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Mobile missile complex "Caliber-M"

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mobile missile complex Mobile coastal defense missile system "Caliber-M" export designation Club-M is designed to detect and engage surface ships of various types and classes as a single or as a group, as well as the destruction of a wide range of stationary immobile objects in enemy territory administrative and economic centers, munition depots and petrochemical storage, control points troops, infrastructure of ports, airports and etc. at any time of the day and adverse weather conditions. Developed by JSC "OKB Novator" Bratislava.

The complex "Caliber-M" consists of:
-Self-propelled launcher SPU;
-Machine communication and control LSG;
-Transport-loader TZM;
-Cruise missiles 3M-54E, 3M-54E1 and 3M14E in transport-launch containers TPK;
-Machine logistics;
-Equipment and provide storage of missiles.

o SPU and TRV complex can be placed on the chassis of the Bryansk Automobile BAZ-6909 or Belarusian MAZ-7930. STC includes four to six transport-launch containers with missiles of various purpose.

specifications of the "CAL-M":

Range: up to 300 km
Number of missiles at STC: 6 to
Detection range:
-In active mode -up to 250 km
-Passive -450 km
Maximum speed:
-On paved roads: 70 km/h
-On dirt roads up to 40 km/h
-Reconnoitered by road: 15 km/h
Range: not less than 1000 km

Self-propelled launcher STC o The presence of combat weapons complex anti-ship missiles and precision 3M-54E1/3M-54E cruise missile ZM14E designed to attack ground targets, together with a unified system of management of the complex provides exceptional flexibility, efficiency and versatility including purely land theater of hostilities.

o Using its own radar installed on the machine communication and control complex "Caliber-M" is able to independently perform detection and tracking of surface targets, and target distribution loss targets tracked 3M-54E1/3M-54E antiship missiles. The presence of active and passive radar detection channels allows for flexible detection strategy, including secretive. Complex can obtain current information from higher command and external reconnaissance and target designation.

o antiship missiles 3M-54E and 3M-54E1 are almost identical basic configuration and maximum standardized. Rockets made a normal aerodynamic scheme drop-down trapezoidal wing span of 3.1 m Launch 3M-54E is from the starting stage, the subsonic and supersonic sustainer stage solid-combat stage. Warhead -penetrating type with the erosion at the optimal depth.

Characteristics missile complex

o Launch 3M54E1 has two stages. Failure to use the third stage supersonic missile will equip 3M54E1 more powerful warhead and to increase missile range. Due to shorter length can be placed in 3M54E1 shortened torpedo tubes.

o Home provides step start and acceleration missiles equipped with solid-propellant single-chamber rocket engine, the same engine cruise missile 3M-10 "Granat". In the rear stage starting grid placed stabilizers.
o Marching stage -provides flight on the main part of the trajectory with a transonic speed, equipped with a small-sized turbofan turbojet-50B, which is designed Omsk Motor Design Bureau JSC "OEDB" and unified for all missile complexes "Movement".

missile 3M-54E

o turbofan-50B -turbofan two-shaft turbofan engine with coaxial shafts circuit high and low pressure, equipped polupetlevoy annular combustion chamber. High pressure circuit -osediagonalnyh axial compressor stage one and one and one-step diagonal axis turbine.

o Low pressure circuit -single stage fan blades of wide and single-stage axial turbine. Reliable engine start is ensured throughout the range of environmental conditions from -50 ° C to +60 ° C. Length turbofan-50B -800 mm diameter -300 mm, rod -270 kgs.

missile 3M-54E1

o Onboard 3M-54E/3M-54E1 missile control is based on an autonomous inertial navigation system AB-40E developer -National Research Institute of Instrument. Terminal guidance made using noise-active radar homing seeker-54. ARS-54 was developed by "Radar MMS" St. Petersburg and has a maximum range of up to 65 km. Head length -70 cm diameter -42 cm and weight -40 kg. ARS-54 can operate at sea up to 6 points.

o precision cruise missile 3M-14E complexes "Caliber-PLE", "Caliber-NCE," "Caliber-M "is equipped with a solid engine starting, in the rear of which there are lattice stabilizers. Marching-50B turbofan engine -compact turbojet, unified for all missile complexes "Movement".

o missile 3M-14E is equipped with a combined guidance system . Control of a rocket in flight -a fully autonomous. Onboard control system is based on an autonomous inertial navigation system AB-40E developer -National Research Institute of Instrument. The system includes a control rocket altimeter type RWE-B signal receiver and a satellite navigation system GLONASS or GPS. Altimeter provides flight mode diffraction topography due to the accurate height-keeping: the sea -not more than 20 m over the land -from 50 to 150 m in the approach to the goal -reducing to 20 m

cruise missile 3M-14E

o Flight missiles extends mortgaged route in advance, according to intelligence data on the status and availability of target air defenses. Missiles capable of overcoming development zone of enemy air defenses, which provided extremely low altitude flight with a terrain following and autonomous guidance in the "silence" in the main section. Correction trajectory of a missile midcourse performed according to satellite navigation subsystem and subsystem correction terrain.

o The principle of operation is based on a comparison of the last terrain specific area finding missile with reference maps of the terrain along the route of its flight, a pre-laid in memory of the onboard control system. Navigation is done by a complex trajectory, the rocket is able to bypass the strong zone defense/missile defense opponents or complex terrain in relief -by entering a flight plan coordinates the so-called turning points of the route up to 15 control points.

o terminal guidance made using noise-active radar homing seeker-14E, to effectively isolate faintly small targets on a background of the underlying surface. ARGS-14E head diameter -514 mm and weighing 40 kg was developed by JSC "NPP Radar MMS", St. Petersburg, has a viewing angle azimuth bearing ± 45 °, elevation -+10 ° to -20 °. Typical target detection range of about 20 km. Excellent maneuverability with high precision to withdraw the missiles at the target.

o missile 3M-14E is equipped with a powerful 450-kilogram warhead with the option of air blasting. A variant missiles with cluster warhead, can be combined with fragmentation, high explosive submunitions or cumulative strike against area and extended goals.
First set of "Caliber-M" was shown at the exhibition of arms and military equipment in Nizhny Tagil in 2006.

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