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From January to March 2013 Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation checked targeted and effective use of the federal budget on military pay and allowances, salaries of civilian personnel of the Armed Forces . At the disposal of the newspaper "MIC" was a report on the outcome of the expert-analytical activities. We offer our readers the first part of the main provisions of this document.

control activities have become objects of the Russian Defense Ministry and command of military districts, as well as the Uniform Settlement Center of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Federal State Institution "military unit 22280", on which, in particular, is entrusted with financial support of the central governing bodies of military management.

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main goal of this activity, carried out in accordance with the plan of the Chamber`s work in 2013, was to check the activities in 2010-2012, the Defense Ministry and its subordinate institutions in performing a task, set by the president of the Russian Federation to reform military pay and Salaries and other payments to provide military and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces.

accumulated problems

In accordance with regulations approved by the decree of the president of Russia from August 16, 2004 № 1082 "Issues of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation", the War Department is a federal executive body, responsible for drafting and implementing public policy, legal regulation in the field of Defense, other established federal constitutional laws, federal laws, acts of the President and government functions in this area, as well as the authorized federal executive body in the sphere of management and disposition of property of the Armed Forces.

This provision, in particular, it is determined that the Russian Defense Ministry provides legal regulation in the established field of activity, prepares proposals for the size, composition and structure of the Russian army, defense spending and organize financial support for the Armed Forces.

existing in the pre-reform period of the RF Armed Forces monetary system for military personnel and civilian personnel has accumulated a considerable amount of problems requiring legislative authorization as well as enhance the incentive role of cash collateral during the reform of the Armed Forces, reducing their numerical strength while increasing quality combat training.

Until 1 January 2012 the structure of military pay is determined by federal law from May 27, 1998 № 76-FZ " On status of servicemen ". Number of payments was established by normative legal acts of the President, the government and the Russian Defense Ministry.


on these issues were more than 10 laws and 20 presidential decrees, about 80 governmental acts and more than 40 orders of Defense Minister.

meet the objectives of the President`s reform in this area, as required serious work on amendments to the existing legislation, and global sourcing their cash collateral.

Budget allocations and internal reserves

should be noted that in reforming one of the main sources of additional material incentives for increasing military and civilian personnel were funds released due to reduced staffing levels the RF Armed Forces.

In 2010-2012, the Ministry of Defense allocated significant budgetary allocations for the maintenance personnel. Win extra payments to servicemen and civilian personnel in the overall cost structure of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense has reached 30%.

During this period, federal expenditures on military pay and allowances amounted to about 283.2, 290.0 and 377.3 billion rubles, respectively. At the same time allocations for 2010 and 2011 included amounts for additional material promotion of personnel in the amounts of 33 and 42 trillion rubles.

In accordance with the decree of the President of Russia on January 1, 2008 number 1 "On regular number of the Russian Armed Forces` military staff numbers set -1134800, civilian personnel -884 829.

In determining the amount of budgetary funds for military pay and allowances for 2010 was used average actual troop strength -1107170 native -1116224.

When planning expenses for 2011 payment needs to pay money allowances to servicemen Russian Defense Ministry was carried out on the basic indicators of the federal budget for 2010 using the regular number 1056197.


fund military pay in 2012 was carried out taking into account the reform and on the basis of staff numbers 1,000,000 people. While the payroll number as of January 1, 2013th was 766,055 and 10,594 military positions held civilian personnel.

In 2010-2012, the Russian Defense Ministry legislated labor civilian personnel were approved budget allocation amounting to about 139.4, 168.6 and 191.8 trillion rubles, respectively.

Remuneration civilian personnel in 2010 was carried out on the basis of staff numbers -884,829 units, the average number -769,596 units. For 2011-2012 amounts have been determined taking into account indexation previously approved appropriations and with the expectation Headcount 771 462 units. MoD proposals for additional funding during this period 113,367 civilian personnel vacancies were not supported by the Ministry of Finance.

