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M4A2 "Sherman III"

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Medium Tank M4A2 became the third modification of the basic model, "Sherman". Unlike its predecessor, the M4A1 with the riveted tower in the car decided to return to the welded turret, similar to that established in the early editions of the M4. Powerplant M4A2 type 6046 the company "General Motors" includes two diesel engines 6-71, which is driven crawler tape drives through its side. M4A2 tank production was organized in factories corporation "General Motors", "Pullman Standard" and "Federal Waelder". There were built 11,283 tanks of this type, including the 8053 machine gun, 75 mm and 3230-from 76.2 mm gun. M4A2 tanks were delivered to the Soviet Union and Great Britain under Lend-Lease. In the UK, they are assigned the symbol "Sherman III" with 75-mm cannon and "Sherman Sha" with 76.2-mm cannon. Below are pictures and a description of the model, "Sherman III".

On the lateral view clearly shows that the body armor made narrowed towards the stern. Tower, rotating at 360 °, was installed as the electro-hydraulic drive and manual. Gun and coaxial machine gun were pointing angle vertically from-10 ° to + 25 °, guidance could be carried out hydraulically or manually. All members of the crew, except for the arrow machine gun course, had its own rotary periscopes, provide a good overview of the tank hatches closed. We gunner periscope hairline coincides with the line of sight weapons. Chassis included three trolleys mounted on shock absorbers on each side with two guys road wheels and the drive wheel, sloth, three support rollers and track tape, consisting of 158 shoe width 419 mm.

View from above shows the location of manholes crew members. The tower housed three people left loader right from the breech guns and ahead-gunner, commander of him. Hatches between the tower is installed anti-aircraft machine gun M2NV 12.7 mm. On the left side of the tower had a special hatch through which the ammunition loaded and ejected cartridge cases, and if necessary, charging could be made through the open hatch fire from personal weapons. The right of the 75-mm gun M3 installed coaxial machine gun M1919A4 7.62 mm. On the tower are often installed smoke grenade caliber 51 mm.

Frontal projection shows the angular forms the body, which was due to the need for swift and mass production. In the body there were three hatches, one at the bottom of the tank, designed for emergency escape car, and two in the upper part of the front-for the mechanics of-driver`s left and right arrow machine gun course. As the exchange rate is usually used M1919A4 machine gun "Browning" 7.62 mm.

One of the little-known facts of World War II is that the US supplied weapons "liberation of the French army." These tanks entered service M4 French tank in North Africa. The picture was taken before the start of the exercise.

M4 "Sherman" in action

Tank M4 does not have unique combat abilities, but this disadvantage is more than compensated for its reliability, as well as a large number of cars produced. The basic model of the M4 "Sherman I" was equipped with a welded turret and engine R-975 "Continental" was released 8289 such machines. Modification M4A1 "Sherman II" differed riveted tower was made 9677 units. Model M4A2 "Sherman III <• had a welded turret and diesel engine 6046" General Motors ", was built 11,283 of the tank. Modification M4A3" Sherman IV "was equipped with a gasoline engine" Ford GAA ", all were released 11 424 such samples. Model M4A4 "Sherman V" had an elongated body, aft of which on one platform were installed five 6-cylinder petrol engine car "Chrysler." In Canada, based on the M4 M4A5 tank released. The latest in the series has become a model M4A6 "Sherman VI", which M4A4 differed from the diesel engine RD-1820 the company "Ordnance". It was built only 75 such tanks.

Above. By the time of the Normandy landings in 1944. M4 crews were already heard that the Germans have a powerful anti-tank weapons. To improve the survivability using different solutions, including strengthening the protection of the frontal part of the body by placing the spare tracks tracks like this tank.

Below. A battalion of American medium tanks M4 in France. Based on the location of equipment, in January 1945, the Allies no longer feared a sudden attack of the Germans or the enemy air attacks and not masked.

Above. Column British amphibious tanks "Sherman" DD model with two propellers imprinted on the eve of D-Day June 6, 1944. The main body of the tank can be seen encircling the inflatable pontoons, which when moving afloat increased buoyancy tank. DD amphibious tanks model helped spur the landing of Allied troops from amphibious ships, but they had many technical flaws and a lot of cars at the landing went down.
However, when they crossed the small water obstacles these tanks proved to be quite good. The system can be fixed propellers and other types of tanks, but in the UK has become the standard floating tank is "Sherman".

To The Left. MLRs T34 mounted on tank chassis M4 is a powerful direct fire support. The unit consists of 60 guides caliber 114 mm, the fire could lead both single shots and gulp. Four package guides mounted on the turret of the tank, pointing horizontally done by turning the tower, and vertically-the rise of the gun.

M4 medium tanks were widely used by US troops in the summer of 1944, especially in operations in the north-west Europe. Left Rear seen half-track conveyor M3. Of course, M4 conceded in its combat capabilities German "Tiger" and "Panther", but there were many, and the Allies had no problems with the fuel.

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