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/ hand-gonne / DATE C.1500 / Although basic, this hand-gonne is very /origin Europe Well made, with a strong hexagonal iron / WEIGHT /BARREL /CALIBER Not known Not known Not known / barrel, a contoured iron hook and a well­—7 Fitted stave.

Lee-enfield rifle number 4 mark 1
/ lee-enfield rifle number 4 mark 1 I DATE / ORIGIN / WEIGHT / LENGTH CALIBER 1939 UK 9 lb 4 kg 25 in 64 cm .303 in The new Lee-Enfield differed very little From the model it replaced.

Wheellock pistols were never destined to become mass-market firearms, although they did draw out official concern—the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I banned their use in 1517, and several other monarchs followed suit.

/ COLT MODEL 1873 SINGLE-ACTION ARMY / DATE 1873 The Colt SAA married the single-action lock of / ORIGIN US The Dragoon model to a bored-through cylinder / WEIGHT /BARREL / CALIBER 2% Lb 1.1 Kg 7% In 19 Cm .45 In In a solid frame, into which the barrel was screwed.

/ FN MAG GPMG / DATE / ORIGIN /LENGTH /BARREL / CALIBER 1958 Belgium 40% In 104 Cm 21% In 55 Cm 7.62 Mm NATO / The MAG Mitrailleuse д Gaz, produced by FN, / used a modified form of the locking system / developed by John Browning for his Automatic Rifle; this was mated to the feed mechanism of the MG42.

Although silencers, or "suppressors" as they are otherwise known, do reduce the report of a gun considerably—some by as much as 90 per cent—they do not obliterate the sound entirely.

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