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War in Libya officially ended

2017-10-13 00:00:00

military operation in Libya officially completed . October 27 corresponding resolution on further action of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation adopted UN Security Council. Security Council members unanimously favored the cessation of NATO operations in Libya. Simultaneously Sat supported the decision to remove the regime-fly zone over Libyan territory . This mode was introduced on March 17 to protect the Libyan population from air strikes troops Muammar Gaddafi.

The war in Libya officially ended o adopted UN resolution also weakens the regime of international embargo on arms to Libya . This will allow the Libyan Transitional National Council of the Republic of PNS to acquire weapons for the new Libyan army. In addition, the Security Council decided to unfreeze Libyan assets of banks, oil companies and other state-owned enterprises, which were kept abroad. Libyan planes give permission to operate international flights.

o October 28, the termination of the NATO operation in Libya should declare members of the Alliance , which will hold a meeting in Brussels on this issue. NATO officials have already said they are exploring other ways to support the new Libyan authorities. Even earlier it was reported that Western experts help in demining the country in search of weapons including MANPADS , which is stolen from the Libyan arsenals, training law enforcement officials in the new government.

o Bilateral agreements must determine the degree of participation and military experts from Western countries in the formation of a new Libyan army. PNS previously stated that asks NATO leaders extend military operation in Libya has "at least a month." And the chairman of the NTC Mustafa Muhammad Abd al-Jalil asked NATO to stay until the end of the year. He justified his request to the need to protect Libya`s borders from armed invasion of neighboring countries and the remnants of forces loyal to Gaddafi, who took refuge abroad.

o During this time, the Alliance forces were to help ensure control over the borders of Libya, the dissolution of various types of paramilitary and collecting weapons from the population. It should be noted that after the cessation of open conflict in Libya, the country faces a new wave of violence associated with the confrontation between different groups, movements, tribes .

o Head of Press Service of the United States State Department Victoria Nuland said that Washington and NATO commanders have already discussed with the PNS number of issues, including border security, confiscating weapons from the population, the demobilization of armed groups. She noted that the U.S. has extensive experience in restructuring and training supply the armed forces of partner countries. She also reported that the United States is negotiating with Niger on the detention and extradition of Gaddafi supporters.

NATO Secretary General summed up the operation

o Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Anders Fogh Rasmussen gave an assessment of the Alliance military campaign in Libya. According to him, it was one of the most successful military operations in NATO`s history. And now the citizens of Libya are safe "countries to take their future into their own hands." Think about safety secretary general military bloc clearly rushed, so in Sirte have found traces of three massacres Gaddafi supporters -before all 10 were found badly mutilated bodies, then another 53 corpses, and in recent days there has information about finding 267 bodies. According to BNO News, the majority of people were executed.

o raises a lot of questions and murder Gaddafi . Thus, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin expressed his dissatisfaction with the televised video from last moments of the Libyan leader. According to him, it is impossible to watch the footage without the "disgust", where the wounded man brutally finish off. He noted that "in general, there is nothing similar in the morality of any of the world religions -not in Christianity or Judaism, nor the Muslims do not, anywhere." People need to understand what they are doing and take "moral responsibility".

o According to Rasmussen, the Alliance "fully fulfilled" its mission in this North African country. In addition, he appealed to the new Libyan authorities to investigate "allegations of killings and violence" that had been made against the armed units of the rebels, including the murder of Gaddafi. It is imperative that the new Libyan leadership to meet international standards.

Financial assistance to Libya

o The French government intends within the UN, the EU and NATO to discuss possible assistance to the Libyan government, which will be necessary Libya after the official end of the military operation on October 31.

o Russia has already announced its readiness to allocate humanitarian aid to Libya in the amount of $ 7 million . This was reported by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich.

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