• Pistol Webley & Scott M 1911

  • Webley & Scott M 1911 In 1911 the company «Webley & Scott Ltd» was presented two options for the target pistol kalibra.22 (5.6 mm), created as an educational and training weapons. New pistols were designated Webley & Scott Model 1911.

  • Pistol Webley & Scott M 1912 Hammerless

  • Webley & Scott M 1912 «Hammerless» Once pocket pistol Webley & Scott M 1907, manufactured by «Webley & Scott Ltd», has gained popularity in the arms market, the same firm in 1912 launched production of more than one gun, the designation Webley & Scott Model 1912 «Hammerless». new pocket pistol was a modification of the model in 1907.

  • Pistol Webley & Scott M 1920

  • Webley & Scott M 1920 In 1920, the designers of the company «Webley & Scott Ltd» modified pistol Webley & Scott M 1909. new pistol was designated «Webley & Scott Model 1920" and sometimes called "model in 1909, the second version.

  • Pistol Webley & Scott Model 1912/1913 Mark I Navy / 1915 Mark I № 2

  • Webley & Scott Pistol self-loading.455 Mark I Navy (Webley & Scott Mk. I N) In 1910, in an attempt to create a more powerful military-style gun company «Webley & Scott Ltd» released a new gun under American patron.38 ACP - Webley & Scott Model 1910, which, however, gained great popularity.

  • Pistols Firearms

  • firearm was invented in the XIV century., but up until the wick not changed the locks on the spark, to talk about "manual" weapon was early. Only in the middle of the XVI century. there were "small gun" that allowed to shoot with one hand.

  • Pistols SIG - Weapon NATO intelligence services

  • Swiss brand SIG pistols are among the best in the world. The history of this weapon has more than a century and a half. The Swiss company Schweizerische Industrie-Geselschaft (SIG) from the city of Neuhausen was founded in 1853 by watchmaker Heinrich Moser politician Friedrich Peyer and Swiss army officer Conrad Neier-Shtokarom for manufacturing locomotives.

  • Gun UZI Eagle

  • In every part of the globe, arrows and arrow recognize trademark Uzi. For nearly half a century, the name was synonymous with the famous machine Uzi, designed for the Israeli Army.

  • Gun Zamorana

  • Zamorana In the second half of the 1990s private Czech company «Arms Moravia» Prague, created a new polymer-framed pistol CZ-G2000.

  • Pneumatic guns Gletcher SW B25 and SW B4

  • Revolver as handguns for decades considered somewhat outdated system, inferior semi-automatic pistol on magazine capacity (drum), recharge speed, size. But, despite all the advantages of the more modern guns, gun refuses to go to the scene, as well as not leaving the scene, say, the classic mechanical watch - if only because it's a classic.

  • Tokarev

  • My acquaintance with arms Tula Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) began in the mid 90s with a shotgun "Lynx-F" and service revolvers P-92C and "Blow-C." While I was working in one of St. Petersburg gun shops and direct communication, with both users as well as producers and service weapon hunting allowed to receive a lot of diverse information and draw conclusions with respect to each, individual models of weapons.

  • Warrior revolver for self defense

  • unusual design revolver at first glance may perplex the adherents of classical samples. Only carefully reading the article, you realize that this arrangement is taken not from the ceiling.

  • Striking pen

  • Closing. Starting in the article "Death in the guise» Shooting sticks to the end of XIX century, gradually lost its popularity, and in the meantime, "the younger" other direction masked weapons, which is also expecting a big success - pencils and pens shooting.

  • Revolver Cobalt

  • Today Arms Park MVD special forces of the Russian Federation are the combat knives, revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, hand and machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers and anti-tank, flame throwers.

  • Revolver. Weapons Russian law enforcement agencies XXI century

  • At the end of the twentieth century in Russia renewed interest in such seemingly long forgotten weapons like guns. Despite the fact that they were members of an opt-in weapons, in recent years there have been a lot of new models of domestic revolvers, created with the latest achievements of the weapon designs as well as the production technology.

