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2017-10-11 00:00:00

Veterans paratroopers o Former Soviet Airborne Troops Commander Gen. Vladislav Achalov applied for holding large rallies on Poklonnaya Hill. The event should take part about 10,000 veterans paratroopers and joined them Cossacks. General Achalov convinced that the authorities did not dare to refuse them, strongly hinting that there is more -flowers.
o Immediately rumors of the impending coup. It is clear that no riot desantura not her kill and tanks enter afraid to Moscow: in the military reputation of "dwarfs" and "furniture maker" reminds tarnished sassy pants yesterday and today -frightened to death of a teenager.

o That is, even if it is moved tanks into the capital -is not yet clear which way to turn this technique in a minute. So persuade veterans have overheated police: remember how it happens every year on the day of the commando.

Defend the army and navy o bellicose mood heated conversations in the ranks, allegedly KREMLYADI hastily brings capital abroad and sends a salutary zabugore relatives with double speed packing suitcases. Glows atmosphere and strange death of Officer Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Russia Lieutenant General Gregory retired Dubrova. He died on 28 October, with not clarified until circumstances.

o General background rebel news reminds compilation of patriotic slogans and great power, "it is time to save Mother Russia", "will not give up at the mercy of the enemy Fatherland adversary", and so on. Do not miss the classic appeal of "Russia for Russian." However, he certainly soar above banners aleyuschimi in "red letter day", on which day risk purchase quite a bloody stain.

o Violence begets violence. But power so long spit on the military in fact -all in a row that mass action "guardians glorious military traditions" today seems quite logical. And the big panic covers the Kremlin`s inhabitants, the more hysteria in anticipation of hot events. Can not be indefinitely rob and humiliate citizens of their own country; impunity can not ride roughshod over the officers : sooner or later followed by graft rejection. And in Russia, it has always led to a terrible meat grinder.

Here, as they say, - God forbid! ..

/Alexander centurion, gidepark.ru/

paratroopers gave the green

Head of the Union of Russian Paratroopers Col. Gen. Vladislav Achalov o A meeting of the Union of Russian Paratroopers demanding the resignation Serdyukov allowed - 7 November at 12.00 on Poklonnaya Hill . Union of Russian Paratroopers filed an application for permission in the first half of November rally at Poklonnaya Hill was completely satisfied. "The meeting will be held on November 7 Poklonnaya Hill at 12.00" -said the head of the Union of Russian Paratroopers, ex-commander of the Airborne Forces of the USSR Colonel General Vladislav Achalov.

o " We want to express the idea aloud to the people heard us , -said after filing Gen. Vladislav Achalov. -We want the same thing, not only to Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, but Pankow and State Secretary Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Chief of Staff Makarov resigned. enough to conduct experiments on people ".

o Former Soviet Airborne Troops commander said that the rally is not limited. Now Airborne veterans are collecting signatures on a petition to the President of Russia to deal with the situation and send Defense Minister Serdyukov`s resignation.

/Alex Varlamik, November 2, 2010/

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