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Type Cheng Kung forth. Kwang Nia 1-7 units

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basic technical ELEMENTS

I. Boatswain`s stores 2 Chain locker
3. Corridors
4 Compartment sonar equipment
5. Ballast tanks
6. Radome HAS AN/SQS-56
7. Compartment Shpilevoy machine 8 Fuel Tanks
9. Cellar SAM RIM-66E and SIC RGM-84C
10. PU Mk.13 mod. 4
II. Cubicle gyrocompass
12. Cubicle conditioners
13. Deep-Water System
14. Mine Deep-Water System
15. Cubicle delivery mechanisms Deep-Water System
16. By Warwick personnel
17. Laundry
18. Bilge water tank
19. Auxiliary machinery compartment №1
20. Galley
21. The elevator shaft
22. Dining crew
23. Auxiliary machinery compartment №2
24. Fuel and ballast tanks
25. Engine room
26. Auxiliary machinery compartment №3
27. Aviation fuel tanks
28. Storerooms for provisions
29. Cubicle GPBA
30. Compartment steering gears
31. Martial posts
33. Navigation bridge
34. AP radar Mk 92
35. AP system SLQ-32 V2
36. AP Radar SPS-49 V 5
37. TPK RCC Hsiung Feng II
38. PU Nursi system SRBOC
39. Putting communications and control
40. Cabin officers
41 AP SPS-55 radar
42. Helm radar SPS-49 V
43. Radar antenna post SPG-60
44. Felling duty officer
45. Torpedo cellar
46. Cellar 76 mm cartridges
47. 76-mm gun mount
48. Flues
49. Cubicle fan machines
50. Cellar 20-mm cartridges
51. ZAC Vulkan Phalanx
52. Hangar
53. Homepage-command post
54. 40-mm gun mount

Main dimensions, m:
length overall. 138,1
Breadth .. 13,7
sediment at full displacement 4,5
the outermost part of the sediment 7,5
Home Energy Installation:
the type of gas turbine afterburner + march
x number of type GTE-
- the total capacity, l. p. 2 x GE LM 2500-41,000
the number of rowing vintov..1 CPP
number Deep-Water System-total capacity, l. p. 2-650
Speed is greatest bondage. 29
The cruising range of 20 kt course, mili..4 500
Crew. including 234 officers, 15
Complex of anti-ship missiles:
type complex. "Hsiung Feng II"
the number of PU`s directing style PU 2x4 TPK ammunition 8 RCC
anti-aircraft missile system:
type complex "Standard SM-1"
the number of PU`s guides Type IP lxl Mk 13 mod. 4 ammunition type SAM 40 RIM-66E-5
the number of AU`s trunks type AU. 1 x 1-76/62 "GTR Me1aga"
the number of AU`s trunks type AU.2 x 1-40/70 "Bofors"
SU Mk 13 mod. 4
x number of AU AU trunks type 1x1-20-mm Mk 76 15 "Vulcan/Phalanx"
x number of AU AU trunks type 3x1-20 mm Toure 75
& nbsp ; Antisubmarine:
the number of TA TA x pipe type 2 x 3-324 mm Mk 32 mod. 5
Mk 46 torpedoes type modes. 5
SU Mk 114 Mk 309 Mod. 1
x number of type 2 helicopters x "Seahawk" S-70C M system LAMPS III
equipment runway. Lighting
with the system forced landing RAST
... stationary type hangar, deck
VTS radar detection AN/SPS-49 V 5
radar detection NC and navigation AN/SPS-55
SU ASM, SAM and AU. Mk 92 Mod. 6 radar 417 STIR
active agents REP. SLQ-32 V 2
passive means REP
the number of PU`s guides. SRBOC 2 x 6 mm PU-130 Mk 36
with the CEO podkilnoy antenna. AN/SOS-56
with the CEO GPBA .. AN/SQR-18A
anti-torpedo protection system .. SLQ-25/"Nixie"
The contract for the construction of Taiwan American license two frigates type Ingra-ham modes. Oliver H. Perry was signed May 8, 1989 This program, known as the "Flight", included the creation of groups of surface ships with a powerful anti-aircraft and anti-submarine weapons, capable of ensuring the security of transport communications in the event of armed conflict with mainland China. In mid-1990, the number of units in the series was increased to seven. These plans are called program "Flight I". The program of building eight ships Top Tien as drafting multipurpose frigates with advanced combat capabilities, known as "FIight II", has been postponed due to lack of funds.
In contrast to the prototype, on Cheng Kipd originally intended to base helicopters "Seahawk" S-70C M system LAMPS III. In addition, the SCRC "Nagroop" was replaced by the SCRC "Hsiung Feng II" Taiwanese production and anti-aircraft armament supplemented by two 40-mm Single-use "Vogogz" who are able to deal effectively with low-flying targets. Accordingly been modified electronic weapons. However, the leadership of Taiwan Navy believes that Cheng Kipd has a weak anti-aircraft weapons. Ship design was also criticized for its lack of universal artillery.

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