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Anti-aircraft missiles in Italy and France

2017-03-20 00:00:00

"Aster". For complex developed several GIs. Currently, there is really one of them with radar UO "Arabel". VTS detection range-100 km NLTS-50 km. SU can track up to 120 goals, 60 of them to accompany, to allocate the 10 most dangerous.
Albatros analogue of the complex produced in China under the designation LY-60N. Unlike Italian, Chinese missile has a length of 3.89 m, a speed of about 1000 m/s and reach heights of 30 to 12,000 m Modifications management system depends on the ship`s control system owned oruzhiem-. Mod 2 WSA-4, Mod 3 NA 10, Mod 5 NA 21, Mod 7 NA 30, Mod 8 WSA-420, Mod 9, WM 25, Mod 10 1802AS, Mod 11 and Mod 200 9LV 12 Vega II SAM can be easily adapted SAM SAM RIM-7M Mk 57 NATO "Sea Sparrows

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