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Traumatic pistol Mauser HSc mod. 90T

2017-08-12 00:00:00

In 2004-2005

significantly shaken faith in human domestic high quality foreign weapons, since at this time the market has lots of foreign travmatiki samples that could not be considered neither reliable nor efficient. Calculated on the weak ammunition, these guns were weapons for one day, not intended for frequent shooting.

Basically, when you consider that the weapons for self-defense shooting is not often that it can close your eyes, but nevertheless, a person must somehow learn to deal with his gun, which requires at least withstand the weapons minimum nastrel during training . In addition, self-defense must be such that the enemy was stopped as soon as possible, and with samples of the time it was sometimes impossible to even a dozen shots at the enemy.

However, guns are bought and used it as an alternative to simply not there. This article will try to meet with a representative of such a weapon, namely traumatic pistol Mauser HSc mod. 90T , which appeared on the market a traumatic weapons in 2005.

Traumatic pistol Mauser HSc mod. 90T

Like most models of traumatic weapons at the time, Mauser HSc mod. 90T has a very close relationship with a gas gun, which turned out to ROHM RG-88. Thanks to designers that they are not treated in a banal replacement barrel weapons for adaptation to traumatic ammunition, and a little effort to frame weapons. However, a large increase in strength is observed and even permanent use is not the most powerful ammunition to the kinetic energy of the bullet in the gun 50 joules to bad, although rare use of such munitions he can withstand.

Accordingly, immediately get the answer to the question of what is acceptable to use ammunition in the weapon, namely the kinetic energy of the bullet 50 joules for self-defense and weaker ammunition for training and recreational shooting. Thus, it is easy to determine the efficacy of the sample. With the most powerful ammunition that can withstand weapons could protect only easily dressed man, that is, during the cold season weapons actually become useless.

Appearance gun for many remains one of the defining moments in the selection, because a few words should be said about it. Traumatic pistol Mauser HSc mod. 90T is a medium-sized weapon is quite small weight, through the use of light alloy and plastic. So the gun is unlikely to scare anybody, since the appearance of weapons are not aggressive, and well-known martial analogues, like "MAKARYCH" has no gun.

Basically, when fired in the air or the side it is possible to convince the enemy that the attack is not necessary, but fire on the enemy if he`s wearing a leather jacket oak fastest hitter will signal the beginning of active operations, as well as

During the movement casing shutter retrieves new matrons from the magazine and inserts it into the chamber. After stopping the housing-bolt enough to re-press the trigger to occur next shot. Written long read, but in reality everything happens instantly at very high speeds, because the load on the details of weapons firing large enough, despite the fact that the ammunition is not the most powerful.

Because these loads often occur and damage the gun. When using more powerful weapons than those for which the weapon is designed, often breaks cover shutter weapons. It is noteworthy that usually traumatic gun barrel is the weak point in this case, all slightly different. Honestly, you`d better have a gun barrel burst when using more powerful ammunition, as housing-bolt breakage more likely to occur at the moment when he moves back and if at the time did not notice a crack, you can get a decent forehead choked cover-gate .

However it is worth noting that such cases were few and none of them have ended in serious injury, still before the break completely housing-bolt must be completely crack, and it will often be accompanied by a failure in the arms, so that or otherwise cause the arrow to look at their weapons not only from the back side, and note that a gun is not all right. On the other hand, do not need to use the ammunition for weapons that are not calculated and everything will be fine, though the good of the weapon will be a little.

Traumatic pistol Mauser HSc mod. 90T

giving a brief description of this old model of traumatic gun, it should be noted again that the gun is very old and is not intended for the use of modern weapons, except that "training" and "Sports". Furthermore, as far as I know, this sample was not traumatic weapons last certification and became a gas, so traumatic ammunition for it, no one will sell. Furthermore, such a gun still need to search, as it is no longer sold in stores, and if it is possible and meet somewhere, it is only in the hands of the previous owners.

In general, such a weapon was bought, to be known, but the sense of it as a means of self-defense was not enough, and indeed from other models of traumatic pistols that time. Not for nothing once this gun has been certified as a gas gun with the possibility of firing ammunition traumatic that fully emphasizes the basic essence of these weapons.

/ Cyril Karasik, especially for "Army Herald" /

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