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Category Frigates  

Type Talwar ave. 11356-3 units
BASIC ELEMENTS TAKTIKO-TEXHICHESKIE Displacement, t: standard 3620 full 4035 Main dimensions, m: at length overall KVL 124,8 115,0 Breadth by aerial cable. 15,2 14,2 sediment at full displacement.

Pin Klao type Cannon-1 unit
FREGAT PIN KLAO basic technical ELEMENTS Displacement, t: standard. 1240 full 1930 Main dimensions, m: length naibolshaya.93,3 the greatest width.

The frigates are the largest ships of the fleet Malaysia. They are designed primarily to control the country`s exclusive economic zone.

Type Hermenegildo Galeana [Bronstein-2 units
basic technical ELEMENTS Displacement, t : standard 2360 full .. 2650 1. Radome SQS-26 sonar AXR 2. 76mm AU 3 PU PARK ASROC 4. Post ammunition loading and receiving of goods on the move in the sea 5. The antenna system SATCOM * 6. Post SUAOMk 56 AP radar Mk 35 7. AP funds REP WLR-1, WLR-3 and ULQ-6 * 8. AP Radar SPS-40D 9. AP Radar SPS-10F-10324 .mmTA 11. WFP helicopter 12. 57mm AU * will be set to the beginning of hostilities FREGAT HERMENEGILDO GALEANA Main dimensions, m: length overall 113,2 width naibolshaya.12,3 sediment at full displacement 4,1 the outermost part of the precipitate.

Type Ulsan forth. HDF-2000-9 units
1. Radome GAS DE 1167 2. Radome GAS PHS-32 3. 76mm AU 4. 40mm AU Breda Compact 5. 40mm AU Emerlec 6. Column OESU L1ROD 7. Column OESU RarJames 2400 8. AP radar ZW06 9. AP Radar SPS-10S 10. AP Radar WM 28 11. AP Radar S 1810 12. AP funds ULQ-11K 13. PU Nursi system SRBOC 14. AP radar DA 05 15. AP system SATCOM 16. TPK SCRC Harpoon 17. 324 mm TA 18. AP CyOST1802 19. Release gear basic technical ELEMENTS Displacement, t: standard 1496 1940`` full 2180, 2300 `* Main dimensions, m: at length overall KVL 105 98,0 the greatest width.

Italy is an active member of NATO and has significant Navy. A well-developed industry allows you to build ships of all classes, not only for its own fleet, but also for export. Frigates assigned the role of multi-purpose ships: they can, along with the destroyers, a member of the percussion and search-and-percussion groups to form such a group on their own, to take part in escorting ships and amphibious groups.

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