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Soviet BRDM-1 with the wheel formula 4x4 after crossing water obstacles. Movement afloat at a rate of up to 9 km/h was achieved through the jet, installed in the rear of the hull. To overcome the obstacles to cross areas used training wheels placed on the sides between front and rear axles.
After the Second World War, the main intelligence machine Soviet Army for several years remained armored car BA-64, developed in 1942. Since the late 1950s, it was replaced by a military reconnaissance car BRDM-1 with the wheel formula 4x4. This floating Machine also comes in the army countries-participants of the Warsaw Pact and a number of African States and the Middle East. In the Soviet Army to replace BRDM-1 soon came in the more advanced version of the BRDM-2. Power pack at BRDM-1 is located in front of the housing, then place the mechanics-the driver and commander, was in the aft equipped with a small crew compartment. Embarkation and disembarkation of the crew carried out through the top hatches. Between the bridges on both sides were additional wheels that have the automatic transmission and fell at overcoming ditches, trenches or areas with loose soil.
The machine was installed centralized system swap tire pressure. B Depending on where had to move, a driver could reduce pressure on sandy soil or increase for driving on roads with a firm coating. Movement afloat ensured water propeller installed centered aft hull, the maximum speed was 9 km/h. Before entering the water in front of the raised plate special, protects vision devices from flooding, while the pump is switched on mover. Standard armament BRDM-1 includes a machine gun 7.62 mm, which is mounted in the upper part of the body on the turret that ensured Guidance horizontal sector of 90 ° to 45 ° left and right from the center line, and vertically from-6 ° to + 23,5 °. Ammunition was 1070 rounds. Some machines were armed with two machine guns-in front of a turret set DShKM 12.7 mm, and in the stern-7.62 mm.

Special applications

Modification BRDM-U is a special machine control and distinguished by the fact that it was installed additional means of communication, BRDM-1rhb intended to conduct radiation, chemical and bacteriological exploration and indicate the boundaries of the contaminated areas with special signs. B stern had a special container with flags of different colors according to the type of infection to sharp metal peaks which fires down 90 ° and driven into the ground. On the BRDM-1 may be established three types of ATGM. Originally used launchers of anti-tank missiles ZM6 Bumblebee with a range of up to 2500 m. Three rockets were mounted on the package guide, which was stowed inside the armored housing, and in the battle rises. Then, a model where the package included four guide ATGM ZM11 phalanx with a range of up to 3,000 m this option only available in the Soviet Army and the Army of the Warsaw Contract. On later models was installed package of six guides ATGM 9M14 Baby range of up to 3000 m with additional ammunition in the fighting compartment. These tethered rocket became famous after the Arab-Israeli war of 1973, it was possible to run both from the fighting BRDM branch, and with the remote control unit placed at a distance up to 80 m from the war machine.


In the foreground BRDM-1 with four Phalanx anti-tank, in the background-BRDM-1 with three ATGM Bumblebee. First range up to 3,000 m, the second-up to 2500 m. Both missiles were shaped-charge warhead.


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