1081-1085 and 1090-1095 years. ITALIAN POHODYGENRIHA IV


    He briefly captured Rome (1083), but Pope Gregory VII granted asylum Norman Prince Southern Italy Robert Gvis car that soon knocked Gene Riha of Rome (1084).

    1093-1106 gg. MUTINY sons of Henry. Sons Henry IV-Henry (later Henry V) and Conrad - joined the German and Italian rebels. The Emperor was captured, but escaped (1105) and collecting a new army, died (1106).

    1081-1085 and 1090-1095 years. italian hiking Henry iv.

    1106-1125 gg. The reign of Henry V.

    continued political and religious, including the armed struggle of the emperor with the popes. Almost all of his reign as Henry fought on its own territory and abroad, he successfully led the Bohemian campaign (1107-1110 gg.), But failed in attempts to invade Hungary (1108) and Poland (1109). The result of his campaign in Italy (1110-1111 gg.) Was temporary subordination of Pope Paschal II. As to a number of riots in Lorraine and other German provinces (1112 - 1115 gg.), Then put them down Henry succeeded only partially. From time to time he fought with varying success in the Netherlands (1120 - 1124 gg.). During the invasion of France, he was repulsed by Louis VI


    1125-1137 gg. REIGN Lothar II. Higher German nobility chose to reign of Lothair II, preferring his Gogenshta-ufenu Frederick, Duke of Swabia. Their rivalry turned into a civil war (1125-1135 gg.) Was the beginning of many years of confrontation Welf (Guelph) and Waiblingen (Ghibellines). Breaking Hohenstaufen, Lo-

    II General has led the army in an unsuccessful campaign to Roger II (about 1095 - 1154 gg.), the first king of the Norman kingdom of Sicily Sicily (1136-1137 gg.).

    1138-1152 gg. REIGN OF CONRAD III. He became the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of the dynasty Guo genshtaufenov. Almost immediately rebelled against him Guelphs led by Duke of Saxony: Proud Henry and his son Henry the Lion. Henry the Lion (reigned 1142-1180) was, in fact, an independent king and expanded their holdings to the east by the Slavs, while maintaining independence from the emperor. Together with his nephew Frederick, very capable military leader, Henry took part in the ill-fated Second Crusade (1146-1148 gg.).


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