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Artsnaryad "Excalibur" was tested

2017-12-08 00:00:00

guided artillery projectile UAS "Excalibur-1b" Excalibur Ib production of "Raytheon" Raytheon passed field tests. According to the press service of the company.


"Raytheon", only during test firing 84 shells were fired. Most of the shells had a maximum deviation from the target of 2 m , which is high. During the tests also revealed the positive fighting qualities of the munition and its compliance with the requirements set U.S. Department of Defense.

Managed artsnaryad

shots using UAS made of Swedish self-propelled artillery installation of ACS "Archer" Archer and two American howitzers -M109A6 "Paladin" Paladine and LW-155. V2014, the test will be made UAS "Excalibur", which will show its suitability for mass production.

As a result of firing

found that the projectile on a number of indicators surpassed their tactical and technical characteristics of TTX. Maximum range of defeats the purpose sostavila50 4 kmpri shooting from ACS "Archer." When testing compatibility with U.S. missile artillery systems was achieved range B40, 54 km, which was also more than the stated characteristics of the munition.

Version UAS "Excalibur-1b" is produced by "Raytheon" and is a further development of ammunition "Excalibur-1a-1" and "Excalibur-1a-2." UAS sostavlyaet155 mm caliber, it zooms to the target using a satellite navigation system GPS, which provides high accuracy defeat.


option UAS "Excalibur-1b" Company "Raytheon" is developing an improved navigation system for all shells of this class.

Hitherto were shot 640 UAS "Excalibur." Projectile point used for the purposes of destruction of special importance. According to recent studies, the use of a single UAS "Excalibur" saves 10 to 50 conventional weapons.

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