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Type Mariscal Sucre modes. Lupo-6 units

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& nbsp ;

OSNOVNYG tactical and technical ELEMENTS

Displacement, t:
standard 2208
full. 2520
1. 127 mm AU
2. GAS fairing EDO 6YUE
3 PU OU PC system SCLAR
4 AP radar RTN-10 XP
5. AP station RTR SLR-4
6. AP navigational radar 3RM 20
7. AP radar SPQ-2F
8. AP system NS 9003/9005
9. PU SCRC Otomat
10. 324 mm TA
11. AP radar RAN-10S
12. AP radar RTN-20X
13. PU ZRL Albatros
14. 40mm AU
Main dimensions, m:
length overall. 113,2
the greatest width 11,3
sediment at full displacement. 3,7
Main propulsion:
type. diesel-gas turbine,
only with a separate engine operation
x number of type GTE-
- the total capacity, l. p.2 x LM 2500-50,000
x number of type DD-
- the total capacity, l. p.2 x GMT BL 230.20 M-8000
the number of propellers. 2 CPP
Speed, knots:
maximum 35
under 19 diesel
The cruising range of 15 kt course, miles 5000
& nbsp ; Crew. including 185 officers, 20
Complex of anti-ship missiles:
type complex "Otomat" Mk 2
the number of PU`s directing style PU 8 x 1 CT
boekomplekt.8 RCC
anti-aircraft missile system:
type of the complex .. "Albatross modes. W
the number of PU`s guides. 1x8
ammunition 8 SAM "Aspide"
the number of AU`s trunks AU type 1 x 1-127/54 "GTR Me1aga"
& nbsp ; 210 rounds ammunition
x number of AU AU trunks type 2 x 2-40/70 "Breda"
2 x SU "Dardo" radar RTN-20X
Antisubmarine :
the number of TAs x pipe type TA. 2 x 3-mm-324 ILAS
ammunition 6 torpedoes A 244 S
the number x type vertoletov..1 x AB 212 ASW
& nbsp ; equipment VPP..svetotehnicheskoe
type hangar. telescopic
PAC detection CC. RAN-10S
PAC detection NC. SPQ-2F
PAC navigation 3RM20
SU SAM and 127 mm AU NA-10 with two radar RTN-10XP
SU arms ship`s WM 25 to secure the two radar STIR
under the system TACAN SRN 15A
RTR funds. SLR-4
active agents REP NS 9003/9005
passive means REP
the number of PU`s guide SCLAR 2 x 20-105 mm
GAS podkilnoy antenna with EDO 610E
The contract for the construction of six frigates Lupo type for the Venezuelan Navy with the Italian company "Cantieri" was signed October 24, 1975 in structure and composition of the weapons they are the same prototype. Only 40 mm AU arising from the special banquets and there are differences in the composition of electronic equipment, Mari-scal Sucre handed Venezuela 10.05.80, Almirante Brion-07.05.81, General Urdaneta-08.08.81, General Soublette-05.12.81, General SaVom-03.04.82, Almirante Garcia-30.07.82. The first two ships Mariscal Surce and Almirante Brion had to undergo repairs and upgrades in the period from September 1992 to September 1994 at the company`s shipyard "Litton s Inglalls Shipyard . During her planned to replace DD, CICS and the ASG. However, due to financial problems, the implementation of the contract temporarily suspended.


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