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Experimental chassis with a hybrid power plant

2017-12-21 00:00:00

recently become aware that Russian "military-industrial company" has created and tested a new armored car . Experimental wheeled chassis, created in the framework of research work "Crimea" is significantly different from all currently used wheeled armored vehicles. The fact that the experimental hybrid vehicle equipped with a power plant and electrical transmission , which may be expected to provide significant advantages when used in practice.

Experimental chassis with a hybrid power plant

News Agency "Rosinformbyuro" quoted the head of the project "Crimean" V.Rudina. According to announced data, experimental chassis is built on the body and chassis BTR-90 "Sprout", but it is equipped with the original power plant and transmission. These units are made on a "serial hybrid".

Base power plant experimental machine -diesel engine JAMZ-650.10 produced in the Yaroslavl Motor Plant "Autodiesel". Engine power is limited for technical reasons to 360 hp Torque is transmitted to diesel traction valve inductor generator. The latter has a number of interesting features. In particular, it is equipped with the so-called excitation winding to optimize coordination of the diesel engine and generator.

Experimental chassis with a hybrid power plant

Furthermore, the generator can be used as a motor for starting the engine. Finally, part of the power plant unit electric energy storage devices, having in its composition electrochemical capacitors made of "Elton".

electrotransmission experimental machine is made on a "motor-axis" . Its composition has a distributed control system, made with extensive use of microprocessors, electric power converters, as well as eight traction motors. In the design and manufacture of electric powertrain units participated NPF "Vector" SPE "cycle +" and HPE "MEI TU".

microprocessor control system electric powertrain provides direct torque control and thus is able to implement a number of program-level active safety features, such as ABS, CBE, "cruise control" redistribution moment at the wheels depending on the road conditions, etc. paragraph

On the chassis

"Crimean" used valve inductor traction motors with the field winding. In the planetary gear motors are built. As stated, such motors in conjunction with a control system capable of displaying characteristics at commutator motors with series excitation considered most suitable for use as traction.

Experimental chassis with a hybrid power plant
Illustration site http://btvt.narod.ru

power plant and propeller pilot chassis work as follows. Diesel engine drives the rotor of the generator, generating alternating current. Next AC is converted to DC, and then sent to the drive and power converters. Last change as necessary characteristics of current and fed it to the traction motors.

accumulator is used to optimize the operation of electric transmission in transient regimes. So, when overclocked it should "help" the main diesel generator system and apply for additional power converters. When braking, in turn, braking energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the batteries. Drives allegedly accumulate and can instantly give large amounts of electricity. In the future, it will be installed on the chassis like new, complex electronic systems or promising weapon that requires a lot of energy.

Application System "serial hybrid" with a propeller-type "motor-axis" allowed experimental chassis enough to show high performance. General results of sea trials are described as follows: having about half mene powerful engine compared with the BTR-90 chassis "Crimean" showed higher driveability. Thus, when tested at the airfield Kubinka machine weighing about 22 tons accelerated to skorosti97 km/h, and the dispersal of up to 80 km/chushlo just 33 seconds.


chassis with a hybrid power plant and electric transmission could overcome ditch shirinoy2 meters, half a meter wall and a rise of 30 °. In addition, during the test experimental machine towed BTR-80 with a speed poryadka48 km/h, and was also able to pull such a load on the rise with a slope of 15 °.

Fuel tanks chassis "Crimean" indistinguishable from BTR-90 tanks, but it is able to overcome on one refueling do940 km, moving with the usual columns skorostyu40 km/h Turning radius on dry concrete, through the use of electric transmission control system, managed to bring w3, 8 meters.

Currently chassis "Crimean" is a purely experimental machine, constructed to test a number of new technological solutions. For this reason, it is hoped that in the near future, this technique will be in service with our army. However, in the long term armored vehicles with hybrid power plant and electric transmission still can reach mass production and application.


high quality running and features achieved in the tests are able to interest a potential customer in the face of the military. However, the full development of all the necessary technologies will require to invest a lot of time and money. In this regard, perhaps the project "Crimean" or new research in this direction in the near future will have only experimental.

/ Kirill Ryabov, topwar.ru /

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