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Tank Destroyer "Nashorn"

2017-12-24 00:00:00

Tank Destroyer SdKfz 164 "Hornis" was the first car in its class equipped with 88-mm cannon Cancer 43/1, and had a chassis like a self-propelled howitzer "Hummel".
By the middle of the Second World War in Germany have developed many options quickly create the required number of tank destroyers. Some of them have been implemented in practice. An example is the creation of a special tracked vehicle, which was originally intended to be installed in her 150-mm field howitzer and received the designation "gen-shyuttsvagen-lll/IV", as its base includes elements of the chassis tank T-III and T-IV. Despite the urgent need for self-propelled howitzer, it was decided to establish on the basis of this machine tank destroyer with 88 mm anti-tank gun Cancer 43. The first such machine, designated Cancer 43/1 auf GW III/IV, or SdKfz 164 were released in 1943. They had other names-the official "Nashorn" "Rhinoceros" and more common in the army unofficial "Hornis" "Hornet".
"Nashorn" was a classic for many tank destroyers of the time the layout-the gun was covered front and sides armor plate, top and rear protection was not. The result was a fairly high silhouette and therefore masking the car turned to her crew in the challenge. If this lack of self-propelled howitzer has not played a significant role, the tank destroyer it seriously complicates the implementation of its main combat mission-to fight the enemy tanks. Therefore, "Nashorn" is often applied to the positions separated by distance of not less than 2 km away, while most of the other tank destroyers usually operated with a much smaller distances.
The crew consisted of five people. The driver was placed in isolation in front of the chassis, and four members of the gun crew-in the fighting compartment, covered front and sides with thin armor plate, and top with a tarpaulin. The bulk of ammunition, which consisted of 40 shells, also located in the fighting compartment in the racks. There were several gunner sights, including artillery panoramic sight. Subsequently gun Cancer 43 was replaced almost identical Cancer 43/41. For self-defense machine gun and there were at least two machines crew members.
Most of the tank destroyers "Nashorn" produced at the plant of the company "Deutsche Ayzenverke" in the greenhouse-Shona and Duisburg, just 473 were built such machines. Due to its guns "Nashorn" has become a powerful weapon, but the bulkiness prevented him to be a real fighter tanks. Its serial production began only because of the lack of a viable alternative, as is later made "Yagdpantser".

The picture shows the captured allies "Nashorn". Clearly visible its size relative standing on it Soldier. Part of the work platform and side armor plates removed.

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