form is unlikely to be very expensive. Anyway, all will pay off quickly. The second option -to go the way of the "object 187" -an advanced modification of the T-72B. That is simply to lengthen the regular body of the T-72.

By the way, this way and went to the Chinese, resulting appeared one of the most powerful tanks in the world today -ZTZ-99A2. Equipped with a 125-mm cannon, guided missiles, combat laser machine ZM-87 tank that Chinese is a very dangerous opponent. This is better to overestimate than underestimate. Deal with it on a T-72B is unlikely to succeed, and at the T-90A and T-72BM it will also be just like oh no. Damansky times long gone -it`s time to the management of our armed forces understand this.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms Chinese main battle tank ZTZ-99A2 -one of the most dangerous opponents for our tank. Unlike T-90ms, Chinese looks in proportion and not so clunky. It is longer than the T-72, although the Chinese than for height and weight than we are.

first option with the body T-10, in my opinion, looks still more progressive. On the "Type 99" and "to 187" and asks semiopornaya Chassis.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms " Object 187 "is bigger than the T-90A and much it roomier. So, in theory, should have been more basic T-90 tank `Vladimir ".

Comment specialist
Comment on this item the flight of thought "cushions designers" feel unproductive. With this arrangement over 50 years! Here, every thesis strikes primeval ignorance. While, however, for the simple layman it would be forgivable.

new fire control system "Kalina"


done. MSA "Kalina" is clearly superior system 1A45T "Irtysh" T-90A: a full set of imaging devices, automated guidance, taking into account all kinds of weapons including data bending barrel guns, automatic accompaniment goals and more.

Difference from T-90A that the gun can not be induced to more visible target according Panzer information management system TIUS. Once the target appears in the line of sight -the next second shot! Another important aspect -MSA fully computerized. In order to equip the new tank ammunition, for example, it is not necessary to reconfigure the target. Simply update the firmware MSA and all things -quickly and easily. However missile system remained the same -9K119M "Reflex-M" with a range of 5 km. This is not enough.

example, tank guided missiles "Merkava" Mk.IV -LAHAT have launch range 6-8 km. Thus, the powerful Israeli tank for the first time surpassed the domestic tanks "in their sandbox." Availability guided missile weapons URO has always been an advantage over the western Soviet tanks, had no such [3]. Now everything has changed. For separation from competitors in the T-90ms is necessary to establish a universal anti-anti-missile system with a dual-mode guidance. Semi-automatic firing at the tanks and clean automatic "fire and forget" for shooting at aircraft. As for the firing range, it must be at least 10 km especially for SAM.

In addition, it is unclear how T-90ms will fight ZTZ-99A2. After an attempt to measure the distance to it with a laser range finder end response irradiation T-90ms powerful laser unit and the instantaneous failure of the entire optics darken it. What`s next -I think clearly. Against this background, some statements look funny powers, they say -"we are not going to war with China." All this is reminiscent of the "pact Chamberlain." And if they will come with us, gentlemen? Laser unit ZM-87, many called the "inhumane" weapons. It can damage your eyesight gunner and tank commander. Yes inhumane, but still inhumane to send into battle against the latest MBT 21st century, people in the development of technology 40 years ago. That is -really inhumane!

On modern tanks gunner and commander observed target through color monitors. So that the laser system of the Chinese tank cause damage to their eyes can not. And only will damage the optics of the tank, and then, if it has no special protivolazernyh filters. There are devices on T-90ms? I do not know, but if not, you need to establish urgently. Otherwise, meeting with the "Chinese" end badly, very badly. And it would not hurt to have a T-90ms laser combat system similar to Chinese tanks ZTZ-99A2.

Overall MSA and other electronics in the T-90ms certainly modern, but nothing particularly outstanding in her sight. Unequivocal Ladder can not put . However, also fail.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms

Comment specialist
About the author`s arguments about the lack of firing range complex "Reflex" 5 km, I would like to remind you that the direct vision range up to 95% of the territory of the Central European theater does not exceed 2.5 km.


antiaircraft and antitank missiles for the tank with a range of 10 km can only say one thing: this is another thesis trends within dense ignorance. Well, on the occasion of statements about laser weapons and its effects -the author urgently to teach school physics course.

CONCLUSION : T-90ms -good fit modern tank and can be considered one of the most powerful in the world. However, in compliance with a loud epithet "breakthrough", alas, he is not yet very much pull. Maybe it`s the price of the tank. But there are things which can not save. Modern weapons of this class simply can not be cheap.

Optimum "hodgepodge" the world`s best main battle tank seen something like this :

-body and chassis of the T-10M;
-Tower and side screens from T-90ms;
-125-mm gun 2A82;
-12.7-mm coaxial machine gun Jac-12, from 7 Mi-24V;
-Remote storage with 14.5-mm machine gun KPVT from T-10M;
-Gas turbine or diesel engine> 1500 hp ;
-Additional power unit inside the body T-10M;
-Automatic Transmission;
-DZ "Relict" around the perimeter.

By "hardware" like this. As for electronics, then the tank must have the following system :

-active protection of the tank "Arena-E";
-A complex optical-electronic suppression "Blind-1";
-Universal anti-anti-missile system with a range of start UZPTRK> 10 km. Guidance -a dual-mode automatic/semi-automatic, as the helicopter Ka-50/52. Missiles can be either universal or should be two types -SAM and ATGM;
-Laser combat system similar to Chinese tanks ZTZ-99A2. This is very important. Plus filters on the lens to protect against such systems;
-A system of psycho-physiological monitoring of the crew. It is no secret that in a fight man can be downright scary. It may also experience other negative emotions: anger, rage, confusion, hysteria, etc. All this has a negative effect on its combat capability, and if not can lead to death. The new tank need to mount a special powerful computer matched with smart suits and helmets tank. Sensors placed in them to inform the computer about what emotions are currently experiencing a soldier.

Analysis of the basic characteristics of the T-90ms famous T-72B. The coolest and battle tank of the late 20th -early 21st century. But today he is like Mike Tyson -still fighting, but many are already sounding.

Comment specialist
On the proposals for the composition "hodgepodge", "iron" and other findings -it is better to refrain from commenting at all, not to say worse.

[1] KAZT using compact radar detects approaching the tank ammunition, and then he gets off the counter fragmentation munition type. Mainly effective against relatively slow ammunition -HEAT projectiles, rockets and grenades RPG. Does not react to the bullet fragments and small-caliber projectiles.

[2] operates as an active jammer. 3-5 times reduces the probability of falling into a tank guided missile with semi-active laser guidance system.

[3] guided missile weapons hitherto had only to domestic tanks. Recently they got Chinese and Israeli tanks.

/ Gregory Malyshev, otvaga2004.ru /

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