152-mm gun Br-2


    152-mm gun br-2

    After the Civil War in the USSR there was only a small number of powerful large-caliber guns, for the most part already obsolete. Program to create new large caliber artillery systems and special power provided Artkomitetom GAC in 1927, also provided for the development of 152-mm cannon to destroy the enemy's batteries and destroying its rear objects.
    Prototype 152-mm gun, made by the Barricades had bonded trunk and entered the field testing in December 1935. Despite a number of design flaws, the gun was admitted to the state tests, which are not held due to its low survivability. Nevertheless, the gun was put into production subject to the replacement barrel fastened to the trunk with a free pipe. After the release of 7 copies finalized artillery systems to improve survivability. Cannon indicated Br-2, or 152-mm gun mod. 1937, was fitted with a new barrel with a recessed groove and reduced chamber. There were built 37 guns Br-2 both. June 22, 1941 in the regiment of heavy artillery RGCs were 24 guns of this type, and even had two guns in two separate batteries. In military operations, they took part in the end of 1942.

    Construction Br-2 consisted of a barrel with a piston gate and the mast with a crawler course, borrowed from howitzers B-4 and has only minor changes. Ammunition included shots kartuznogo separate loading with different types of shells. High-explosive projectile weighed about 50 kg. In the stowed position the gun disassembled into two parts and was transported on two carts caterpillar tractor at a speed of 15 km / h

    During the war, guns Br-2 standard is not built, however, and suffered no losses. In May 1945, armed regiment RGC still had 28 guns of this type.

    The performance data of 152-mm gun Br 2
    Caliber, mm: 152
    Weight in firing position, kg: 18200
    Barrel length, caliber: 47,1
    Angle GBV hail 8
    HV angle, deg: 0; +60
    Muzzle velocity, m / s: 880
    Rate of fire, rds / min: 1
    Max. range, m: 25750

    Country of manufacture of the USSR
    Number of published copies
    Years 1937


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