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Armored "Wolf" tested

2017-12-23 00:00:00

Armored On the ground near Nizhny Novgorod tested "Wolf" . This title has a new armored vehicle for the Russian army. In addition to the awesome new titles armored vehicle endowed "intelligence" and a unique system of mine protection. Here is what about his brainchild leading designer series cars "Wolf" A. Kolchugin:

" new armored vehicle, depending on configuration can be as general military purpose and special: Special Forces for various needs, for sabotage operations. At the "Wolf" can be set heavy small arms and light artillery weapons ".

o "Wolf" has an independent suspension with controlled variable stiffness. Thanks hydropneumatic suspension clearance clearance can vary from 250 to 550 millimeters , providing increased throughput machines on the road. With this machine can Fording and snowdrifts up to a meter in height. On armored family "Wolf" are powered by JAMZ-534 capacity of 190, 240 and 300 horsepower.

o Also new armored car equipped with an onboard computer , which monitors the status and performance of all systems and in some cases may even block the actions of incompetent driver. For example, it does not allow to start the car in cold weather, if not previously included a special heater for the engine.

o Vehicle "Wolf" has several types of swap bodies and two types of cabins, armored and conventional. Reinforced cabin is protected by two layers of armor : ceramic outside and steel inside. Armored Corps and bulletproof protection correspond to sixth grade. According to the developers machine car body can harm even shot at close range with a sniper rifle.


o Another key feature "Wolf" is the availability of a new system of mine protection . Bottom armored broneliste closed and has a special architecture that allows divert shockwave. Special seats are attached to the ceiling and walls of the module and in the case of undermining the impact force is not transmitted to the crew.

o Now Wolf goes active test series. According to the designers, the Russian Defense Ministry car will be presented during 2011. Then the question will be decided on the supply of new troops in an armored car.

Useful Information :
o In the last 15-20 years, Japanese cars, especially Toyota, rightfully won a decent popularity in Russia due to its unique design, extensive functionality and high reliability. However, no matter how safe the car was not, he occasionally needs preventive maintenance or revision of the author.

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