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Nedovooruzhennye force Russia

2017-12-08 00:00:00

Experts believe that under the guise of scientific military developments until 2020 may disappear at least $ 1.5 trillion. rubles . First Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin said that the defense ministry has decided to close a number of research and development activities of R & D, some of them without any impact last decades.

o The state is spending huge amounts of money on R & D, and troops from cold nor hot. However, not only one attempt to save people`s money guided military, reducing the cost of military science. Just not in the army soil fertile for corruption is steadily getting stronger there than this . Time to stop massive rastaschilovku can not even decided, apparently, at least narrow horizons for financial swindlers.

Nedovooruzhennye Russian forces

o And that a lot of people in various institutes and design bureaus in the number of these establishments Russia ranks third in the world after the U.S. and China over the past decade due to fatten accustomed Armed Forces convincing facts. For example, Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation has estimated that in 2009 "characterized by the lowest rates on the state defense order execution SDO fundamental predictive and exploratory research in the interests of national defense and security" .

o Relevant indicators, according to the auditors amounted to only 14.3% and 48.3%. Nevertheless, "set numerous cases advances MoD head performers in size, greatly exceeding the specified limits up to 100% of the annual funding ".

o Accounts Chamber of the Chief Military Prosecutor . From year to year the agency identifies hundreds of corruption in the allocation of funds for R & D on the state defense order. According to her, only in 2009 without a trace in a solution of 3 billion rubles allocated for the creation of new weapons and equipment . Incidentally, twice as much as a year earlier. According to the chief military prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky Russia, most crimes committed by law enforcement agencies when it is plundering the public good in the course of defense contracts, for various research and development R & D activities.

o According to the Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting, Russia loses to 23-25 billion rubles this . It is the Proceeds of Crime fiction "profitability". According to experts, "kickbacks" for obtaining design defense order up to 70%. A direct executors comes to only 2-3% of the funds allocated for rearmament .

o Why R & D is so comfortable for kaznokratstva -understandable. Pull the other part-gasoline or food with a couple of KAMAZ -is there a possible fall. Recalculate find shortage, and hello. Another thing -the highbrow military science. Well, you promised to strengthen the defense of the Fatherland, for example, the miracle plane. Caught in defense procurement. Dollars in billions flooded, but something is not in clever calculations vytantsovyvaetsya. Year vytantsovyvaetsya, another. All deadlines have passed, and the miracle plane does not leave. But neither the auditor does not prove that there is a banal theft of public money. In the end, on the creative failure has any right to.

o Vice-Rector of the Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Justice, PhD in Law Victor Astanin is a phenomenon explained with scientists positions: " high probability of R & D with non-receipt of a positive result. Such unfavorable side of the legal nature of R & D is reflected in the rules Section 3, Article. 769 Civil Code, which states that the risk of accidental impossibility of performance of the contract R & D customer bears ". That is, if it comes to creating new weapons -for the failure of designers pays the Ministry of Defense. And milked it.

o List of multi-billion dollar cost of failure is enormous, although signs of corruption in them unprovable. Therefore accusations of greed set aside. On a design failure and Popovkin told. We are talking about a failed concern "Vega" program to create drones average weight . Ten years of work was in full swing, 5 billion rubles safely mastered "Vega." At the outlet, complains first deputy defense minister, "drone as it was not, and is not." Must be purchased in Israel. It needs billions again, only now in the currency.

130-mm self-propelled artillery system A-222 o You may recall that a few years ago as part of the Novorossiysk naval base on alert was raised, as reported to the Ministry of Defense, newest 130-mm self-propelled artillery system A-222 "Beach". must be followed by applause, but one interferes. Development of the "Beach" began in December 1976 in Volgograd CDB "Titan". In 1980, the technical documentation is transferred by "Barricades". The first prototype was ready in 1988. In 1993 it was taken to the exhibition even weapons in Abu Dhabi.

o In 1996, the complex is adopted by the Navy. Even with this low-grade 35-year history of "Shores" enthusiasm for novelty and modernity of the first division of Novorossiysk seem out of place. And when you consider that over the years in the world there is much more effective cruise missiles for the same purpose, the optimism and evaporates completely.

o More can remember $ 1.1 billion over two decades spent by us on a joint Russian-Ukrainian medium military transport aircraft An-70 . His fate is unknown: whether we will buy it, or not.

o And still recall the sad fate self-propelled 152-mm artillery system 2S35 "Coalition-SV", BMD-4 "Bakhcha-U", 125-millimeter self-propelled anti-tank gun "Octopus-SD" combat support machine tanks BMPT "Terminator" . The creation of each of these types of weapons spent years of work of thousands of scientists and engineers, and different amounts of billions of rubles. None of these samples as said Popovkin, the armed forces have no intention of buying. Although each with developers regularly paid off.

