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2015 or strategic remains Russia

2017-12-22 00:00:00

Interesting interview famous rocketeer, Doctor of Technical Sciences Yuri Savelyev, devoted a recent Obama-Medvedev agreement on disarmament. Pretty scary text which debunks myths about dermokraticheskie our military might. Tragically, the liberals in power is declining as shagreen. When this happens finally, with the West, Russia will not be able to converse in the same tones. Now we are on the direct road to ruin.

-Yuri Petrovich tell immediately clear and simple -you are a supporter of disarmament?

o A complex questions, there can be no simple answers. To evaluate the SALT-2, you want to remember what possessed hand at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Take 1987. At that time, the Soviet Union possessed 30 thousand nuclear warheads, the United States, there were 25 000 . At the same time every week and the U.S. and the Soviet Union produced by 16 nuclear warheads, and the process of "yaderizatsii" threatened to become irreversible.

2015 or strategic remains Russia

o Therefore, none of the experts doubted that disarmament is necessary. The only question -what? On an equal footing with all or cumulative advantage of one of the parties? That is from this perspective and we need to consider the whole process of disarmament, as well as the latest SALT-2 Treaty.

o So, the beginning of the 90s, the Soviet Union was such a configuration nuclear arsenal. The share of the strategic nuclear forces accounted for 10,271 SNF charge a so-called "nuclear triad": ballistic missiles, land and sea-based, and heavy bombers with nuclear weapons on board. United States in its strategic nuclear forces had 10,563 nuclear warheads. Here we have with the Americans was almost full parity in the number of charges.

o However configuration "nuclear triad" and we Americans were very different from each other. In the Soviet Union, the emphasis was placed on heavy ballistic missiles -we had them in 1398 and 6612 they were carrying nuclear weapons . And the United States had in 1000 carriers, equipped with nuclear warheads in 2450. Here we had a clear advantage.

o But on the other two parts of the "nuclear triad" dominated by Americans. Our nuclear missile submarines carrying 940 rockets fitted with nuclear warheads in 2804. And the Americans have their submarine fleet had 5760 nuclear warheads. Submarine fleet -the basis of the nuclear power of the U.S. .

o Finally, regards heavy bombers -then lagged behind the Americans 3 times . Our carrying 162 cruise missiles with 855 nuclear warheads. A U.S. bombers had on board 574 missiles and nuclear warheads in 2353. But generally due to our advantage on heavy ballistic missiles we maintain nuclear parity .

o That level of our country have started to reduce their nuclear arsenals. But strange was the logic of these cuts. We were required to destroy heavy ballistic missiles, which we surpassed the Americans, and at the same time we were offered "to finish building the" missing we submarines and heavy bombers to catch up with the U.S. in the total number of nuclear warheads, provided another contract.

o And all this against a background shaped pogrom perpetrated in our military-industrial complex -privatization, restructuring and other delights of the market economy. And the more weakened our country, the more disadvantageous and unequal treaties imposed on us.

-Well, where are gone our heavy missiles -the pride and glory of the Soviet Army?

o Rockets, like people, tend to age. In short, everything that we had -almost all splyl. And that has not splyl of Soviet nuclear capability, then go away completely decommissioned by 2015. The fact that the factory life of intercontinental ballistic missiles on combat duty set is 10-12 years. In principle, making necessary repairs, this period can be extended, but not more than 2 times. We arrived and our famous P-36 "Satan" , while we had a contract with CB "South" in Dnepropetrovsk.


o extend the life of more than 20-25 years, no magician can not. In 2005, we, a group of deputies of the State Duma Defense Minister requested why we are going to destroy the combat BZHRK railway missile system, which together with "Satan" was another nightmare for NATO generals?

o So, Sergei Ivanov, who was then minister, we said: "... impossibility of preserving the properties of the solid fuel rockets and characteristics of composite materials rocket engines ". And he wrote that the second reason is " limited resource of individual systems and missile units and units of the complex as a whole ".
Thus, the "X hour" for the defense of our country will come in 2015, when the youngest generation of Soviet missiles will knock 25 years , and they are all the laws of art will be scrapped. No Soviet missiles in 2015 will remain.

