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Defense Ministry decided not to buy the BTR-90

2017-08-13 00:00:00

Russian Defense Ministry refused to buy the BTR-90 . The main reason for refusal was changed requirements for this class of combat vehicles, said in an interview with RIA Novosti General Director of "Military-Industrial Company" Dmitry Galkin.

o " main reason for refusing the Russian Ministry of Defense procurement BTR-90 steel changed views on methods of warfare, including the tasks that have become vested in such fighting machines, as APCs. Changed tasks and changed requirements for machines. It is quite logical ", -said General Director of" military-industrial complex ".

Defense Ministry decided not to buy the BTR-90

o BTR-90 developed by the Arzamas Machine Building Plant, which is included in the "military-industrial complex." "Military-Industrial Company" -the only Russian designer and manufacturer of light wheeled armored vehicles. This BTR-80 and BTR-82A and created on the basis of their machines, and multi-family armored vehicles "Tiger".

o Earlier, the "MIC" Sergei Suvorov told RIA Novosti that one of the main claims of the Ministry of Defense to the BTR-90 is that it has no output armored assault aft .

o However, as emphasized by the CEO of "military-industrial complex", " BTR-90 allowed us to develop and fulfill a number of innovations that were not previously applied in the creation of wheeled armored vehicles neither we nor abroad. Thus, we have created the groundwork for a new car ".

o BTR-90 surpasses its predecessors in mobility, armament and protection. All-wheel drive armored vehicle equipped with a 510-horsepower engine, hydromechanical transmission, independent suspension. Using on-board transmission scheme significantly reduced turning circle, which increased maneuverability.

o The machine has high rates of permeability, enable you to move at high speed over rough terrain and overcome water obstacles at once, move forward and reverse at the same speed. Increased suspension stroke significantly increased smoothness.

BTR-90 -the first among Russian wheeled armored vehicles, which used twin tower installation with stabilized armament of 30-mm automatic gun, coaxial machine gun, grenade launcher and a set of anti-tank guided missiles.

o armored fighting crew -10 people. High degree of protection, bulletproof tires retain the possibility of movement even when fully damaged four wheels -according to widespread OJSC "GAZ" press release. Large capacity lets you create based on the BTR-90 family of machines for various types of troops with the possibility of different weapons systems and equipment.

Special Equipment :
-Armament: 2A42 gun -30 mm; machine gun -7.62 mm; AG-17 grenade launcher -30mm
-Laying angles, deg.: Vertical -5 ... 75 horizontal -360
-Ammunition shots: gun -2000 pcs., Grenade launcher -400 pcs.

Key Features :
-Axels -8x8
-Gross weight -20920 kg
-Combat crew -10 people.
-Engine -multifuel liquid-cooled diesel with truboprodduvom
-Engine power -500 hp
-Turning circle: due to the steered wheels -12 m, with Steer -6 m
-Maximum speed: on the highway -100 km/h, afloat -9 km/h
-Cruising range on the highway -700 km.

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