1097-1102 gg. FIRST CRUSADE


    1102-1144 gg. FIGHT FOR MULTILATERAL Mesopotamia. Northwest region adjacent to Edessa (or otherwise Bambike or Hierapolis; sovr. Membidzh city in Syria), the Crusaders controlled (to 1144). Enjoyed the greatest influence Ridwan and his heirs, but they competed koniyskie Seljuks and several Muslim sultanates and emirates. Koniysky Kilidzh Sultan Arslan captured Mosul (in present-day. Iraq, 1102), but was defeated by Ridwan and died in the battle on the river Habur1 (in present-day. Iraq, 1107).

    1102-1127 gg. STRUGGLE FOR SYRIA. The Crusaders held the whole coast and strengthened its control over them, but they were too small to move into the interior of the peninsula. After the death of Ridwan (1117) overthrew the Seljuk Emirate of Damascus Aleppo atabegi Buridy, which were the main rivals Artakidy of northeastern Syria. All these years - and the next, until the end of the century - the Assassins (followers of one of the branches of the Ismailis) held the mountain fortress to the north-east of Tripoli, and take it could not be any Christians or Muslims.

    1127-1146 gg. BOARD Imad al-Din Zangi, ATA RUNS Mosul. He united under his rule northern Mesopotamia and northern Syria, capturing the county of Edessa from the Crusaders (1144).

    1 is difficult to say which of the two rivers of the same name is meant that which belongs to the basin of the Tigris, or is that the pool of the Euphrates,.

    1146-1174 gg. BOARD Nur al-Din (son of Zangi). It

    conquered all Muslim Syria and defeated Raymond, Duke of Antioch (1149-1150 gg.). Later, he was commander Sherkuh conquered Egypt (1163-1169 gg.).

    1147-1149 gg. SECOND CRUSADE.

    1155-1194 gg. REVIVAL Abbasids. Despite constant opposition to weakening of the Seljuk dynasty, the latter-day Abbasid caliphs conquered southern and central Mesopotamia.

    1174-1186 gg. RISE Salah al-Din. Starting with

    Egypt, he conquered Syria and northern Mesopotamia, ie restored empire limits within which existed under Nur al-Din.

    1187-1189 gg. JIHAD holy war.

    Salah ad-Din against the Crusaders. He ended the capture of Jerusalem and the conquest of almost the entire Crusader kingdom.

    1189-1192 gg. Third Crusade.


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