-Well, let Soviet missiles veterans go on a holiday. But they are replaced by a new generation -"Poplars" yes "Bulava" -so to speak, "tribe young, unknown".

o That`s it -"tribe". Repeating this word, I do not mean quality, and above all their strength. Because if we have a handful of them, then they will have the fate of the same, and that Indian tribes in North America -driven into reservations.
According just signed the SALT-2 Treaty, each party should remain in service with 800 launchers, 700 vehicles and 1,550 nuclear warheads. Let us ask ourselves a simple question: and whether Russia by 2015 to have these same 700 carriers? From 1999 to 2007 we had built 53 missiles RT-2PM2 "Topol-M" with a nuclear warhead. Thus, over the past 9 years, our nuclear arsenal replenished only 53 carriers and 53 nuclear warheads.

o In 2007 adopted the State Armaments Program of the Russian Federation for 2007-2015 year. And under this program we get to 2015 absolutely 172 ballistic missiles "Topol-M" , each of which will be on charge 1 . To do this, our industry must produce annually 8.7 "Topol", which she does with great exertion. So, on land missiles -eventually 172 "Poplars" and a maximum of 172 nuclear warheads. As you can see, the threshold figures established by the START-2700 carriers and 1550 nuclear warheads remain for us like a mirage in the desert -see see but did not get to catch up.


o What adds balance to our submarine fleet? A very few, if not -almost anything . The Soviet Union, as I said, on submarines had 940 missiles and 2,350 nuclear warheads. But the state armament program envisages that 2015 we should be in the ranks of only four nuclear submarine project 955 -at best only 60 missiles .

o In the meantime, of them, however, built only one "Yury Dolgoruky". He can carry on board 12 missiles "Mace" . Only one problem -the test "Bulava" as luck would fail. A submarine of little use without missiles. We with sea missiles have a situation generally just absurd . Recently successfully tested an upgraded ballistic missile R- 29RMU "The Blue" with 10 nuclear warheads in the head. This rocket is literally one enthusiasm, without any public funding and assistance from the State scientists have created constructors CB "IIMs", for which they deep bow.

o But here`s the rub. While scientists have created this great rocket, decided to keep the policy scrapped nuclear submarines "Delta-4" , 677 project, for which the missile actually intended. So now we have a situation, as in a madhouse before morning rounds: build submarine type "Yury Dolgoruky", for which there are no missiles and sea-based missiles have "The Blue", for which there is no subs .

o But we still rely on God but we still ? and assume that the "Bulava" still fly. Then we also hope , in order to enter 3 more submarines of Project 955 which is still not in sight, each with 16 missiles on board. In total, therefore, we will have 60 rockets on four nuclear submarines.

Thus, all armed and land and naval nuclear missile forces by 2015 we will be armed with absolutely 232 missiles that can deliver the intended 232 nuclear warheads.

o With regard to the air component of the "nuclear triad", the Treaty SALT-2, we urgently need to build and put into operation 50 heavy strategic bombers , to keep up with the Americans. I do not even want to discuss on the topic "Will they be built by 2015" -skilled clear that this is unrealistic: military aircraft destroyed and not the good life we are now flying on parade 40-year veteran of the Soviet built. Yes and no role in the nuclear balance our bombers would not play -we have air bases close to the United States.

o That leaves 232 media, each one with nuclear warheads. That`s all what we will have by 2015. These are the official figures state armaments program. A Treaty SALT-2, we need to have 700 vehicles and 1,550 nuclear warheads that would not keep up with the Americans. Thus, the state arms program should be increased many times! dozens of times . This means that Russia concluded the SALT-2 -this is not a "restriction" of strategic weapons, but just the opposite -the program "rearmament" and reinforce our strategic forces, which is an intolerable burden for our reforms completely spifflicate MIC.

o Essentially this Agreement Americans draw our country into a new arms race , with the only difference being that if in 80 years we ran the track next, alternately breathing each other in the head, then now measure all new circles in the arms race is only one Russian. And Americans are comfortably seated in the stands, will giggle, looking at the weary from fatigue Russian runner.

