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Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7

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Barrett almost any human being, even a little interested in firearms, immediately there are associations with large-caliber rifles. But it would be foolish to expect that Ronnie Barrett limit itself only such weapons when his company in record time earned a reputation in the market, and the founder is on the board of directors of the National Rifle Association.

Besides the development and production of sniper rifles, Barrett company engaged in manufacturing and other types of weapons, one of which is automatic rifles.

I think no one will object to another delay familiarity with the weapons and ammunition to talk about, which it uses, because in fact a new cartridge -this is the main "trick" the rifle. So chuck rifle Barrett REC7 developed by Remington, equips bullet caliber 6.8 mm and has a length of 43 millimeter shells.

This ammo is not designed as a separate cartridge for automatic rifle Barrett, this cartridge is positioned as a new universally applicable ammo instead of the well-known 5.56 x45. The main purpose of the creation of this ammunition was to create a cartridge that would not be exceeded by its dimensions, standing in the arsenal of 5.56, while it was required that this round had great stopping power and allowed the creation of more effective weapons range of application than the current automatic samples rifles and carbines.

Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7

basis for the new ammunition became .300 sleeve chuck of the same company, the neck sleeve pereobzhali under new caliber and got this munition. Standard bullet for this cartridge is a hollow nose bullet weighing 7.45 grams, but can be a bullet and without cavities. Bullet weighing 7.45 grams accelerated to a speed of about 800 meters per second, respectively, its kinetic energy is equal to 2390 joules. Easy to see that despite the lower velocity, compared with 5.56 NATO, it has greater kinetic energy, as a consequence of increasing caliber, and therefore weight. It`s all the developers increases the stopping power of the ammunition and a half times in comparison with the same back 5,56.

most important feature of a new cartridge 6,8 x43 is that it can be used in standard already nashtampovat stores of weapons, while, say, M16 or M4 with adaptation to new ammo require only replacement trunks and fighting larvae shutter. It is this feature and give the leaders in this munition, leaving even close, but behind its main competitor in the form of a cartridge 6.5 X38, which at higher performance can not be used even in standard stores.

Immediately after the release of the weapon he was proposed for both the army and police, and the civilian population. Currently weapons under this round a bit, but the basic model, standing in service are already "run" with a new cartridge, we are talking about the M16 and M4. Besides them separately allocated automatic rifle created within the walls of the company`s plants Barrett, the latter of which is calculated by this munition.

Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7

Start developing Barrett rifle company was laid in 2000, the then planned to create weapons chambered for 5.56, but to actually have the final design, the new automatic rifle ammunition was changed to 6.8 x43, set the weapons that are completely different parameters . With socket x43 6.8 was demonstrated new rifle, which was based on such weapons as AR15/M16. At that time, she had the name of the M468.

Naturally, the sample that was just "perestvolen" under the new cartridge, did not meet all the requirements that apply to modern weapons. Thus, the main disadvantage was the most marked increased wear. Thus, the weapon was shown, but in his hands no one has to exclude the possible complaints about another cheese sample. At no time was already created deeper adaptation to this munition M468A1, which, though improved its performance in terms of reliability, but there were still shortcomings, it also decided not to allow mass production, limited to a few small parties.

final version rifle Barrett was only created in 2008, in time for the competition for a new assault rifle for the U.S. Marine Corps, which is, incidentally, won. At the moment, only the last option made weapons REC7, all other abandoned and far away. This same rifle is also on the civilian market, but without the possibility of automatic fire.

Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7

Despite the relatively large external similarity of the M16 rifle, and that, in fact, weapons based on the "black rifle" is not the same sample, there are differences in them, and they are essential. First of all it is worth noting that the automatic rifle REC7 built on automation system with removal of powder gases from the barrel, but the exhaust system with a short-stroke gas piston. Gas unit has regulator to control the pressure of powder gases in the system, depending on the use of weapons.

