Byzantines defeated the Lombards and Normans, who tried to invade southern Italy.

    1020 ANNEXATION OF ARMENIA. Was the result of conversion of the Armenians for protection from the Seljuk Turks.

    1025-1028 gg. The reign of Constantine VIII. Pechenegs noted raid across the Danube. Constantine Diogenes defeated barbarians and drove back across the Danube (1027).

    1 Freed Bosnia soon fell under the authority of the Hungarian feudal lords. But when the bath Kuling (1180-1204 gg.) Bosnia actually became independent.

    1018 Battle of Cannae.

    Emperor Constantine IX and Empress Zoe. Mosaic of St. Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople. 1044

    1028-1050 gg. The reign of Empress Zoe. Husband

    Her, Roman emperor, was defeated by the Muslims in Syria (1030). Position of the empire in the province was on the verge of collapse, but was rescued by an outstanding general George Maniac-Som (1031).


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