• Dodge T215

  • Company Dodge half-ton truck was the supplier for the U.S. Army. In mid-1940 she was given an order for Supply 14000 machines. Used for military purposes minor changes civic project with all- Four wheel.

  • Dodge WC53

  • Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle Dodge Wc-53 used almost in the same capacity as a conventional SUV. most massive series Dodge T-214 modification Wc-53 applied to intelligence and liaison between the parts.

  • ARMOR Mongol Period 1200-1400 gg

  • Art medieval armorers, part metal processing, slowly but surely perfected, in the XIII century came the innovation of armor made from sheet metal. Originally specially bent iron sheets, protects the vital organs, as well as vulnerabilities, for example, arms and legs, worn under chainmail.

  • DUKW

  • Floating armored DUKW, commonly called Duck (Duck), appeared in 1942. It is created on the basis Truck CHI scheme who had wheeled 6x6, in the hull for Increased seaworthiness.

  • ITS-11

  • V1970, the company began developing EGESA 6x6 Wheeled armored scheme commissioned by the Brazilian Army. Production of these machines, termed Urut began in 1974. ITS-11 - amphibious streamlined body, outrigger pumps and two screws.

  • EKW Bison

  • Originally designed as a civilian truck for undeveloped regions, EKW Bison had wheeled scheme 4x4 And was demonstrated to the public in 1982, and thereafter it adapted for military purposes. Bison is equipped with swimming bags, two screws (mounted on the active suspension to increase maneuverability) and pump automatically pump water when picked holes.

  • Elefant

  • Tank Elsfant project comes from the company Porsche - ready Tank PzKpfw-6 Tiger. But production went another model Tiger - Henschel firm, so it was decided to use Project Porsche as a tank destroyer.

  • ENGESA EE-Tl Osorio

  • Designed for the needs of both internal and external Market, the first prototype was assembled Osorio in 1985. Scheme remained conventional machines - with the laser rangefinders, stabilizers, can fire on the move, infrared sensors, as well as full protection from weapons mass destruction.

  • EURASIA AND MIDDLE EAST weapons and armor

  • same fourth and most important with military, religious - cultural and historical points of view, the process were the Crusades. A new weapon - the crossbow. It was in the full sense of the word hand ballista - weapons, compared with the traditional bow, awkward and much less rapid-fire.

  • F7U-1 Cutlass

  • Fighter Cutlass was constructed in 1946. While designers around the world have relied on the German research on reactive technologies. The design of the aircraft were used on sloping 38 degrees with broad wings ailerons, air brakes and full deflectable slats.

  • F-102 Delta Dagger

  • V1948, the company beginning Convair flight test model XF-92A, the world's first aircraft with a wing deltavidnym developed in the framework of the creation of the supersonic fighter.

  • F-106 Delta Dart

  • F-106 initially designated as the F-102B, which emphasized its origin from the machine Delta Dagger. This aircraft is remarkable that was designed as an integrated system in which all components (load-bearing structure, weapons, etc.

  • Fashinoukladchik Churchill

  • Ipolzovanie fascines, known since ancient times, it was resurrected during the First World War. They allowed tanks and other machines to overcome the rather narrow ditches or soft soil using conventional bundles of twigs, filling them recesses or putting in flooring.

  • Fiat 508

  • major producer of cars for the Italian army, company Fiat before World War II developed Several military vehicles.

  • Fiat 6605

  • Truck Fiat -6605 was the result of design Italian medium artillery tugboat in the 60s. car wheel 6x6 scheme was designed for towing heavy artillery - for example, 155 mm howitzers, and also resupply.

  • Fiat M 13/40

  • Tank M-13/40 was based on an earlier draft M-11/39, which did not go to series, since the time of its introduction is hopelessly outdated. M-13/40 used the same chassis, but had a redesigned body with better armor.

