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Being isolated from the international community in connection with the policy the apartheid regime of South Africa to decide the question ensure its security. To combat the People`s Liberation Movement in neighboring countries, the South African army carried out raids on their territories. B Due to the need to carry out long marches mainly in off-road use has acquired special significance wheeled armored vehicles, which provides strategic mobility and high throughput. Quick and reliable, these machines were well armed and protected by mines and bullets small arms. Classical type of this machine was the armored personnel carrier Ratel wheel formula 6x6, pictured here in the form of command and staff machine. CSV is equipped with special equipment for six people, has twin tower with machine guns for self-defense and the observation tower on it.


Family housing machines Ratel is a steel welded construction provides protection against 7.62 mm bullets and shrapnel shells and mines. The frontal armor withstand armor-piercing bullets hit 12.7 mm. Hull construction provides a high level of mine protection, which is an important factor in the semi-guerrilla operations against rebel groups, for which mine warfare was one of the main ways to fight, as they could quietly and easily lay mines on dirt roads.
The driving position is located in the center of the bow of the machine. Provided good review through the front and two side of bulletproof glass that can be covered with a lid if necessary with armored controlled one handle. In this case the driver watches the terrain three periscopes. Above the driver`s seat there is a hatch that opens to the left.
Directly behind the driver`s seat is installed on the roof of the body double Tower. Turret rotation is carried out manually with a mechanical actuator. B tower mounted 12.7-mm machine gun Browning M2NV South African designation- L4 and coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun, and on its board-81-mm grenade launchers for smoke-screens, two on each. On the roof of the tower are located near two towers-the commander of the tower and arrow-to monitor the environment situation with open back hatch covers.
Machine independent suspension with coil springs and powerful hydraulic shock absorbers, transverse and longitudinal levers. Are controlled only the front wheels. The front axle has a steering damper and intermediate pitman arm. The car is all-wheel drive. The drive used cross-axle limited slip differentials and interaxial. Two front-wheel drive equipped with hydropneumatic brakes, and four rear-rotor. Steel wheels, tires, size 14.00 x 20 have inserts for run-flat wheels.


Landing South African infantrymen in Ratel infantry combat vehicles. Machine with wheel formula 6x6 was developed by Sendok-Austral and meet such requirements, such as high permeability, range 1000 km and high reliability under all operating conditions.


All machines are equipped with a family of Ratel 6-cylinder diesel engine turbocharged and liquid cooled Büssing D 3256 BTXF capacity of 210 kW 282 l. p. 2200 vol./min. The engine compartment is located in the rear of the machine to the left. At the back of a radiator cover, and roof hatches are available for engine maintenance. Capacity internal fuel tanks is 430 liters. Automatic Transmission Renk HSU 106 has 6 forward and 2 reverse.
Ratel IFV troop compartment accommodates up to eight fully-equipped infantrymen. Access to the office and dismounting are carried out through two large side doors with pneumatic actuator located on the sides of the compartment management and equipped with glass blocks and battlements, and the door to the aft the right of the engine compartment. On each side there are three glass block and loopholes. In the roof of the troop compartment has four hatch that can be fixed upright. Pass over to the back door and there are two rectangular and one round hatch. Next to last, you can install a 7.62 mm gun.
The internal layout of the command-staff vehicle Ratel can accommodate six officers. The extra equipment includes three radio stations, recording equipment, intercom system, internal speakers handsfree translational system, Tablet mast with pneumatic control.

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