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Of TT did "Firebird"

2017-09-14 00:00:00

As you know, the Soviet Union provided maximum support to the countries of the Warsaw Pact, supplying them with their weapons, as well as transferring the rights to manufacture armor, handguns and so forth. As a result, the USSR has received little, but the contribution of foreign designers in the process of improving the bulk of the Soviet weapons was priceless.

course, not always develop new branches of the same Kalashnikov assault rifle or other samples were helpful, very often because of a race to increase the efficiency, convenience and reduce the cost of production suffered reliability, but there are exceptions when the designers managed to upgrade and get a sample result beyond Soviet equivalent specs. Were it not so often, but still was.

This article will try to meet with Hungarian modernization TT pistol, which, according to many, is a much more convenient compared to the original Tokarev pistol. It`s about gun Tokagypt 58 later better known as the Firebird on the world arms market.

How did TT of

all started immediately after the Second World War, when the Soviet Union passed the technical documentation for the TT pistol Hungary, and with it has helped to develop the production of these weapons. Already in 1948, the gun does not differ from the upgraded TT was adopted by the People of the Hungarian army, which has proven to be mostly on the positive side, retaining all the existing problems of the Soviet type. In fact, modernization proposals were before the start of production, but probably in a hurry to start production of weapons and adopt it.

Also, do not forget that the gun in the military sidearm still secondary, because the court was the middle of the twentieth century. Ability to upgrade the gun from designers appeared in only 10 years old when Egypt took the weapon, though rushed, resulting in flying, but more on that below.

How did TT of

primarily in the modernization process was replaced with 7.62 x25 ammo for 9x19, the more common and effective when shooting over insecure means of body armor targets. The replacement of ammunition required conversion automatic weapons, and not just to get rid replacement barrel. Naturally, the automation system as a whole remains the same -use the recoil energy with a short recoil.

Shock trigger also not been touched, leaving unchanged, but supplementing it with non-automatic safety switch is located on the left side of the weapon pistol grip, which was comfortable enough to switch to the right thumb. Frame pistol left unchanged, but the weapons get more comfortable grip. Also been modified weapons store, which received little finger for emphasis.

How did TT of

The result is a pistol chambered for 9x19-row magazine with a capacity of 7 rounds. Weight 910 grams equal arms, the total length of the barrel dlina195 mmpri narezami115 6 mm. Despite the fact that the weapons in principle is not particularly different from TT, it perceived "a great success" and immediately enrolled in absentia rank top guns of the time. In general there is nothing surprising in this, because the TT is really very good gun and all disputes abut only in its ergonomics, and the absence of a cartridge fuse that was corrected by the Hungarians.


weapons held under the name CT-9R, but it was quickly forgotten deciding to reflect the name that is primarily CT and what it is intended for Egypt -Tokagypt. Despite previously praised gun in Egypt, he did not appear, as was preferred Beretta, specifically model 951.

By the time it was rejected in Hungary have already nashtampovat and put in a box for more than 15 million units of pistols, ie production costs were substantial. Could leave the weapon at home, but very much like to return the money, because this gun hit the global arms market. It is understood that "abyda" that the gun was not accepted by Egypt was great, and in the name of preservation of arms name a particular country would be wrong move. For these reasons, the weapon was renamed "Firebird" Firebird. Why bird turned fiery and being here at all feathered unclear, but nevertheless enjoyed weapon quite popular.

The fact that the gun was really nice and said that he kept him his position in the arms market until the 90s, when he was offered an updated version of weapons under the designation T-58. Generally call this updated version of the weapon can be a stretch, weapons are not updated, and just completed the kit allows you to use 9x19 and 7.62 x25, as evidenced by the inscription on the box-gate.

In addition, it should be noted separately interesting brand, which appeared on the arms in the form of simplified emblem of the USSR. Weapons turned all v910 grams dlinoy195 mms long stvolov115 mm. Magazine capacity is 7 rounds 9x19 and 8 rounds of 7.62 x 25. There are reports that, in some embodiments, the switch fuse absent, although most frame cutout switch for stroke and even mark its position remained.

How did TT of

Many believe this gun one of the best among all the options TT-shaped models, what is difficult to disagree. Relatively comfortable handle, fuse, ammo plus the reliability and simplicity of the original TT allowed to become this pistol is really reliable, safe, accurate and efficient model.

Nevertheless, we should not forget about other models, including those that have been developed by the Tokarev, but did not go into mass production, and many of them are very interesting choices of weapons that could take its rightful place with well-known domestic pistols.

/ Cyril Karasik, topwar.ru /

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