Also interesting feature is that the gas block is a thread for mounting the instrument silencers. In general, I have the impression that the weapon is a product of crossing the M16 and M4, of course, has its own features, but you can easily find even the similarity in appearance. But again, it`s a completely different weapon, not least because it uses a different ammo.

Receiver automatic rifle consists of two parts, upper and lower. Material for them served as anodized aluminum, but because the receiver "unloaded" it does not affect the strength of the weapon. When separating the receiver into two parts at the bottom left: a trigger mechanism attached butt, adjustable on 4 fixed positions, and of itself receiver store and handle. A notable aspect in this whole affair is that if you want you can replace the lower part of the receiver from REC7 on the same part of the M16. The top honor is the same bolt carrier with the bolt, barrel and gas operated mechanism weapons.

Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7

As we see, nothing extraordinary in the arms nay, it even resembles the creation of Victor Frankenstein, although the "donors" served well "live" samples. Nevertheless, arms out, as already shown its short use, completely reliable and efficient. The total length of the rifle with folded butt is 823 millimeters, with telescoped 902 for variant with a barrel 406 millimeters. Weight is 3.5 kilograms of weapons that too much.

rifle feeds from standard stores of various capacities. Just weapons can be with a barrel length equal to 305 millimeters. In both embodiments, pitch of rifling in the barrel 10 inches. Rate of fire weapons at about 750 rounds per minute, and the weapon itself retains effective range is not paper at a distance of up to 500 meters using open sights, optical sights same effective range increases.

Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7

Speaking of the rifle sighting devices. The fact that the weapon open sights are not major. Considered the main collimator sight or telescopic sight with fixed or variable magnification up to x4. Upcoming same sights made folding, additional, or in this case the main sights are set on a set of mounting brackets 50 M-CV.

At the same strip may "put" a lot of other devices from a miniature flashlight, ending a night vision device. In principle, it is understandable why this preference is not given to the open arms of sighting devices. Automatic Rifle REC7 still intended not as widely distributed in the military weapon, but as a tool for public-no specialists, although it seems to me that there is more appropriate to use the word "zazhralis" begrudgingly, of course.


summarize the description of automatic rifle REC7, it should be noted that it appeared in the hands of people who have no relationship to the company only after Barrett, as was "licked" from all sides. Why this fact should be celebrated separately. New items appear in the domestic weapons lately like mushrooms after the rain and apparently driven by someone from the top producers seek as soon as possible to give it a try. As a result, the Weapons formed a negative opinion, because it simply can not be gaps when it finished last night to design, and today in the morning began to produce.

Naturally, all problems are eliminated with time, but the opinion has already been formed, and it is very difficult to change. As they say, there were spoons, but the residue remained. Barrett with their designers spent four years trying to bring his automatic rifle to a state close to the ideal, made 2, so to speak beta. As a result, received weapons, which few people can say something bad and that almost immediately joined the army environment.

course, you can say that has been used already known schemes, and even individual nodes copied from other models. But if you look, even just put together from already finished and make it all work smoothly is not the easiest task. In other words, the automatic rifle REC7 -a vivid example of the rules of the cold and half of which did not show.

Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7
Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7
Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7
Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7
Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7
Automatic Rifle Barrett REC7

Well, one can not ignore also the moment that the new rifle uses a new cartridge, which is considered more efficient and suitable for mass weapons, rather than the current "NATO" 5.56 mm. That it has not yet been implemented everywhere, does not mean that this will not happen anytime soon, and even if it is not 6.8 x43, then perhaps another more effective ammunition.

Because domestic 5.45, to put it mildly -is also clearly not the ultimate dream, it is worth considering that even ahead of us in this. After all, we, unfortunately, there are no alternatives, as well as weapons, under these alternatives, at least in prototype form. The only option at the moment, is a return to 7.62 x39, but not something that is an alternative, which would like to see.

/ Cyril Karasik, topwar.ru /

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