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Type Halifax-12 units

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basic technical ELEMENTS

Displacement, t:
standard 3875
full 4770
Main dimensions, m:
at length overall KVL. 134,7 124,5
the greatest width 16,4
sediment at full displacement 5
the outermost part of the sediment 7,1
Main propulsion :
tipdizel-turbine, only
with separate engine operation
the number x type GTD-
- the total capacity, l. c2 x LM 2500-47,494
x number of type DD-
- the total capacity, l. p.1 PA6 x 20 V 280-8800
the number of rowing vintov.2 CPP
Speed is greatest bondage. 29
cruising range, mi:
course of 18 kt 3030
course of 13 knots. 9500
Crew. including officers. 198 17
Complex of anti-ship missiles:
type complex "Nagroop"
the number of PU`s directing style PU 2x4 TPK
boekomplekt.8 RCC RGM-84D
anti-aircraft missile Complex:
type complex "NATO Sea Sparrow"
the number of PU`s directing style PU 2x8 Mk 48 mod. 0
ammunition-28 x RIM-7P
SU Mk 91 mod. 3
the number of AU`s trunks AU type 1 x 1-57/70 Mk 2 "Botors"
the number of AU`s trunks AU type 1 x 20 mm Mk 15 "Vulcan Phalanx"
the number of TA TA x pipe type 2 x 2-324 mm Mk 32 mod. 9
the type of torpedoes. Mk 46 Mod. 5
the number x type helicopters. "HeItas Sea King" SH-124B
VPPsvetotehnicheskoe equipment with the system
forced landing RAST
type hangar deck
Link and systems and 14
radar detection CC. SPS-49 V5
VTS radar detection and NC 150 NA .. "Sea Giraffe"
radar navigation 1007
AU radar UO 2 x SPG-503 STIR August 1
data processing system
sonobuoys UYS-503V
RTR system SLQ-501 and SRD 502
active agents REP SLO-503
& nbsp ; passive means REP
the number of PU`s guides. "Shield" Mk February 4 x 6-102 mm
with the CEO podkilnoy antenna. SQS-510 V 6
anti-torpedo protection system. SLQ-25 "Nixie"
The frigates are designed for long voyages at high latitudes. Body smooth-deck, steel with a high coefficient of completeness water line area, the greater part of its length has a double bottom. It is divided by watertight bulkheads 13 compartments. Buoyancy is provided in case of flooding of any two adjacent compartments. To align the roll and pitch are special ballast tanks, 100 m3. Superstructure, divided into three blocks, steel. The masts are made of aluminum-magnesium-O alloys. The architecture of the ship used elements of technology "Ste alth", and also carried out extensive measures to reduce infrared radiation. Roll stabilization system consists of two active dampers. DD provides the CPP through both reversible reduction gear. It is designed for use in low-noise mode when searching for submarines and provides economic progress. It is known that to achieve the desired level of the acoustic field is not possible. GTE placed in the same MO stern, which is regarded by experts as the lack of vitality.
1 boatswain`s stores
2. Turret compartment 57mm AU
3. Cellar 57-mm cartridges
4. Mine thruster
5. Compartment refrigerated trucks
6. Cabin officers
7. CPU
8. Central post EW
9 Tanks stabilizers
10. Fuel tanks
11. Engine room
12. Auxiliary machinery compartment
13. Kubrick personnel
14. Dining personnel
15. Torpedo cellar
16. Fresh water tank
17. Tanker aircraft fuel

< p> 18. Steering compartment
19. Compartment towed sonar
20. 57mm AU
21. Navigation bridge
23. A "regatta
24. AP radar SPG-503
25 AP Radar SPS-49 V 5
26 AP navigation radar 1007
27. AP system UYS-503 V
28. AP Radar NA 150
29. AP complex SLQ-503
30 PU SCRC NATO Sea Sparrow
31. AP System Link 14
32. 12.7-mm machine guns
33. TPK SCRC Harpoon
34. 20 mmAU
35. Radome sonar SQS-510 V6

Frigates have a system of chemical and radiation protection. SCE and other military posts have Ballistic protection system, most of them are available on the second deck of the hull. According to calculations of the ship should remain afloat in the preparation of the holes of up to 20 m t. E. In case of flooding of two adjacent compartments.
fairing GAS podkilnym adopted and placed closer to the middle part, which enhances the efficiency of the CEO in heavy seas. DH ship shifted on the nose, which improves its handling. Rudder and screws are ice protection system, most of the mechanisms are hidden under the upper deck or covered with shields. Provides for protection of weapons and equipment of the upper deck against waves and ice. For example, before a 57-mm situated UE breakwater. Ice belt at the waterline allows the use of a ship in difficult ice conditions. Small sail area can withstand strong up to 50 m/s crosswind. To reduce over-livaemosti upper deck of the tank is tilted toward the nose, and the board and have a great bulwarks collapse.
In the battle tract AU 120 are the first shots.
In 1999, the CEO upgraded to SQS-510. In 2002, will be set active-passive low-frequency sonar TIAPS. Perhaps after 2002 four ships will be converted into air defense frigates and get SAM collective defense "Standard" and SAM "Sea Sparrow" extended range.

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