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Category Frigates  

Type Chao Phraya forth. 06ZHTi 053NTH-4 units
FREGAT BANGPAKONG basic technical ELEMENTS & nbsp ; Displacement, t: standard. 1676 full. 1924 Main dimensions, m: overall length of 103.2 Breadth 10,8 sediment at full displacement 3,1 Main propulsion : type.

Type Greenhalgh Broadsword
FREGAT GREENHALGH FREGAT DODSWORTH 1. 57mm AU 2. PU SAM Sea Wolf 3. Post reception and transmission of cargo at sea 4. PU 130 mm Nursi 5. AP Radar Type 911 6. AP navigation radar Type 1006 7. AP radar type 967/968 8. AP system type 670 9. PU SCRC Exocet 10. 324 mm TA 11. AP System Link YB basic technical ELEMENTS Displacement, t: standard.

Type Niels Juel-3 units
FREGAT PETER TORDENSKIOLD LONGITUDINAL SECTION frigate OLFERT FISCER 1. Skipper pantry 2. Compartment Shpilevoy machine 3-Corridor 4. Kubrick personnel and officers cabins 5. Bow diesel engine room, gearbox and diesel generator 6. GTE aft engine room and two diesel generator 7. Starboard bow torpedo compartment 8. Steering compartment 9. Chain locker 10. Storage cellar for provisions 11 76-mm rounds 12. Posts acousticians 13. Toplinnye tank 14. Flow fuel tank 15. 76mm AU 16. BIP 17. Radio room 18. Wardroom 19. Navigation bridge 20. Post optoelectronic system 9LV200 21 Antenna post system 9LV200 22. AP radar 9GR 600 23. AP radar Mil 009 24. AP radar AWS 5 25. 20-mm 26.TPK SCRC Harpoon 27. AP system SATCOM 28. PU SAM Sea Sparrow 29. GAS fairing PMS 26 basic technical ELEMENTS Displacement, t: standard.

Because of the unresolved territorial issue, Pakistan is trying to maintain its armed forces, and in particular the Navy, on par with India.

Type Norfolk Duke pr. 23-16 units
basic technical ELEMENTS Displacement, t : standard. 3500 full. 4200 Main dimensions, m: at length overall KVL. 133 122,7 width! largest lb, I the precipitate at full vodoizmeschenii.

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