-So, you think that the main goal of the Americans at the conclusion of the Treaty -it`s just wear us in a new race "rearmament"?

o In my opinion, the main goal of American foreign policy has always been to achieve a position where they can do what they want and at the same time tightly closed from retaliation. That is to "cover yourself back and untie the hands".
In his numerous speeches in the newspaper "Soviet Russia" I have already given calculations that the Americans deployed national missile defense system NMD just about capable of intercepting enemy missiles that amount: 80% will be knocked out of space on the rise, while 19% will be amazed at trans-atmospheric altitudes. And that means that only 2-3 warheads could reach the United States, and there they meet all the available forces interceptors and almost certainly shot down.

o And for some inexplicable laws of the State Armaments Program brings us precisely to this figure -in 2015 we will have something on the order of 200 missiles . Thus, the dream of coming true American military policy.

o However, advocates of the SALT-2 repeat, what is there in the text, they say, there is a clause, according to which we come out of the agreement if the Americans will deploy its missile defense system. In fact, this reservation has more than fiction. To this we Americans openly say: "So what? Frightened hedgehog naked profile! Come out of the Treaty and roll wherever you want! "

o Yes, and that is -"leave"? This means that our defense industry should tenfold increase production of ballistic missiles. But wait for such a miracle from our zamordovannogo MIC reforms to death -still, that Olympic record of patient lifter.

-The most striking thing is that in our country many people are indifferent to the state of our nuclear arsenals. Because absolutely convinced that "a nuclear war will no longer be" under any circumstances and that "Americans like civilized people never start the first".

o And this is another legacy of the Soviet era, when our countries existed nuclear parity, the first strike by either side meant primarily for nuclear suicide and aggressor itself. Balance of terror and destruction guaranteed for all and then kept both sides from the last step.

o But now the situation is completely different! New missiles have become piece goods, weapons-grade plutonium is not produced, "Bulava" and can not bring to mind . And very soon, the Yankees will be able to bomb our cities with impunity, as well as in Yugoslavia or Iraq.

o As for the American-bred gentlemen, the true understanding of them do not give a hug with a "friend George" and now here with the "friend of Barack," and statements by U.S. officials themselves. It is appropriate to recall the anniversary celebration of the 65th anniversary, and now in Russian summit again become fashionable to be touched on the topic of how we "then fought together against one enemy".

o So, in April 1945, yet our soldiers are dying in the streets of Berlin, as Harry Truman said: " Russian will soon be put in place, and the U.S. will then take on the task of governing the world as they need to manage ". He was still speaking in the same 1945: " We pray God to show us how to use our nuclear bombs in Russia according to His will and to accomplish His purposes ". Conceit and limited American politicians appear here very clearly. They Lord himself seems something of a nuclear bomber pilot.

o Continue the same author in the same year: " U.S. should be prepared to wage against the Soviet nuclear and bacteriological warfare ".
And that`s what Dwight Eisenhower said in 1953: " In the event of hostilities the United States will approach the use of nuclear weapons in the same way as to the use of conventional ammunition ".
General Power, 1959: " We should never be in a position where we can not start the first war. And we should be able to strike first ".
U.S. Secretary of Defense McNamara, 1965: " For the USSR would be unacceptable destruction from 1/5 to 1/4 of the population and half of the industrial potential. For this we need to blow up the nuclear warheads with a total capacity of 400 megatons ".

o I must say that, on the merits, irreparable damage comparable to a nuclear attack, our country has been done. The destruction of the Soviet Union we have lost a quarter and half of the population and three quarters of the industrial potential. So McNamara was going to do more humanely with our country than Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and their heirs. Essentially, our country has suffered a nuclear attack, but other, political, technology.

o But, in my opinion, very robust foreign policy concept for our country formulated the Soviet Defense Minister Marshal Malinovsky in 1963: " best way of defense is to prevent the enemy of our strength and readiness to crush at the first attempt aggression on his part ". This, more than ever, true to this day.

o In today`s world, for that matter, a hundred or a thousand years ago, has one principle: only power is a reliable guarantor of peace and stability . Strength, not a commemorative snot about "strengthening the climate of trust".

