• Battle on October 15, 1080 Elster g

  • After the battle Flarhgeymskogo Pope Gregory secondary and finally retreated from Henry again excommunicated him on Easter 1080 Cathedral of the church. Due to this, and war reached its highest tension all illusions about the peaceful resolution of conflict, linking up to this time the forces on both sides, now disappeared, and both sides began to think only about the concentration of forces to achieve maximum speedy and final outcome.

  • Flarhgeyme Battle of January 27, 1080 g

  • Battle of Melrihshtad-that left almost fruitless for both sides. But in the final scoring was king, because, first, it appeared that the forces are too weak to Rudolf strategic offensive, and, secondly, that contention is not amicably resolved.

  • Battle of Melrihshtadte August 7 1078goda

  • Rudolph moved to Thuringia, Swabian army under the command of the Dukes of Welf and Berthold going between the Rhine and Neckar.


  • In West tank manufacturing tanks not so much with the title of tank soldiers, Centurion and just takes in this list is one of the first places.

  • Medium Tank M4AZ

  • Production: USA Crew: 5 weight: 35 tons Dimensions: Hull length 6.27 m with gun forward 7.52 m, width 2.68 m, height 2.75 m Range: 161 km (100 miles) Armor: to 100 mm11 Armament: 76mm gun M-1A1, two 7.62mm machine guns Engine : petrol engine Ford SAAV-8 with 500 hp. with.

  • Medium Tank T-28

  • Inspired by British and German tank project, Medium Tank T-28 was the main tower in the center and two auxiliary machine gun turret ahead.

  • Medium tank T-54

  • When it comes to armored vehicles, set up during the Second World War, is the unanimous opinion of military experts, the best tank on the complex fighting qualities was the Soviet T-34. However, we can still call the KB and IP - heavy tanks.

  • Medium tank T-55

  • Medium Tank T-55 is based on the T-54B and differs from it increased gun ammo, increased engine power, increased fuel capacity, the introduction of ESD system, installation of improved night vision devices, introduction of thermal chimney equipment and other domestic T-55 and T-62 made in the armed forces of Russia, the CIS and the armies of many more countries.

  • Medium tank T-62

  • This machine was created in 1960 a team of design bureau headed by LN Kartseva based components and assemblies of the T-55. It optimally combines powerful weaponry and high mobility.

  • Medium tanks TAM

  • peculiarity tank TAM is a front-mounted MTO and the drive wheels, and cooling system power pack installed in the rear of the hull. Department of Management located in the left front of the case, to change direction a driver uses a traditional steering wheel.

  • SSV-L

  • SSV-L was designed as a private initiative launched by FNC, which produced transporter M-113 armored vehicle combat and Bradley. This fighting vehicle designed for easy parts of the U.S. Army.

  • Stalwart

  • highly mobile truck Staluort is representative the same family that BTR armored Saracen and Saladin, And with them has a lot of common nodes. Staluort - amphibian, has a remarkable maneuverability.

  • Stingray

  • Stingray prototype was developed in 1984 by Cadillac Gage, who foresaw the need for a light tank with good mobility and high firepower.

  • Stower 40

  • V1934 in Germany started production of standard models of cars To equip the Wehrmacht in anticipation of a future war in Europe. Prior to this machine high permeability based on Civic models, with all the attendant disadvantages, reduces their suitability for military purposes.

  • Strange Weapon Hitler Space Bomber

  • In 1920-30 years in Germany were very popular ideas about rockets and space travel. All thought that the man would fly to the moon.

  • Stridsvagn 103 (S-tapk)

  • After the Second World warriors Swedish armored forces consisted mainly of light trucks. To fill this gap, was started working on its own heavy tank with a cannon, fastening directly to the chassis, rather than in the tower.

  • StuG III Ausf G

  • StuG III Ausf G was the last assault gun, entered in production during the Second World War. Based Mostly chassis RzKpfw-111, which had already been removed from the Raw, giving way to a more lethal Panther, Ausf-G Nes thicker armor than its predecessor and therefore fact replaced him on the battlefield, playing the role of the tank and not propelled gun for infantry support.

  • Sultan

  • conveyor Sultan belongs to a series of armored vehicles With aluminum housing, the construction of which is the same for all models.

  • Super Atandar

  • In the late 1960s, it was assumed that since 1973 Atandar machines will be replaced by a specially designed deck fighter British Jaguar.

  • Super Mister B-2

  • Airplane Super Mister was based on Mister IV engine with Rolls Royce Avon (coded - IV-B). Mister IV-B had swept wing oval, was equipped with tanks krylnyh-caissons, smoothed antennas and radar gun cannon placed at the bow.

  • T17E1 Scottish Greyhound

  • Vrazrabotke Steghaunda (Deerhound) were taken into account Claims that the American army was presenting to light armored vehicles, at the beginning of World War II. However, when car was ready for production, these requirements have changed, It was therefore decided to transmit the draft UK. Machine be faster, maneuverable, easy to manage and service.

  • T-37

  • T-37 is based on the design of British tanks Carden-Lloyd, Bt USSR in 1931. These machines have been recognized most suitable for the USSR. Produced in the USSR version Carden-Lloyd received the designation T-37. The first models There in 1933 With its small size and crew Number two people, this machine has a positive buoyancy, which was provided by the pontoons from both sides.

  • T-40

  • T-40 was designed to replace T-37, whose numerous Disadvantages identified already by 1938. To accelerate Design in the car used car units.

  • T-45A Goskhouk

  • Model Goskhouk - modification of the training. Plane BAe (NB) Hawke intended for the U.S. Navy. Joint project companies McDonnell Douglas and BAE, based on the model Hawke won the competition to build the deck training aircraft to replace obsolete machinery Rockwell T-2 Bakken announced by the U.S. Navy in the late 1970s.

  • T-54

  • prototype T-54 tank was produced in 1946, the car went into a series a few years later. T-54 and all its variants were produced in much larger quantities than any other Soviet tank after World War II (a total of about 50,000 produced), it is also produced in Czechoslovakia, Poland and China.

  • T-62

  • Russian T-62 tank was the development of a series of tanks T-54/55, but because High rates of each tank was unable to replace his Predecessor who actually experienced it in production.

  • T-72

  • T-72 went into production in 1971. Smaller and more agile than such. machine as Chieftain, T-72 was poorly armored, less versatile and has a lower efficiency of fire than its competitors. Armed with machine parts were cleaned broken in 1982 when the Syrian T-72 could not stand against the Israeli Mercan.

  • T-80

  • T-80 entered service with the Soviet army in the mid-80s and was a development godov10 main battle tank T-72. As the T-72, this machine has an automatic loading guns, reducing crew size to three people.

  • THAI 1000-1200 gg

  • All this period of relative calm reigned Nanzhao. The kingdom remained independent from China, but, apparently, the military campaigns of almost nowhere thyself.

  • TACTICS ARMY WAR 1000 1200gg

  • Overview main striking force during the period described cavalry remained, however, and increased the value of infantry. Even before the Crusades, Western Europeans learned that, ceteris paribus, the army, which includes in its membership a sturdy infantry unit has an advantage over the army horse purely as cavalry infantry can provide the necessary room for maneuver, as well as to seize and hold the high ground or key position.

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