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"Origin-12" - an independent sample or tuning "Saiga"?

2017-10-12 00:00:00

Company Alliance Armament domestic person familiar enough, but in his native United States, the company has already made its way up and, as they say, now afloat. Main direction in which the company operates, is tuning AK, AR, and, more recently, updating a file guns "Saiga". And now the company has grown to manufacture its own weapons, namely pushdown autoloading shotgun 12 gauge under the name "Origin-12." C first look at this sample comes the understanding that it formed the basis of his. Try to understand what exactly is the gun.

autoloading shotgun

begin with the appearance of the weapon. The first catches the eye flash suppressor, or rather it does not even flash suppressor, but rather on the barrel head for opportunities to poke at him a little bit and vrazhin scratch.

Naturally, not without weapons pile fastening straps.

In general, I will not beat around the bush, I think it`s stupid "Saiga". Let strongly, very strongly Zatyuningovanny, but still "Saiga". Like as there is reason to get worried, do not come if we take a piece of a market, but if you look at the price, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Worth as much as 2600 and the device is not rubles. Additional same-store to weapons cost 55 dollars. The interesting thing is that the price is the same on any version of weapons, both with a short barrel and long. And this is the price for a basic package, apparently "full stuffing" pull in 4 or even 5 thousand dollars.

interesting now in this moment only one, whether it is to buy weapons, and whether to give permission for the weapons to the people who gather to buy this gun, because, in my opinion, this man obviously has a bias or just blind. I do not deny that there may be weapons and created entirely from scratch, it can be really done with the highest quality, but, like, and domestic production is exported to the not very poor quality, not an example of what is sold in the homeland. Incidentally, I wonder where our lawyers look the largest arms manufacturer, because there is a clear pure plagiarism.

autoloading shotgun
autoloading shotgun

In general, here is a small article about the "new" weapons look forward to comments what everyone thinks about it, maybe I missed something, but it seems to me stupid is draining money from the citizens for the product, which can be could buy at a lower price. Although it`s better than selling conventional gun with the mass and dimensions of a submachine gun, and when the gun is a classical design production is much more expensive, as it was with a gun in the body of PP AR9.

/ Cyril Karasik, topwar.ru /

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