  • Russian Smith & Wesson revolvers

  • Revolver - a popular weapon known in our country everything from small to large, is one of the most successful (in-class) models of small arms. It is this kind of short firearms belonged to a revolutionary breakthrough in the weapons case in the middle of the XIX century.

  • Sample 1904

  • Self-loading pistol sample in 1904, put into service fleet of Germany. gun mod. 1904 with two nickel-plated spare shops and packing cartridges with bullets clad nickel having a head portion in the shape of a truncated cone.

  • Sauer Bear: German pocket bear

  • In the early XX century the attitude of Europeans, and especially the European ruling elites to civilian weapons in general, and in particular self-defense weapon was, oddly enough, is much more liberal than it is now.

  • Assault guns

  • Currently, there are six main types of small arms: revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, rifles (assault rifles), machine guns (assault rifle), machine guns. Each species also has several subspecies. For example, guns vary in type trigger mechanism, the method of loading, its purpose, etc.

  • Death in the guise

  • have masked weapons long history, and it is natural that in a long time there have been many of his specimens and species. The range is wide and its type: gun, knife, joint, air, gas, and "consumers" it different: intelligence agents, police, criminals, ordinary citizens.

  • Smith & Wesson - American legend

  • Pistols Smith & Wesson first generation 9mm Smith & Wesson V 39/59 won worldwide fame firm Smith & Wesson was founded half a century ago, in 1852, two American gunsmiths Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson in Norwich (Conn.

  • Smith & Wesson in the service of the Federal Bureau of Investigation United States

  • (Continuing the theme of the article «Smith & Wesson - American legend») In late 1980s, legendary American armory firm Smith & Wesson continued its fruitful work on the creation of new third generation pistols.

  • Smith & Wesson

  • editorial staff DWJ tested for shooting one of the first copies of the surviving German firm revolver Smith & Wesson S & W. kalibra.460 Weapons made a big impression on us, and we want to share with you.

  • Contemporary Russian official and civil defense weapon

  • With the collapse of the Soviet Union in this country since 1991 has developed an entirely new political and economic situation, which led to the forced conversion of the defense industry, which coincided in time and place with a significant decline in orders for the Armed Forces.

  • Stechkin for German police

  • About automatic pistol of Stechkin - famous APS - Much has been written. Until now, the MTA is well known in our country, there was little sign of anyone abroad, and especially do not find there application.

  • Taurus Millennium

  • 2 Taurus Millennium (first generation) PT 111B (top) and PT 138SS (below) In 1997, the famous Brazilian arms company «Taurus» has introduced a new compact pistol PT 111 (Pistola Taurus 111) chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum.

  • Quiet but strong argument

  • For noiseless pistol shooting MSS uses a special cartridge. And although the initial velocity of the bullet is subsonic, it is enough to successfully hit targets at a distance of 50 meters.

  • Stechkin

  • 2011 marks 60 years since, as the Soviet army was a personal weapon of the new generation - 9mm Makarov (PM). Against this background, something rarely recall that in the same 1951, the USSR was adopted by another very interesting example of personal weapons - a 9mm automatic pistol of Stechkin (APS). Self direction History pistols, bullets are able to produce bursts, has more than a century.

  • Traumatic self-defense weapon

  • send these notes prompted me not wanting to promote a particular product, and the desire to share their experience, knowledge and findings with fellow hobby. What am I? Yes about the traumatic weapon of self-defense.

  • «Three Heroes", or new combat pistols (Part I)

  • whole system of small arms armies major countries in the period after World War II created considering conducting large-scale fighting in the front and army offensive and defensive operations.

  • «Three Heroes", or new combat pistols (Part II)

  • (Continued Starting in Article "" Three Heroes ", or new combat pistols (Part I)») 1997 Russian Ministry of Defense has returned again to the question of adopting complex Serdyukov pistol, but chambered for 9 × 19 WP 057.

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