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Type of Fridtjof Nansen, etc.. SMP 6068-5 units in the building

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FREGAT FRIDTJOF NANSEN computer graphics

basic technical ELEMENTS

Displacement, t:
standard 3700
full view of possible
installation of additional weapons. 4600 |> 121
Main dimensions, m:
at length overall KB .. 132,0 121,4
the greatest width at KVL. 16.8 <1 °, 9
sediment at full displacement. 4,9
Main propulsion:
type. diesel turbine
x number of type GTE-
- the total capacity, l. 1 LM 2500-21,000
the number x Tin BP-
- The total capacity l. 2 * BAZAN BRAVO 12V-12,000
the number of propellers 2 CPP
x number of power nasal
thrusters, l. with .. 1 13 October
Speed, knots
26 largest
the highest under DD.18
Crew. provided 120,146 locations
Complex of anti-ship missiles:
complex type the number of PU PU type of guide February 1 TPK
boekomplek] 8 1IKP
anti-aircraft missile system:
type of the complex .. "Sea Sparrow"
the number of PU`s directing style PU 3 8 CPG Mk 41 J
96 ammunition missiles "Evolved Sea Sparrows
Hg Some Iller a computer eksy:
Included Quantity the number of AU 1 40/57 "BoIors"
x number of AU AU trunks type 2x1-12,7-mm
backup OESU for 76-and 40-mm AU "Vigy 20"
the number of TAs pipe type x 2 x 3 TA-324 th Mk 32 mod. 5
type torpedoes .. "Stingray"
deep bomby..predusmotreno location for
the number of type x Helicopter 1 x NFH-90 or SH-60/70
equipment runway. Lighting
type hangar deck
radar detection VTs AN/SPY-IF systems Link 11,
Link 16/22, MCC1S and SATCOM
SU SAM and AC 2 Mk 99
radar navigation. 2 x "Litton"
recognition system "-another`s." Mk 12
passive means REB, .. "Tegta"
Complex EW. CS-3701
with the CEO podkilnoy antenna. MRS 2000
sonar towed antenna .. "Captas" Mk II VI
`* Including air group of 10 people.
* established a CPG 8 32 ammunition containers with missiles and space has been reserved for another two TLU
`* Space for placement.
New frigates Norwegian Navy frigates are designed to replace the type of Oslo. Work on the project, known as SMP 6088, launched in May 1997 Contract for the construction of five ships was signed on June 23, 2000 in Bergen, Norway with the firm "E. N. Bazan "Spain and" Lockheed Martin "US.
The ship is a smaller version of the frigate type F-100 cm. Section of frigates of Spain and is the smallest ship, with a system of AEGIS. The focus of the project has been given the perfect uniform system of electronic warfare guns n 1WS, which is based on ASBU AEGIS CMS company "Lockheed Martm", which includes management subsystem antisubmarine and antiship weapon, developed by "Konsberg Defence" Norway. The main purpose is to combat frigate PA, fighting with the enemy in the upper hemisphere is an auxiliary task. To solve the problem PLO intended podkil-nye and active towed GAS-having also paths to detect mines and torpedoes.
Weapons torpedoes and depth charges may be applied as from the boat, hook and shipborne helicopters. At> that WFP provides equipment to the stationing of n to 10-ton helicopter types NFH-90 and SH-60/70, and 15-ton heavy helicopter types EH-101 "Sea King".
In peacetime, the main purpose is to control the frigates of the exclusive economic zone of Norway, so part of the armament 40mm AU, RCD type 2 Mk 41 additional EW system and PLO provided only place to place.

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