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M4A2 "Sherman III"
Medium Tank M4A2 became the third modification of the basic model, "Sherman". Unlike its predecessor, the M4A1 with the riveted tower in the car decided to return to the welded turret, similar to that established in the early editions of the M4. Powerplant M4A2 type 6046 the company "General Motors" includes two diesel engines 6-71, which is driven crawler tape drives through its side.

Heavy armored car SdKfz 231 8-Rad
The battlefields of North Africa became the ideal place to test German armored reconnaissance units. Ahtrad act in front of a tank column Rommel`s Afrika Korps, providing troops necessary information.

Tank Destroyer "Nashorn"
Tank Destroyer SdKfz 164 "Hornis" was the first car in its class equipped with 88-mm cannon Cancer 43/1, and had a chassis like a self-propelled howitzer "Hummel". By the middle of the Second World War in Germany have developed many options quickly create the required number of tank destroyers.

Main Battle Tank T-80
Due to the gas turbine power plant T-80 was the fastest Soviet tank, but a large fuel consumption significantly limited cruising range. In the late 1970s, the Soviet Army began to come more advanced T-80 tanks.

The development of Soviet tank
MBT period Cold War Evolution of Soviet tank after 1945 and before the end of the Cold War in the late 1980s was marked by the creation of a number of very notable models. The characteristic features of Soviet tanks became low silhouette, teardrop-shaped tower a slight negative angle pointing guns, powerful armor protection, gradually increasing the caliber of the main armament, the introduction of modern fire control systems.

Leopard 1A4
As a British Chieftain, German main battle tank Leopard 1 was developed in the second half of the 1950s in connection with the threat of a breakthrough tank units Eastern European countries led by the Soviet Union through the North German plain deep into Europe.

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