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Lefaucheux pin-fire revolver
/ lefaucheux pin-fire revolver / date 1853 / Casimir Lefaucheux invented the pin-fire /origin France Cartridge in the mid-1830s, and his son / weight /barrel 2" Lb 0.95 Kg 514 In 13.5 Cm / Eugene later produced a six-shot, double-- Action revolver for it in 12 mm caliber.

/ GABBETT-FAIRFAX "MARS" / date 1898 Perhaps inspired by the Mauser`s success, /origin UK Hugh Gabbett-Fairfax wanted to produce / weight /barrel 3% Lb 1.55 Kg 11% In 26.5 Cm / a super-powerful pistol; the result was the Mars.

/MATCHLOCK PISTOL / date C.1800 Matchlock pistols were a rarity in Europe, but /origin Northern India Were manufactured in small numbers in Asia.

/AUSTRIAN FLINTLOCK / date C.1690 / Made in Vienna by Lamarre, this /origin Austria Ornate holster pistol, though cer

/ THE GATLING GUN date /origin / weight /length Caliber 1865 US 1 ton 950 kg 13 ft 3.25 m 1 in Early versions of the Gatling Gun were mounted on carriages, just like conventional field guns.

/JERICHO 941 / Date 1990 / The short-recoil operated Jericho 941 entered /origin Israel Production with Israeli Military Industries IMI / Weight /Barrel Caliber 2% Lb 1 Kg 4% In 12 Cm 9 Mm /.41 AE In 1990.

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