The development of the An-70 has already spent $ 1.1 billion o But even in this series apart is the protracted war " object 195 ". That is the long-promised land forces of the Russian Federation new T-95 . Here almost all detective. In an atmosphere of absolute secrecy "to 195" rivet already 15 years. In 2003 the management of the Main Armored Directorate Ministry of Defense reported that Russian designers have developed a new generation tank shape. He, they say, will be equipped with robotics, reconnaissance, navigation, and control devices have powerful weapons.

o At the end of December 2008, while still in the rank of Chief of Armaments and deputy defense minister, current Chief of General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov cheerfully reported to that in 2009, the T-95 for service will be accepted. However, in testimony to him confused Head 46th CRI Defense Ministry Vasily Burenok. He even said that the new tank is put into service in 2008.

o All the same spoiled Popovkin. According to him, the T-95 did not need the army and defense procurement is not included. Why? Because Defense Ministry leadership believes that modern wars exclude new Kursk Bulge. Therefore, Russian tanks generally agreed lime almost at the root -leaving only about 2000 pieces all Giant space from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok .

T-95 or o And pulls ask:" If the Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces back in 2008, was convinced that in a future war tanks come in handy, and preferably new, and a year later he also signed them almost universal reduction and threw T-95 of the state defense order - Do we really need all this the chief of staff? "Guys, because your such a rapidly changing ideas about what and how much must the Russian army, no money for upgrading is not enough! Even 20 trillion that the country intends to spend on this case until 2020.

o Since the conversation turned to the trillions, you know, how many of them after all the optimizations of Beheading and decided to allocate to defense research and development for the next 10 years? Two trillion rubles . How much of the stolen under the pretext of urgent re incapacitated our army? If mentioned at the beginning of this article, the experts are right, claiming that up to 70% of the funds will be spent on kickbacks, half trillion succeed distributed into the pockets .

o Browser "Free Press" discussed the issue with chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov Russia :

-Chief Military Prosecutor believes that R & D in the defense sector -is one of the most corrupt areas. Your opinion ?

I have no doubt that Fridinskiy rights.

-But why? After all, today went to the military developments huge budgetary infusions. Logical to assume that if only so state control over the efficiency of this work should be strengthened many fold .

o Just because of a lack of control and everything happens. A control is actually difficult. The overwhelming majority of military R & D is under different security classifications. All tenders, in which selected who will the money also are private.

o Therefore, determines the winners of tenders, orders and distributes and monitors the real effect of R & D is the same agency -the Department of Defense. This allows the system "kickbacks" to maximize.

-According to some experts, these maximum "kickbacks" in the field of defense procurement in Russia today reached 80 percent. If so, this is monstrous. You are ready to subscribe to such figures ?

o Well, 80 percent, maybe too much. But 60-70 percent of the funds allocated for the development of new weapons, equipment and machinery, I think, really stolen. A striking example -the story of the new winter uniforms. Provides for a warmer winter jackets, sewing steel from another, cheaper. Orders huge cost.

o Someone for this change, it is possible, get a solid "rollback". As a result, soldiers are freezing throughout Russia. Or take the example that regard, however, other law enforcement agencies -Gosnarcocontrol. Year around 2002 he was allocated millions for removing beetle that eats hemp directly in the fields. Eaten only millions, as the beetle was not, and is not.

-Okay, but what do you do ?

Remember the Soviet era. Then over the power ministries was ordering the CPSU. There was a so-called "war" department. He checked as to spend money that war.

-Now-or CC of the CPSU or not .


. But there`s Audit Chamber. When it is possible to form a special permanent commission to monitor the effectiveness gosoborozakaza. This should be done urgently, for the rearmament of the army had already gone immense. Accordingly, at times up and extent of corruption here.


Two months ago, the test results were known Rosfinnadzor expenditures of federal ministries for research and development R & D work. So, in 2009, authorities concluded more than 1,500 such contracts by 6.2 billion rubles . As a result, were created ... two computer programs worth 30 million rubles, but those are not patented. And much of the research in general has no scientific value.

/ Sergey Ishchenko, svpressa.ru /

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