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As Western countries manage their "Chechnya"

2017-10-12 00:00:00

How Western countries manage their o In 2011, the federal budget of the Russian Federation regions allocate subsidies amounting to 470 billion rubles of which 70 billion rubles -target medical assistance program.
o In Russian nationalist circles assumed that the greatest beneficiary of Russian subjects is Chechnya. "Free Press" has decided to dispel this myth and have a look, as supplied from the budget of the former colonies of European countries and the USA.

Sweeter feed all national autonomy Russia

o According to the approved federal budget, the highest subsidy per person is not Chechnya, and Siberian and Far Eastern autonomy. So, on one resident Kamchatka Krai payments from the federal budget will make 86 thousand 957 rubles, Yakutia -42 000 998 rubles, Tuva -31 000 686 rubles, the Altai Republic -29 000 683 rubles.

o By the way, here are three regions where directed smallest budget subsidies per 1 person:
-Belgorod region 958 rubles,
-Sverdlovsk Oblast -997 rubles,
-Nizhny Novgorod -1004 rubles.

o On 1 Chechens will be allocated "only" 13 000 21 rubles. But in a situation with subsidies Chechnya have yet cunning. Subsidies to the region and even furnish additional payments for "destroying the structure," "the restoration of agriculture," etc. So, the finance minister of the Chechen Republic Eli Isayev reported parameters such budget: income part -9 billion 362 million rubles income republican budget of 6 billion 385 million rubles income municipal budgets 2 billion 978 million rubles, expenses -63 billion . 149 million rubles.

o easy to calculate that the country will grant 53.8 billion rubles. Per 1 Chechen resident payments will be about 50 thousand rubles. Interesting to see how every year growing appetites of Chechnya.

What nourishes its overseas territories France

o But do not think that Russia alone in such large payments to their autonomies especially in comparison with the historically Russian territory. For example, France has kept its former colonies subsidies, many times greater than the Russian. Strictly speaking, and hold it especially does not need anyone -its overseas territories all limbs cling metropolis.

o So, January 10, 2010 the peoples of the two French colonies -Guiana in South America and Martinique in the Caribbean -voted against the expansion of its sovereignty in Martinique 78.9% Guiana 69,8%.

o In total, France in 2010 contributed to the 2.3 million people living in its former colonies, 17.2 billion euros of subsidies. Ie 1 inhabitant of these autonomies are 7.5 million euros per year in rubles -this is a little more than 300,000. Compared with Chechnya, France pays subsidies to its overseas territories is about 5 times more.

o At the same time the French former colonies of the unemployment situation is about the same as in our North Caucasus in Ingushetia is about 50% in about 25% of Chechnya. On average, this level 22% -against 11% in France itself, and in French Guiana -and at 31%. Overall, about 40% of people in these areas are dependent on welfare.

Renaissance colonialism

o Moreover, in a situation with France occurred at all unprecedented -it is the island of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean was asked to become the de facto colony of the country`s de jure -101 Department of France. Residents of the island get one seat in the French parliament, grants France in the first months after the merger has already sent back 200 million euros, and the metropolis -186,000 Muslim population, 45% of the unemployed on the island, as well as 5.4 in the average child mayotskoy family.

Rebuilt Grozny -Chechen capital o All European countries have left in its composition former colonies are forced to feed . So, England covers 90% of the local budget of St. Helena. Denmark -30% of GDP in Greenland and this despite the fact that the Greenlanders on the recent referendum in favor of the expansion of its autonomy.

o former Dutch colony of Curacao Island and the southern part of the island of St. Maarten have become independent states within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the islands of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius became autonomous in the Netherlands -but it does not prevent them to fill their budgets by 60 -80% of the subsidies from the metropolis.

U.S.: colonies no rights or obligations

o Only the U.S. has its own special approach to its Overseas Territories. The country has become the latest in a series of colonial powers in the late XIX century, and therefore took into account many of the errors of their senior colleagues.

o Total U.S. owns 17 islands or archipelagos. They also "sponsored" by 80-95% of the federal budget. But here political representatives of these colonies not represented in the federal legislature . The best that they can count -it`s like in Samoa or Puerto Rico have a representative in Congress, without voting rights.

France feeds and asks for nothing in return, the U.S. subsidies for disenfranchised.

o Residents of these colonies were deprived of the right to elect representatives to the federal authorities. Moreover, the U.S. in the same East supports most vestiges of the past as well as Russia in Chechnya -with all these teips, bride money and other remnants of the tribal system. For example, in the Senate of the island can only be elected local leaders. In total, these areas cost about U.S. $ 4 billion per year.

Islands for strategic security

o But do not think that the colonial powers only get the right to breastfeed their overseas territories. On the example of France is well evident that she receives from them in return. So, France thanks to its huge foreign territories controlled water-resource space : the total area of the French maritime waters exceeds 4.7 million square meters. km most of them -in the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

o On some islands are military bases . For example, in France the Western Hemisphere as well as small islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, where the electronic intelligence station and base for submarines. Ibid -a major fishing port annual catch fish -about 300 thousand tons.

Russia makes generous donations to the o Near the west coast of Mexico in France belong to the tiny island of Clipperton and Ville de Toulouse -there radio-electronic tracking stations located . So, on both sides of the U.S. "seen" and "listening" French special services. In the Indian Ocean islands belong to France above Mayotte and Reunion. Thanks to this country can control strategic sea route to the Mozambique Channel.

o In Latin America, French Guiana belongs, and there is space rocket test site Kourou. Military bases in Guiana has about 20,000 French soldiers.

Who else can join Russia

o Of course, actually attached to Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia is also strategically important for our country -for the control of the southern part of the Black Sea and the Caucasus. And it is now clear that Russia has chosen American way of neo-colonialism -with the absence of election and certain other rights in the annexed territories . As we can see, the presence of Overseas Dependent Territories for developed countries -a normal phenomenon, no matter what we apologists anticolonial policy.

o Therefore, the hypothetical accession to the Russian new territories -is well within the mainstream of these trends recall Mayotte island, joined to France. For example, Russia does not hurt to Transnistria or couples joining the Pacific Islands. Not yet, we are giving away their territory -China islands on the Amur, the waters of the Bering Strait -the United States and the Barents Sea -Norway.

/ Lev Ivanov, correspondent svpressa.ru /

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