• Browning BR9

  • very powerful six-caliber revolver 9 mm. The trigger mechanism is double action. Ba - Raban leans to the left, for the extraction of spent cartridges Applies central extractor spring.

  • Browning FN GPDA

  • Made very accurately and carefully copy the Belgian - Skbgo 9mm pistol Browning FN high-power - particular, manufactured by Fabrique national under G. Liege in 1935 (during the Second World War with - were armed as a German SS troops and the troops Allies). Gas option is available caliber 8 mm or .315.

  • BTR-15V1

  • BTR-152 was the first Soviet armored vehicle - before the war, the Red Army had no such machines. First, this machine was demonstrated in 1951, it is a Protected armored truck ZIS-151.

  • BTR-40

  • BTR-40 adopted in 1950. Base for him was GAZ-43 truck wheel circuit 4x4. Machine could be transported 8 soldiers and was part of the Soviet doctrine massed armored attacks, supported by infantry.

  • Buccaneer S-2B

  • After April 1957 White Paper on Defence announced manned bombers obsolete weapons, the only British aircraft avoid cancellation became Blackburn B-103.


  • Many years Brazilian Marines used for . transport troops from ship to shore American Transporters DUKW World War II. However, a 1970s these machines obsolete.

  • CDL (Canal Defence Light)

  • basic idea machine SDL (the name was chosen to preserve the secrecy of the project) was installed in the turret of a powerful searchlight to illuminate the battlefield at night. First, in the mid 30s, the idea was controversial, but at the end of 1939 the British had prepared such a setup for production.

  • Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1000-1200 gg

  • in XI-XII centuries Ceylon often invaded troops Tamil kingdoms of South India. About 1017-1070 years the island was ruled by the dynasty of the Cholas, although uprising against foreign rulers erupted regularly.

  • Centurion AVRE

  • V1960-ies tanks Centurion Mk 5 AVRE replaced WWII tank Churchill AVRE and steel main engineering machine in the British Army. Based On the chassis Centurion battle tank, armed with heavy AVRE snub weapon to destroy bunkers and dozer knife for clearing blockages.


  • Western church In theory, the Catholic Church has consistently opposed the cruelty and violence that prevailed in Europe in the Middle Ages.

  • CF-5 Freedom Fighter

  • After the government of Canada has chosen for its air force plane Northrop F-5, the company Canadair Limited in Montreal, has been granted the right to produce these aircraft under license in two versions, a single CF-5A and double CF-5D. Canadair has made numerous improvements to the aircraft structure, the most important of which was a more powerful engine.

  • CF-105 Arrow

  • Arrow History is very similar to the history of TSR-2. Both projects have shown excellent results in the early stages of testing in the mid-1950s, and both were stopped - because most development companies in those years, suddenly decided that era came to an end interceptors.

  • Char Assaut Schneider

  • Schneider Tank was designed as bronetraktor towing armored infantry sleigh through the German trenches on the Western Front. It was created based on the American farm tractor Holt, the first of these machines were used in the mid-1917 Gasoline tanks were very vulnerable to enemy fire and easily catch fire.

  • Challenger 1

  • Tank Challenger 1 was adopted in 1982 as a replacement Chiftenu. It reflected the idea of British design tank with heavy armor and weapons.

  • Challenger-2

  • Model Challenger 2 - Russian main battle tank Army now. Its body is similar to the Challenger 1, But layout has changed dramatically, and the tower was redesigned to equip more modern weapons in many respects this machine is completely new tank.

  • Chevrolet C60L

  • car Chevrolet C-60L has become one of the largest Trucks which were issued during the Second World War Canada for the British Army and the Commonwealth.

  • Chita

  • having a great similarity with the Israeli Kfir aircraft, airplane Chita appeared in response to the international embargo imposed on South Africa in 1977 and prevent renewal of outdated aircraft South African Mirage III.

  • Civil, model 98

  • gas gun Trigger-striker type with an open layout chickens - Roo. Handle ensures a comfortable position in the gun Hand and allows one to perceive all this energy shot - Ma powerful gun.

  • CL-41G-5 Tebuan (CL-41 Tutor)

  • Model CT-114 Tutor was a staff training jet aircraft the Canadian Air Force for 30 years. It was the first aircraft designed and manufactured in Canada. Initially, work on the development of the airplane were conducted by private initiative of Canadair, as the Canadian government has not shown interest in the project.

  • Commando Ranger

  • In1979 company Cadillac Gage took a row of American Air Force to manufacture armored vehicles to protect military U.S. bases abroad from attacks of terrorist groups and Maintenance goods.

  • CV-76

  • Fights 1941 showed that Soviet light tanks useless, Since were intended for other purposes. Therefore, it was Resolved join former already in production T-7012 with Notable guns VMS and VMS-3-76 to create highly mobile anti-tank weapons.

  • Ching-kuo IDF

  • Fighter Ching-Kuo was established in Taiwan in response to unexpected restrictions on imports of U.S. combat aircraft. Country nomerovalas replace their obsolete aircraft F-104 Starfighter on the F-20 Tigershark, but the U.S. government has imposed embargo on Taiwan modern as fighters.

  • DAF YA 126

  • YA-126 - a representative of the whole family of vehicles, supplied by DAF Truckee for the army in the Netherlands period after World War II. Production machines began in 1952 and lasted until 1960.

  • DAF YA 4440

  • Between 1977 and 1980, the years the company has set AF Dutch army of about 4,000 trucks UA-4440, after the What for several years was delivered several hundred Such cars.

  • Daimler-Benz G5

  • G series developed by order of the Wehrmacht on the car with terrain. The first models of Daimler - Benz were powerful cars with four driving wheels, but patency still left much to be desired.

  • Daimler Mk I

  • Konstruktsiya these armored cars based on several Projects divorces vaternyh cars Daimler. Externally Very similar to their prototypes, armored car was almost twice heavier, and the tower can accommodate two people.

  • Daimler Intelligence

  • When the end of the 30s began the formation of the first British Armoured Division, was issued an order for the project reconnaissance vehicles with wheel circuit 4x4.

  • DANA

  • Installing DANA was the first wheel self-propelled howitzers, entered service in our time. Wheeler has the advantage over caterpillar that is more cheap and easy in construction, and has a higher strategic mobility.

  • DD Sherman

  • Model Sherman double stroke (DD - Duplex Drive) was A British designers like amphibian For use in large amphibious operations. Designing it began in 1941 - a conventional land Tank visited special inflatable pontoons rubberized Fabrics.

  • Dodge T214

  • Introduced in 1942, the 0.75-ton Dodge T-214 continues the series of T-215. It was somewhat broader and less with large wheels and reinforced suspension.

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