1025 HIKE TO COAST Gujarati


    main purpose of this military expedition, heading from Multan first through the desert, and then through self-

    Baths, bogs, salt marshes and dry forests up to the shores of the Arabian Sea, was the destruction of the phallic idol in the famous Hindu temple in Somnath. According to some reports, during this campaign were killed 50,000 Indians.

    1030-1175 gg. INTERNAL WAR IN NORTH INDIA. Numerous North Indian rajah were with each other never-ending wars, the army remained as numerous and unwieldy, as those brutes to the nines, Mahmud of Ghazni. Experience lesions did not teach them anything.

    1175 FIRST INDIAN TRIP MUHAMMAD Gorski. He defeated the rulers of the dynasty of Punjab Gazna-species. Then he wanted to, for example, Mahmud of Ghazni, go on a long hike.

    1178 defeat in Gujarat. Following the same route as before, Mahmud of Ghazni, Muhammad reached Gujarat, where he was utterly defeated local glad Ms, and forced to retreat.

    1179-1191 gg. ASSOCIATION Punjab under the authority of Muhammad. It was preceded by preparations for a new invasion. At this time Muhammad Gorsky began cautiously - first seized Peshawar (1179) and Lahore (1186), and then raided the valley of the Ganges (in the upper reaches; 1187-1190 gg.).

    1191 FIRST BATTLE FOR TARAINOM (or Sursuti).

    Muhammad Gorsky, who went on a campaign Thaneshvar, suffered a severe defeat from the Raja of Delhi Prithviraj. Because of the numerical superiority of the enemy (according to some sources, the Indians were up to 200 thousand horsemen and 300 elephants) Muhammad Gorsky warriors turned-

    1025 march to the Gujarat coast.

    were surrounded and utterly defeated. Muhammad himself barely managed to flee from the battlefield. Seriously wounded, he returned to Ghazni, where he became thoroughly prepare for the new campaign on Tha neshvar.

    1192 SECOND BATTLE FOR TARAINOM (or Sursuti).

    Almost at the same place where a year earlier was defeated Muhammad Gorski won a decisive victory over the combined forces of the Hindu law-

    Lay North India under the command adzhmirskogo Rajah. Although outnumbered, and this time was on the side of the Indians, but also under the command of Muhammad Gorsky was 120,000 riders and 10,000 auxiliary cavalry horse archers.

    1193-1199 gg. INDIAN Gorski CONQUEST DYNASTY (Gurids). Capturing Delhi,

    Muhammad returned to Ghazni, leaving her in the care of the Indian army mountaineers talented commander of the slaves - Qutb-ud-din Aybak. Qutb-ud-Din captured Benares (now Varanasi in India, 1194), fought with the Rajputs in Gujarat (1195 - 1198 gg.), As well as captured Badaun and Kanauja (1198-1199 gg.).


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