-And here`s another April 15, it was announced that the Russian presidential decree closes Zheleznogorsk last factory producing weapons-grade plutonium. Means for filling our nuclear missiles are no longer produced? What are we going to arm the warhead?

o Perhaps fireworks ... A few years ago, speaking in the Duma, Academician Alferov expressed in the sense that we now can not build an atomic bomb. And I fully agree with him. Because it`s not just nuclear explosives -plutonium, but lost the technology of creating a nuclear warhead. And there is in fact the most difficult things associated with its shell, electronic detonation. But in our country today is absent production of composite materials. And it`s not just my opinion, wrote about it in his letter to the State Duma Sergei Ivanov, when he still held the post of defense minister.

o You forgot to mention only three more grandiose figures -Joseph Stalin, the head of the atomic project Beria and Armaments Minister Dmitry Ustinov. Because an enormous role in the history of play not only scientists, but also the organizers of science and industry. Talented scientists have now, but what`s the point? Their efforts lead breaking on the stupidity and indifference of officials bureaucracy . Organizer defense -that is the most demanded today a figure of just such a policy requires our time!

o I am convinced that it will take time, and the descendants of these monuments put three people -an outstanding organizer of our defense industry, the creators of nuclear-missile shield. And this shield -saving the lives of millions of Soviet people, because defeat in the Cold War meant the transformation of our country into a nuclear desert. And that it would be that way, no doubt -re-read statements by American politicians.

o These people in the postwar devastation from scratch a few years have created a missile and nuclear industry, as under the current regime to muddle rivet year several "Topol" and close the last plutonium factory . The latter fact is just incomprehensible. If you now have a surplus of nuclear explosives, it is necessary because plutonium as fuel for nuclear power plants. But now our country has orders worth approximately 80-100 billion dollars for the construction of nuclear power plants worldwide.

o I can only say one thing: closing the factory means that we will forever lose the opportunity to create a nuclear warhead . A new use for the missiles already accumulated charges seems to me a matter of very problematic. Because technology is not in place, Americans are developing new tools to intercept and neutralize the nuclear charge on the flight path. So, ready to charge need to unpack, introduce any new security system -this idea is completely absurd. It`s like that for modern guns use black powder stocks left over from the war with Napoleon.

o Besides I think that now in Russia and remained accumulated in the vaults of the stock of nuclear warheads . Back when I was a deputy of the State Duma, we, along with former Defense Minister Igor Rodionov and another large group of deputies tried to access the repository HDM near Chelyabinsk, where stores with our missiles dismantled nuclear warheads. But such a resolution we have not received.

o We are there not only allowed, but also explained that under the agreement with the U.S. side containers that are delivered to this store and removed therefrom, generally not subject to any inspection. And access to this store is only possible with the consent of the American side. Thus, Russia lost national sovereignty over the most important -over their nuclear ammunition storage. Wilder situation difficult to imagine . You can submit a picture at a time when the country was headed Stalin and headed nuclear project -Beria?

o But after closing plutonium plant in Zheleznogorsk for our country opens the way towards complete nuclear disarmament, but only unilaterally . And if you remember that even in the Yeltsin era, in the so-called commission "Gore -Chernomyrdin," our country in the United States sent 500 tons of weapons-grade uranium, so I would not be surprised if it turns out that there is no stock of weapons-grade plutonium have long gone. And this is controlled by the Americans near Chelyabinsk storage containers are empty.

o But I would not want to end the conversation on a tragic note. "Point of No Return" on the road to oblivion by our country, I hope, has not yet passed . We also have talented scientists and engineers, but sorely lacking leaders with an iron will, which would serve no "yellow devil", and God alone -national independence.

o And so I think, and if the former head of the atomic project looked at what is happening today? Most likely, then gently Lawrence P. would say: "Give all the power, give life, but do not give the Motherland!
Try again comrades attempt -not torture! "

/ Yuri Savelyev, Ph.D., www.perunica.ru /

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