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/ MAUSER ZIG ZAG / Date 1878 / The Zig-Zag is a six-shot.43 revolver, with a top - /origin Germany Hinged frame. Diagonal

English rook and rabbit rifle
/ english rook and rabbit rifle / date /origin / weight /barrel / caliber 1860 UK 3% Lb 1.63 Kg 25 In 63.5 Cm .37 In / Rook and rabbit pies were popular meals in Victorian / Britain, and the type of simple small-bore rifle used to shoot both rooks and rabbits took their name as its own.

English hunting rifle
/ english hunting rifle / date /origin / weight /barrel `caliber 1700 England 12 Lb 5.4 Kg 55 In 140 Cm .75 In / This fine English hunting rifle has a / beautifully grained rosewood stock and an J Exceptionally long barrel, and would have Been used for hunting deer or similar large Game.

Pipe pistol
/pipe pistol / date /origin / weight /barrel `caliber 1939-45 UK Not known Not known Not known Common items carried on the person were capable of being transformed into lethal / firing devices.

Infanteriegewehr m1888
/ infanteriegewehr m1888 / date /origin / weight /barrel /caliber 1888 Germany 8% Lb 3.82 Kg 29 In 74 Cm 7.92 Mm X 57 When it came to replacing the M71/84 the / German Army set up a specification commission but the characteristics of new 7.92 mm ammunition had been misunderstood, leading to many burst barrels.

Wheellock carbine
/wheellock carbine / date 1650 / Made by German gunmaker Hans Ruhr, this /origin Germany / wheellock features a short, flattened butt.

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