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Armored Tipo-6614
Armored vehicle type-6614 armored car and type-6616 to overcome water barrier. Both machines have a design in many common components and assemblies. BTR Troopers can carry 10 people and is armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun.

Main battle tanks Merkava Mk 1
and Mk 2 Israeli tank Merkava Mk 1 is armed with a 105 mm gun, which American M48A5 and M60. Baptism of fire tank took in 1982 in Lebanon. B aft compartment housing can be placed Marines wounded on stretchers or extra ammo.

In the BTR-152 was used wheel formula 6x6. Thanks to the swap pressure a driver could change the tire pressure depending on the type soil, which increases the permeability.

Armored YP-408
This YP-48MT tows French 120-mm mortar Brandt and transports calculation mortar of seven and ammunition 50 minutes. Commander of the machine is simultaneously shooter 12.7-mm machine guns M2NV.

Main battle tanks K1 and K1A1
Above. In its layout resembles K1A1 American M1 Abrams, however, equipped with a diesel engine. According to its characteristics, this Korean OBT one of the best modern tanks of the world.

Tank "Ram" MK I and MK II
In 1939, Canada had no armored forces, but soon they were created, and decided to equip them with the tanks of its own design. In established tank "Ram" to use the chassis of the American M3, but instead of the outdated sponsons established a rotating turret.

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