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Russian bases in Afghanistan will not

2017-12-22 00:00:00

Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, who oversees international relations department, denied rumors of a possible deployment in Afghanistan bases repair our equipment. According to him, Russia has always been and will be very attentive to the requests of the Afghan government to strengthen the armed forces and the country`s stability. Moreover, if there are any proposals, the Defense Ministry ready to consider them.

Russian bases in Afghanistan will not be

At the same time, Deputy Minister made it clear that of any military bases in Afghanistan is no question . All posts on this topic he called nonsense.

" We are very concerned about the situation in Afghanistan, which may arise after the withdrawal of the International Security Assistance Force. I firmly believe that stability in Afghanistan is necessary not only to NATO countries, it is necessary for us, our partners in the CSTO. Russia for its part has enough concrete assistance -as the International Security Assistance Force and Afghan friends. I think there is a very huge potential for cooperation between NATO and the CSTO in solving the problems of stability and security in this vast Asian region.

course, affects the situation in Afghanistan and the situation in neighboring countries. And if we look at the map to the north, we can see that these states are adjacent to the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the situation in this region is related to the national security of our country ", -said Deputy Minister of Defense.

Anatoly Antonov, spoke about what would happen after the closing of Russian radar station in Azerbaijan`s Gabala. According to him, if the military even slightly doubt the serious consequences of such a step for the security of our country, it failed to reach an agreement with Baku on the continuation of the lease. However, such effects in the Defense Ministry did not foresee. Yes, Russia withdraws from Azerbaijani army property and contingent. But none of the soldiers and the officer would not then "in an open field".

" for each soldier we have provided concrete work, concrete housing. The situation that is known to us during the collapse of the Soviet Union, did not happen ", -sure Antonov.

Meanwhile, work continues under the Commissions of Azerbaijan and Russia to receive delivery, the Gabala radar station. The first phase, which included an inventory of the property has been completed. In the second stage, our military will complete the transfer of custody of the local garrison troops and internal mandrel of people and goods in Russia. All transactions must be completed by August this year.

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