During the control measure to confirm the validity of planning funds for the above civilian posts remaining vacant for the past three years, was sent to request the Accounting Chamber. However, clarification of the Russian Defense Ministry on this issue have not been received.

Defense Ministry during the reduction of the Armed Forces to the new look of the activities for the reduction of military positions, and therefore formed budgetary savings channeled mainly to the increase in the wages of civilian personnel and military pay increase, as well as the purchase of housing for servicemen and services rendered in terms of outsourcing.

For example, in 2010 in the center and in the field was carried out replacement of military posts on civilian posts, and therefore the provision for allowance for troops were reduced by 27.1 billion rubles with a corresponding increase in the appropriations earmarked for salaries of civilian personnel . In 2011, this amounted to 15 trillion rubles, moreover, 13 trillion rubles were used to pay for the services of outside organizations specialized outsourcing.

Within accomplish the task of the President of Russia provide housing for military in 2012, part of an appropriation in the amount of 31.4 trillion rubles, previously budgeted for the provision of cash allowances for military personnel was aimed at financing costs associated with providing military official residential premises. In this case the Ministry of Defence failed to ensure full utilization of funds Retargeted. On 1 January 2013 the amount of unfulfilled appointments amounted to 3.4 trillion rubles.


Before a federal law on November 7, 2011 № 306-FZ "On the military pay and provide them with individual payments", which entered into force on 1 January 2012, it was necessary to solve the problem of material incentives for military personnel in order to improve combat troop readiness and quality of executable job.

Make it

former Defense Ministry leadership tried by issuing a series of regulations that establish additional payments to servicemen. Thus, in accordance with the orders of the Russian Defense Ministry number 400-A of 17 December 2009 and number 400 of February 24, 2011 in 2010 made additional payments to more than 44 thousand officers who have achieved the best results in performance, and in 2011 -more than 55 thousand. The amount of such payments in these years were an average of 40 to 160 thousand rubles for one officer.

analysis of these orders showed that, among other positive results in terms of vocational job training, lack of disciplinary action for monthly payments of additional officer would either serve in a particular category of military units, or replace specific military positions.

According to the General Directorate for work with personnel of the Armed Forces, there were cases when the officers refused to increase military post and in the service, if it meant transfer to another military unit or a unit in which additional payments not provided.

According to the Central Military District Command, the practice of the above orders showed that significant changes in the state of military discipline, as well as in the level of preparedness of the personnel of the compounds whose commanders were awarded, was not observed.

According to the Eastern Military District Command, a significant increase of money allowances of some soldiers, unlike other three to four times the psychological tensions contributed to the officers` groups, increased the level of interpersonal conflict soldiers.

From August 1, 2010 introduced a series of payments, aimed at improving the level of physical preparedness of the Armed Forces. So, a warrant was issued Defense Minister number 1110 dated 26 August 2010 "On establishing a monthly allowance for the importance of the tasks of fitness professionals Russian Armed Forces` repealed on January 1, 2012. When this criterion was the importance of the tasks execution positions to be filled by specialists of physical fitness. The allowance was set to multiple of the sum of salary at the military post from 2 to 6 and in 2011 ranged from 5,326 to 46,572 rubles.

Order of the Russian Defense Ministry

number 1115 dated 26 August 2010 "On establishing a monthly allowance undergoing military service under the contract, for the qualification level of physical fitness, sports performance confirmation bits for military applied sports and availability of sports titles in any sport "repealed from 1 January 2012, undergoing military service under the contract, set monthly allowance equal to 50% of salary at the military post fulfilled/confirmed the third qualifying level of physical fitness to 300% having sports titles. At the same time in establishing this allowance is not considered personal discipline officer and the situation in the department headed by him.

In order to implement additional payments undergoing military service under the contract, and those premiums civilian personnel of the Armed Forces issued a decree of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation № 1010 of 26 July 2010 "On additional measures to improve the efficiency of the use of funds and military pay wage civilian personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ".

Continued ...

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