  • Fiat Spa

  • Italian Army for World War II forced She used trucks outdated design. Some Attempts standardization undertaken before the war, when main supplier of military vehicles became firm Fiat.

  • Finland 1000-1200 gg

  • Swedes continued attempts of colonization and Christianization of southwestern coastal Finland (this process started from VIII.). 1157 SWEDISH CRUSADE TO FINLAND. Spend King Eirik III Hey Rickson with the aim to subjugate and convert to Christianity Finnish pagans.

  • Fleets Western States 1200 1400gg

  • During the Crusades particularly stood Northern Italian maritime republics fleet - Venice and Genoa. Venice, which had until the XV century a powerful fleet, dominated the Mediterranean and established itself as the number of items in the Mediterranean, and its factories were also on the Black and Azov Seas.

  • Focke-Wulf 190

  • Focke-Wulf Fw 190 «Shrike" (German Focke-WulfFw 190 «Würger» ) - single-seater single piston fighter monoplane, standing by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War. Widely used during World War II. There were produced 19,999 aircraft, of which 13 365 machines in the embodiment fighter and night fighter and 6634 machines in the fighter-bomber variant.

  • Foden 8x4

  • Heavy Truck Foden - Civilian machine, minimally Fitted for military use. (Mainly for He always considered cheapness of service). These machines are mainly used for transporting heavy loads on long distances on the highway, to the destination of the goods transported Already more mobile machines.

  • FRANCE 1000-1200 gg

  • Period gradual gain power and expansion of the territorial possessions of the kings of France from the Capetian dynasty. Royalty and the very existence of the kingdom were seriously jeopardized when Henry of Anjou married to Eleanor of Aquitaine (former wife of Louis VII) and became a feudal ruler throughout southwestern France, as well as Norman territories in the north and north-west of the country, soon followed and his coronation as King Henry II. But Louis VII and his son Philip II Augustus, later inherited the throne, instigated sons Henry ha rebel and quite unsuccessfully, so the threat of complete submission France English kings have been prevented.

  • FT-17

  • FT-17 was one of the most successful tanks of the First World War. It was the first example of classical layout of the tank with a tower on the body, rotating 360 degrees. They were produced in large quantities (more than 3 thousand for the First World War). Army immediately realized the need for a large number of such machines, designed as a low concern for the maintenance and repair of Renault tanks were cheap, but often out of order.

  • FV432

  • F-432, put into service in 1962, after the first WWII British closed armored personnel carriers. Its production lasted from 1963 to 1971, total firm GKN Sankey was built 3000 pieces. Only a few of these machines were delivered for export, Since like American M-113 conveyor helpful cheaper.

  • G-91R/1A

  • prototype G-91 was created concern Fiat in 1954 during the development of the aircraft, meet the requirements that NATO has submitted to the European producers.

  • G-91R / 3

  • Model G-91R / 3 - modification of GR-1 / B - different. improvement in performance. Modernization included improved brakes, use of tubeless tires, reinforced frame and the main spar, which increased the maximum load and suspend additional weapons.

  • G-91R / 4

  • reconnaissance aircraft G-91R / 4 is a modification of the model G-91R / 3. Has been significantly improved navigation equipment and strengthened airframe, which increased the weight of the hinged arms.

  • G-91T / 1

  • Model G-91T was established in late 1950 to provide more. quality training of pilots of supersonic aircraft and weapons training to use at high speeds.

  • G-91T / 3

  • G-91T / 3 is a modification of G-91T, produced specifically for the Luftwaffe, where the plane was used under the name Vattenskule 50. Having exhausted the possibilities of further upgrades G-91, the designers of the company Fiat offered a new version of the machine, called T / 4. Justification for the proposal was quite logical.

  • Howitzers

  • howitzer (German Haubitze, from Czech. houfnice, originally - a weapon for throwing stones) cannon designed for mounted shooting (angle of elevation of 70 °) against ground targets, as well as to destroy fortifications.

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