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BTR-50 to date are outdated, but due to its reliability, ease of and good performance are still in service in a number of countries.

Heavy Tank Mk IV "Churchill"
Tank "Churchill" was developed to meet the requirements "trench warfare". It was a low-speed, but well armored vehicle. Since 1943, on the basis of this tank were created numerous special machines.

Tank Destroyer "Archer"
although facing backwards gun "Archer" and bring some inconvenience, this arrangement gave the car an advantage when applying the ambush, when it was possible to quickly change the position, not taking the time to turn.

Infantry fighting vehicle M-80
On the picture, taken before the collapse of Yugoslavia, BMP M-80 in the parade. The tower shows two ATGM Baby. Use the same engine as in French AMX-10P. The first Yugoslav armored vehicle of its own design and production became M60R.

The combat employment of tanks in Vietnam
The onset and maintenance During the Vietnam War, tanks were used in various capacities, but there is practically no classic tank battles. Basically tanks used for clearing passages in the jungle, destroying enemy pockets of resistance and support columns.

Finland purchased as BMP-1 in the picture, and BMP-2. BMP-1 were actively participation in the Arab-Israeli war of 1973, in the fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and Angola.

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